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Just Before Spring Campaign (2024)
News Link
Gacha March 18, 2024 20:00 to April 02, 2024 13:59
Dungeons March 18, 2024 20:00 to April 02, 2024 13:59
Stamina Cost Reduction March 18, 2024 20:00 to April 02, 2024 13:59

Event Details

With the Valentine's event completed it is now time for a short campaign period to commemorate spring! It has 2 pickup banners: Spring Breeze Transient Summon Part 1 and Spring Breeze Transient Summon Part 2. The Golden Cave dungeon will be made available during the campaign period allowing you to stock up on Coin. There will also be a reduction on the stamina cost for Main Quests by 25% and Free Quests by 50%.

Skill Evolutions

There will be new Skill Specific Quests to improve the skills of certain units. These quests include:

UI Screen Changes

A showcase of the newly updated home screen user interface.
How the map looks with this new UI.

Various changes will be put into place for the game's user interface on March 18, 2024. These include:

  • A new home screen with various new buttons including a quest button sending you to the map and an event button that opens up the event quest area.
  • All user information such as Transient Stones, Rainbow Fragments, and Coins will be displayed.
  • The banner list will be displayed differently by allowing a less cluttered view of it.
  • A sidebar has been added that includes the My Guild, Login Bonus, and Settings buttons, alongside a new button called Home Settings that allows you to customize your Home Screen to your liking.
  • Continuous login bonus will be changed to the total login bonus. Consecutive logins will no longer be counted and instead rewards are on the basis of overall logins in general.
  • You will now be allowed to copy your player ID to your clipboard from the player ID screen allowing for sharing of your ID more easily.
  • Completing a quest will send you to the quest list for the area you started that quest instead of booting you back to the map.
  • You will now be able to access your message box from the Level Up, Skill Up, and Limit Break screens.

Transient Summons

2024 Spring Breeze Transient Summon Part 1 Banner.png

2024 Spring Breeze Transient Summon Part 2 Banner.png

April Fool's 2024 (SOS from Another Dimension)

Only available on April 1, 2024, a limited time special quest title SOS from Another Dimension will be held. For 24 hours only you can play a series of limited special quests that can be found in the Events area of the map. Build a team and destroy the extremely durable planet! The maximum damage you deal during the battle will be recorded and displayed once the quest parameters have been met. You can try these battles as many times as you like, but one stamina will be consumed.

SOS from Another Dimension Image.png April Fools HDQs.png


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