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Main Quest Chapter 6 Release Campaign
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Love Quest / Roppongi Tycoons Gacha Campaign

Love Quests

Duration beginning October, 2017

Banner love.jpg

  • (Finally) Love Quests make the scene, starting with Shirou, Kengo, and Ryouta.
  • Through Love Quests, you can establish relationships between characters (example: the focus of the Love Quest will like the party leader)
  • Protagonist's Love Quest only has a battle, no story.

Additional details will be added when announced, as always.

Roppongi Tycoons Gacha

Duration October 5th, 2017 @17:30 -> ~Release of Chapter 6 last quest

Banner gacha main6.png

Once more, the Main Quest gets an update with a wave of new units.

  • Main Quest 6 is coming soon™
  • Four new units are to be introduced with the usual boosted rates.

More information can be found here.

Clash! Missionairies Rerun

Duration October 4th, 2017 @17:30 -> October 18th, 2017 @23:59

Missionairies limit quests make a come back with a new Legendary difficulty. Prepare your best team to take on the new challenges and collect limit break materials.

Duration Mid October 2017

Banner main6.jpg

  • There's another week of login bonuses
  • There's also another wave of challenge quests
  • And halved stamina costs for dailies

Additional Login Bonus

October 16th October 20th
October 17th October 21st
October 18th October 22nd
October 19th