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Sunrise New Year
News Link
Main Quest January 01, 2021 00:00 to January 22, 2021 13:59
Free Quests January 01, 2021 00:00 to January 22, 2021 13:59
Paid Gacha January 01, 2021 00:00 to January 22, 2021 13:59

Event Details

Following tradition with previous New Years Events, an event Main Quest will be released alongside Free Quests to earn Offering to spend on the event's special Gacha or the associated shop. This time, the Gacha includes two new ARs, In the Fires of Daybreak and First Soak of the Year, both of which can be obtained in it until their maximum level hits 100.

To celebrate the New Year, LifeWonders will be implementing a login bonus for a few days.

Owners of Gyumao and Wakan Tanka will be able to use a new skin for him (in lieu of Ganglie's and Moritaka's New Year skins).

Alongside these changes, the full English and Chinese translations for last years event are being released.

Additionally, the super premium 2021 Grab Bag gacha is being added for a limited time.

Percent Up (any rarity)
30% Up 20% Up 10% Up
Corrida de Toros Asterius Benten
To Successful Ventures Ahab Ebisu
Single Bulls Club Gyumao Ghost
City of Drifters Shennong OJT: The Gyumao Way
Taurus Mask Christmas Eve's Heroic Duo!
Tetsuox A Page from an Island Journal
Wakan Tanka
Fire Pirate
In the Fires of Daybreak
First Soak of the Year
Mentoring Time
Made Along the Way
School Lunchtime Battle!
Asakusa Downtown Boys

Quest Details

Quest details for this event can be found here.


This year, the premium 2021 Grab Bag gacha will be available as well as a new premium gacha, this being the 2021 AR Grab Bag. These banners can only be rolled on once (for each), costing 50 paid-only Transient Stones.

Because of this premium, you're guaranteed one instead of a on the last roll on both banners. In the transient banner, this can be limited or non-limited and just like last year, now the semi-last roll guarantees a limited or a limited . This guaranteed roll excludes limited units obtained through event shops, the Andvari Shop, or the New Year's Offering banners.

In addition, all limited units that aren't shop exclusive or offering exclusive are available to pull on every slot. This includes event limited s like Triton, Jinn, Dagon, Nekros&Bacchus, Sol and Orgus.

Like other gacha, a 10-summon can only be performed if the player has not yet exhausted the summon pool for the guaranteed rolls. In this case, if the player has all or limited units, they cannot pull from these gachas at all.


This year, in addition to dropping LB Materials, EXP stars, Seeds and Skill Gems, the Fortune Gacha can drop the special tickets 2021 おみくじ召喚 that can be redeemed at the shop for Lil' Salomon Tickets, AR Lil' Salomon Tickets and Coins.

Event shop

Item Cost Total Stock Total Cost
Happy New Year Offering x20 1 20
Ceremonial Dumplings Offering x20 1 20
New Year's Feast Offering x20 1 20
Shuttlecock Board Offering x20 1 20
Ceremonial Rope Offering x20 1 20
Daruma Doll Offering x20 1 20
Year of the Bull Offering x20 1 20
Kite Offering x20 1 20
AR Token Offering x100 200 20000
Ally Points Offering x50 200 10000
Coin Offering -1 -1
AR Lil' Salomon Ticket 2021 New Year's Ticket 4 4
Lil' Salomon Ticket 2021 New Year's Ticket 4 4
Coin 2021 New Year's Ticket -1 -1


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