Event Quest:Skill Progression Quest Campaign

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Skill Progression Quest Campaign
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Duration April 18, 2018 00:00 to June 04, 2018 00:00

Event Details

Following nicely with LW's plans for 2018, this series of quests will focus around the strengthening of individual skills, improving activation rates and/or effects. However, like everything else, there's specific conditions that have to be met, and apply:

  • before starting the quest, set your leader to the unit who has the skill in question. As an example, Protagonist would have to be the very first unit (leader) in your party.
  • afterwards, these quests can't be redone with the same individual unit.
  • however, different variants and rarities can be redone, because:
  • finally, these improvements only apply to the individual unit; the quest would have to be redone if you, for example (if Beastman ever did get a fix), want your Moritaka to also have the improvement you just did with Moritaka .

LW will be targetting a specific set of eight skills initially.



On completion of 【Challenge of the Drifter】, Drifter will evolve into Drifter+:

  • increased HP recovery
  • [After Moving] Apply Remove DebuffRemove one debuff (Buff) to self.


On completion of 【Challenge of the Guardian】, Guardian will evolve into Guardian+:

  • increased activation rates


On completion of 【Challenge of the Mentor】, Mentor will evolve into Mentor+:

  • [After Moving] Applies Glint+10% skill activation rate for 2 turns (Buff) to one square behind


On completion of 【Challenge of the Starshine】, Starshine will evolve into Starshine+:

  • increased activation rates


On completion of 【Challenge of the Swimmer】, Swimmer will evolve into Swimmer+:

  • [After Moving] Apply Acceleration+8CP/turn for 3 turns (Buff) to self

Island Guardian

On completion of 【Challenge of the Island Guardian】, Island Guardian will evolve into Island Guardian+:

  • increased HP recovery
  • increased activation rates


On completion of 【Challenge of the Child】, Child will evolve into Child+:

  • [After Moving] Apply Glint+10% skill activation rate for 2 turns (Buff) to self.

Daunting Protector

On completion of 【Challenge of the Daunting Protector】, Daunting Protector will evolve into Daunting Protector+:

  • Effect range changed to allies 2 squares behind caster
  • Added special defense against Ranged attacks