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Valentine Fantasy (2023 Re-Release)
News Link
Main Quest January 17, 2023 20:00 to February 14, 2023 13:59
Free Quests January 17, 2023 20:00 to February 14, 2023 13:59
Item Exchange January 17, 2023 20:00 to February 14, 2023 13:59
High Difficulty Quests January 17, 2023 20:00 to February 14, 2023 13:59
Banner January 17, 2023 20:00 to February 14, 2023 13:59

Event Details

Last year's Valentine's event is reprinting! It will feature the AR and transient banner that ran last year alongside a new AR banner with new ARs: A Fight of Fists and Evil Eyes, Fluffy and Furry ☆ Magic Show!, Monochrome Syndrome, A Present from an Uncouth Fellow and Let's Check Out that Booth!. All the ARs and units part of these banners will provide a bonus to the event free quests listed below:

ブラウニーチョコレート and ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ
Transient AR Equipment
Card +Bonus (%) Card Card +Bonus (%) Card
Balor (Valentine) 30 Arc (Valentine) A Fight of Fists and Evil Eyes 30 Fluffy and Furry ☆ Magic Show!
Balor 20 Arc Monochrome Syndrome 20 A Present from an Uncouth Fellow
Itzamna Cait Sith Let's Check Out that Booth! 10
Boogeyman Kuniyoshi A Devilish Teatime "Hang In There, Poor Detective!"
Benten Licht Friends in the Fan Club Fixers of Roppongi
Catoblepas Tezcatlipoca Valentine's Expedition
Zhurong Arachne

Skill Evolutions

There are three new skill evolution quests:

New Skill Specific Quests:

Special Login Bonus

Last year's login bonus will be rerunning again. Each day, a member of the summoner will hand you a special chocolate. These chocolates are purely cosmetic and can be obtained from Item in the settings. They feature a flavour text from each of the respective member too.

Summoners Chocolate.png

"Happy Valentine's! I decided to try making chocolates with the D-Evils this year, and I made a lot, so I'd like you to have some. Of course, yours are extra special."

It's a Valentine's present from Shiro and the D-Evils, with each chocolate in the shape of a different D-Evil's face, and the whole set presented in a multitude of colors. Casually mixed in with all the D-Evil chocolates, there are also several heart-shaped chocolates for good measure.

"Heya, partner! Good time of year for some chocolate, and there was a specific kind that caught my eye, so I got some for ya. Give 'em a try, and next time you see me, tell me in private what you thought of 'em, okay?"

In a rather un-Kengo-like move, he's given you some expensive, high-end chocolates, but is pretending like it's no big deal. Unwrapping them and looking closely, you find bite-sized bonbons filled with chocolate liqueur that's undoubtedly heaven to taste!

"Happy Valentine's! I had Choji help me make these. I wanted to give you something as a thank-you for always helping me out."

It's a Valentine's Day present from Ryota! And although the flavors can be largely attributed to Choji, the feelings behind the gift are all Ryota's, with his heart shining through in every bite.

"Since it is the holiday you call Valentine's, I searched for an appropriate gift to give you, but the truth is that I am a bit out of my depth. I hope that what I got for you is not in any way strange and that you will accept it without criticism either way."

Toji's present to you consists of sweet rice paste confections filled with chocolate. Though nonstandard, they look delicious! You can't help but notice the creases and crinkles in the wrapping, too, suggesting that Toji must have put considerable effort into the gift's presentation.

"Guild Master, allow me to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I am unaccustomed to this tradition of yours, but I do hope it is not out of line for me to offer you this humble token of my feelings."

Moritaka's gift to you consists of a single large bone-shaped chocolate with a chewy consistency in keeping with its appearance. Even for non-Canis Therians, however, the texture and flavor are extremely addictive, suggesting that you'll be gnawing at this gift for quite some time to come and enjoying every moment of it!

Character Quest and Date Quest

There will also be new character quests for Arc and Cait Sith. There will also be a new date quest for Sitri as mentioned in the Plans for 2023

Quest Details

Quest details for this event can be found here.

Transient Summon

Valentine Fantasy AR Equipment Summon 2.png

Valentine Fantasy Transient Summon (2022 December Re-Release).png

Valentine Fantasy AR Equipment Summon (2023 Re-Release).png

Item Exchange

Item Cost Total Stock Total Cost
Valentine's Expedition ブラウニーチョコレート x100 80 8000
お菓子の家(部屋) ブラウニーチョコレート x20 1 20
魔法の鏡(壁) ブラウニーチョコレート x20 1 20
魔女の大釜(床) ブラウニーチョコレート x20 1 20
お菓子の家の灯り(上) ブラウニーチョコレート x20 1 20
Lesser HP Seed ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x160 3 480
HP Seed ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x350 3 1050
Greater HP Seed ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x700 3 2100
Lesser ATK Seed ブラウニーチョコレート x160 3 480
ATK Seed ブラウニーチョコレート x350 3 1050
Greater ATK Seed ブラウニーチョコレート x700 3 2100
Greater HP Blossom ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x1500 3 4500
Greater ATK Blossom ブラウニーチョコレート x1500 3 4500
Level Seed ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x2000 3 6000
Skill Seed ブラウニーチョコレート x2000 3 6000
G Fire Boost ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x25 200 5000
G Wood Boost ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x25 300 7500
G Nether Boost ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x25 400 10000
G All-round Boost ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x100 200 20000
Warrior Soul G ブラウニーチョコレート x100 200 20000
Fire Spell Token ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x15 100 1500
Wood Spell Token ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x15 150 2250
Nether Spell Token ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x15 250 3750
Fire Shard ブラウニーチョコレート x15 10 150
Wood Shard ブラウニーチョコレート x15 20 300
Nether Shard ブラウニーチョコレート x15 25 375
Fire Crystal ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x50 10 500
Wood Crystal ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x50 20 1000
Nether Crystal ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x50 25 1250
Fire Energy Cluster ブラウニーチョコレート x200 10 2000
Wood Energy Cluster ブラウニーチョコレート x200 20 4000
Nether Energy Cluster ブラウニーチョコレート x200 25 5000
Preliminary Slash Crest ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x150 10 1500
Preliminary Shot Crest ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x150 5 750
Preliminary Magic Crest ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x150 10 1500
Preliminary Snipe Crest ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x150 5 750
Slash Crest ブラウニーチョコレート x250 10 2500
Shot Crest ブラウニーチョコレート x250 5 1250
Magic Crest ブラウニーチョコレート x250 10 2500
Snipe Crest ブラウニーチョコレート x250 5 1250
Honor Medallion ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x400 25 10000
Honor Medallion ブラウニーチョコレート x400 25 10000
AR Token ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x100 100 10000
AR Token ブラウニーチョコレート x100 100 10000
Forget-Me-Not ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x500 10 5000
Forget-Me-Not ブラウニーチョコレート x500 10 5000
Ally Points ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ x50 200 10000
Ally Points ブラウニーチョコレート x50 200 10000
Coin ナナイロ瓶詰ドロップ -1 -1
Coin ブラウニーチョコレート -1 -1


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