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6th Anniversary
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Tickets Duration November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 29, 2022 23:59
Login Bonus November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 09, 2022 23:59
Quests November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 09, 2022 13:59
Half Stamina November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 09, 2022 13:59
Lv Rate+ November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 09, 2022 13:59
LD Reprint November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 09, 2022 13:59
Ticket Pack sale November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 09, 2022 13:59
Ticket Exchange period November 29, 2022 20:00 to December 29, 2022 23:59


To celebrate Housamo's 6th anniversary, Lifewonders has planned a special campaign!

Platinum Lil' Salomon Ticket will be returning again and as per anniversary tradiiton, there will now be six tickets to celebrate the sixth anniversary. With it, you can redeem it for unit or AR Equipment, or "valuable items". Tickets will expire after the event period ends, so be sure to use them.

Additionally, a special Voice Quest (『6周年記念の祝宴』) will be made available. On completion of the quest, the player will be awarded six Platinum Lil' Salomon Ticket and For You and Only You.

Don't forget to play the event quest to receive your platinum tickets!

During the campaign, stamina costs are reduced to 1/2 for main quests and 1/4 for free quests! The rates of great & super success will also be increased.

All of 2022's limited gacha banners will also receive a special reprint during the event period.

Lastly, LW will issue a message regarding their plans for Housamo's 7th year.

Nomination Summon Tickets

Special to this anniversary is the addition of new limited time stone packs. The "Surprise Pack" contains Transient Stone (free) x50, 3☆ Nomination Summon Ticket x1, and ☆4 Nomination Summon Ticket x1, while the "Super Surprise Pack" contains Transient Stone (free) x50 and 5☆ Nomination Summon Ticket x1. The included tickets are exchangeable in their own shop for limited characters of equivalent rarity.

Jinn Triton Dagon
Gabriel (Valentine) Shiro (Valentine) Maria (Seaside) Bathym (Seaside) Jiraiya (Seaside) Cu Sith (Halloween)
Arsalan (Halloween) Nomad (Island) Asterius (Island) Triton Taurus Mask (Christmas) Licht (Valentine)
Hakumen (Valentine) Tadatomo (Valentine) Ikutoshi (Gendarme) Shuten (Gendarme) Nobuharu (Festival) Hanuman (Journey)
Ganglie (Journey) Fenrir (Make Sail) Ifrit (Make Sail) Claude (Christmas) Pollux (Christmas) Melusine (Christmas)
Motosumi (Setsubun) Kenta (Valentine) Surtr (Valentine) Jambavan (Nightmare) Durga (Nightmare) Amatsumara (Fashionista)
Tsathoggua (Fashionista) Suzuka (Fashionista) Kotaro (Beachside) Volos (Beachside) Seth (Beachside) Babalon (Jiangshi)
Tetsuox (Jiangshi) Kijimuna (Canaan) Robinson (Canaan) Kalki (Christmas) Sitri (Christmas) Tetsuya (Christmas)
Moritaka (Valentine) Gunzo (Valentine) Eita (Set Sail) Ashigara (Seaside) Jinn Alice (Halloween)
Ryota (Christmas) Zao (Gendarme) Hogen (Festival) Typhon (Make Sail) Oniwaka (Setsubun) Toji (Valentine)
Shino (Valentine) Kuniyoshi (Nightmare) Zabaniyya (Fashionista) Wakan Tanka (Fashionista) Andvari (Beachside) Chernobog (Beachside)
Krampus (Jiangshi) Tangaroa (Canaan) Dagon Aegir (Christmas) Takemaru (Christmas)

Anniversary Login Bonuses

By logging in at least once during the full Anniversary period, players will instantly receive Transient Stone x150 and a commemorative guild item. In addition to that, players will receive extra daily rewards every day, the items and schedules listed in the table below.

