Event Quest:Reprint! Valentine's 2017

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Reprint: Valentine's 2017
News Link
Bonus Quest January 19, 2018 17:00 to February 14, 2018 23:59
Gacha Reprint January 19, 2018 17:00 to February 12, 2018 23:59
Halved Stamina January 19, 2018 17:00 to February 04, 2018 23:59

Valentine Bonus Rerun

During the time period following the end of the Oriental New Year event and Valentine's Day a rerun of last year's Bonus quests will be held as well as a reprint of Valentine Panic Gacha for those who missed it. To help players raise these units Lifewonder will also half Daily Quests stamina cost for two weeks.
This is not a rerun of Valentine Panic event.
As always more information will be added when made available.

Valentine Panic Gacha Reprint