Event Quest:Seaside Summer School with You (2019 Re-Release)

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[Re-release] Seaside Summer School with You
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Main Quest September 12, 2019 18:00 to September 24, 2019 13:59
Gacha September 12, 2019 18:00 to September 24, 2019 13:59

Event details

Coinciding with the middle of the duration of the Andvara Falls event, the re-release of Seaside Summer School with You will include the release of newly translated and localized Event Main Quests and Special Quests. This event, however, will not release any Free Quests, also marking the absences of item drop collection and an Item Exchange.

Both original gacha will be re-released during the event. The feature units are Jinn (regular ☆3/☆5, both limited to this gacha), Ashigara (Seaside), Maria (Seaside), Jiraiya (Seaside), Bathym (Seaside), and Choji (regular ☆3/4, permanent unit not limited in this gacha).


Claude and Snow arrange for the summer excursion of Shinjuku Academy, Bukuro Academy, Daikanyama Acadamy, and Yoyogi Academy to coincide over the same three days at Kasai Rinkai Park, ensuring their attendance to Claude's engagement party. The structure of this event is episodic, with episodes being almost disconnected from the other.

Day 1 consists of four episodes. In the morning, Bukuro Academy holds a volleyball tournament, and Bathym and the Protagonist encourage Ikutoshi to join the other Berserkers. They enjoy the pictures of themselves playing that Unknown icon.pngLil' Salomon took and sent to the the Protagonist's phone. Later in the afternoon, Triton hosts a seafood barbecue with the help of Choji and others, but they are briefly interrupted by some Pirates flirting with the students. After Triton shoos them away, Makara thanks them and helps them start the fire necessary for the barbecue. At night, Daikanyama Academy runs a test of courage, where Ryota partners with Maria as she helps Ghosts pass on, with Oniwaka and the Protagonist following closely behind. Oniwaka chides Maria, but later both Maria and Oniwaka strengthen their resolve to selfishly help others. Back at the lodging shared by Shinjuku Academy, Shiro organizes an academic training camp for his guild, but this quickly falls apart and a pillow fight ensues. The episode ends with Shiro and the Protagonist sharing tea while discussing about exploring the unknown together.

Day 2 consists of six episodes. In the morning, Jinn joins a swimsuit contest hosted by Bukuro Academy to get edge out Triton in popularity among their students, but a swimsuit-thieving Ninja disrupts the proceedings. Jinn stops him, and realizes that protecting his students is more important than popularity. In the afternoon, Nomad and Jiraiya find part-time work in Beach House Andvari to serve lunch, but run out of stock, and so are sent by Andvari to go fishing for seafood while waiting for the next order of ingredients. After gathering the ingredients, Nomad treats the Protagonist to a special fried noodle dish with egg before heading back to work. Later, the volleyball tournament continues with Zabaniyya and Maria facing Kengo and Moritaka, but Zabaniyya begins disinterestedly due to his participation not being a direct order from Arsalan. Kengo eventually draws out personal enjoyment from Zabaniyya; however, he later discloses to Maria he enjoyed receiving the volleyball in the same way he masochistically enjoyed Arsalan's training. The tournament continues in 4v4s with the Protagonist and a flashily dressed Ashigara in Team Yoyogi reaching the finals against Team Daikanyama, where Ashigara abandons his impeding gear. Post-game, they enjoy a meal, and Ashigara reflects on how popular he already is. Some time after, Chernobog and Choji distribute shaved ice, and Arsalan enjoys some and befriends Chernobog, but are interrupted by Angels given false information from Nyarlathotep that Chernobog kidnapped Arsalan. After a scuffle, Arsalan and Chernobog reaffirm their friendship. Later in the evening, Jiraiya uses his intel from Beach House Andvari to locate some poaching Ninja, and with the Protagonist's help free some poached seasnakes. Azazel rescues them from the released seasnakes by unleashing his true form to subdue the snakes, using the Protagonist's Rule of Rending to cut the chains that bind his true power.

The last episode of day 2 takes place in the Berserker cruise ship and Portal, the Bucentaur. Claude reveals he intends for the Berserkers to become the Rulers of Tokyo Bay by marrying the ocean with a custom of throwing a ring into the ocean. He invited the Missionaries, densely composed of clergymen, to witness and substantiate the marriage. Another reason to invite the Missionaries as well as the Summoners was to form alliances with them, taking advantage of their exhaustion from the recent events in Aoyama. Claude intends to revive a kingdom of wealth and prosperity (implied to be Roman), positioning himself as its successor, as a demonstration of power. This revival would be through the creation of a collision with the Bucentaur in Tokyo Bay, and thus the ship itself would become a target to opposing guilds that the prospective alliances can defend. The Missionaries, Berserkers, and Summoners leave the final decision to the Protagonist; however, their answer is interrupted by Pirates, and the ring is dropped overboard during the ordeal. After the Pirates are dealt with, Makara retrieves the ring and chastises Claude for his marriage attempt. Like Makara, the Protagonist does not give their blessing to the marriage, and as a result Claude decides to cancel the ceremony, but continue the party.

In the epilogue, during the the night of day 2, Melusine and Licht enter the Battleship Vasa (a normal ship commandeered from a beach house), and attempt to interfere with the proceedings at the Bucentaur, but fall overboard due to the unsturdiness of their ship. Day 3 arrives, and the Protagonist says their goodbyes to the Daikanyama and Bukuro students. The Shinjuku faculty and student body bus back home, with Lil' Salomon browsing through the many pictures he took and Unknown icon.pngMononobe reflecting on the work the students will take up in the upcoming semester.

Event Quest

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