Commemorative Login Bonus
November 30th Stamina Major x20 Stamina Drink x20 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 1st Coin x10000000 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 2nd Greater HP Seed x50 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 3rd Greater ATK Seed x50 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 4th Level Seed x3 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 5th Skill Seed x3 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 6th Lamp Oil x3 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 7th Rainbow Shard x2000 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 8th AR Lil' Salomon Ticket x5 Bookmark of the Past x1
December 9th Lil' Salomon Ticket x5 Bookmark of the Past x1

Event Shop

Redeemable Items

Coin x25,000,000 Level Seed x5 Skill Seed x5
Greater HP Seed x50 Greater ATK Seed x50 Honor Medallion x50
Greater HP Blossom x30 Greater ATK Blossom x30

Redeemable Transients

All are
Shiro Kengo Ryota Toji Hanuman
Moritaka Fenrir Ashigara Asterius Ganglie
Ikutoshi Shinya Kenta Eita Choji
Jugo Temujin Garmr Makara/Enemy#transient1 Azazel
Cu Sith Gunzo Marchosias Nobuharu Kyuma
Kagutsuchi R-19 Alice Jambavan Hati
Barguest Bathym Kuniyoshi Motosumi Kalki
Nomad Gandharva Nyarlathotep Shuten Pollux
Taurus Mask Jiraiya Andvari Ibaraki Horkeu Kamui
Taromaiti Hogen Melusine Arsalan Maria
Ifrit Hakumen Typhon Tadatomo Lucifuge
Xolotl Volos Robinson Krampus Christine
Thunderbird Musashi Amatsumara Durga Shuichi
Tetsuox Macan Suzuka Gyobu Seth
Ebisu Arc Azathoth Behemoth Ziz
Mineaki Tetsuya Breke Avarga Algernon
Ose Oz Alp Furufumi Hombre Tigre
Goemon Licho Tomte Shennong Yasuyori
Echo Leannan Sidhe Tanetomo Teda Balor
Nezha Kimun Kamui Otohime Cait Sith Tvastar
Marduk Bertro Itzamna MacRoich Mephistopheles
Babe Bunyan Masanori Kresnik Nodens Smoky God
Catoblepas Zhurong Sarutahiko Hermes Boogeyman
Barong Enigma Hecate Yoshito ∀Isaac
Taishakuten Vapula Sphinx Ixbalanque

Redeemable AR Equipment

All are
Dogs of War Mission Complete Immeasurable and Eternal Mentoring Time With Retainer in Tow
Shooting Stars Just Like Old Friends Welcome to the Dark Lord's Hot Springs The Ogres of Mt. Oe The Long Arm of the Law
Sun and Oil! Beneath the Same Moon Sunsets of Our Youth Abyssal Confectionery Acting Tough
Survival Resort Battle between Swordsmith and Swordsman "Ogresses' Dream - A Different Time, A Different Place" The Way of the Sword Has Just Begun Ogres' Nightlife
Sparring Brethren Mountaineering! Stop Me if You Can! The Theme of the Month Umamichi Kung-Fu Generation
Asakusa Downtown Boys School Lunchtime Battle! Asakusa Gang Fist Fight! Prison of Love
Blushing Beloved of Blood and Steel Attack of the Killer Watermelons Surfing the Wave Treasure Every Meeting A Great Offering
Can't Fight or Make Rice Cakes Alone The Bowels of Gehenna This One's for the Summer Seas! Ikebukuro Christmas: Off-Stadium Brawl! Were You Watching, Pops!?
An Encounter at the Festival A Surprise from a Comrade Friends in the Fan Club Fixers of Roppongi For My Sworn Friend
"Welcome, Gems of the Night" Hearty Singing


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I've been waiting for you to show up at this special sixth anniversary exchange. All of these are Mommy's prized possessions. Please note we don't accept returns. Beast and I will be sipping tea while we wait. Let us know when you're ready. Don't make any decisions you'll regret.

Main Quest Chapter 14

Main Quest Chapter 14 Prologue Release Campaign

Just like the previous year, the first few episodes of chapter 14 will be delivered as a prologue as part of the 6th Anniversary Campaign. A banner containing 2 new limited units: Kirito and Bigfoot alongside Christine and Barguest will also run alongside the anniversary campaign. Due to only the prologue being released, Chapter 13 which was released earlier in May will not be receiving TW, CN and EN localisations as of writing. The following banners are available during the campaign period:

Chapter 14 Prologue Special Transient Summon.png Chapter 14 Prologue Reveal.png

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