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Plans for 2019
News Link
Duration December 03, 2018 00:00 to December 02, 2019 23:59

An official English translation is available on the news site, but is mostly butchered and vague. LifeWonders revealed their plans for the new year, but details, such as dates and specifics of some of the new features, are still unknown.

  • Following the developments of Main Quest 8, the Akashic Records function will be added (aimed for Spring, 2019).
Extrapolating with how the story's been, the Akashic Records function will (most likely) involve powering up cards by equipping "past Akashic Records", most likely acquired through grinding a new type of cyclical quests. The provided English translation provides little help on the Akashic Record's intention.
  • For new players, Gold Lil' Salomon Ticket (like Platinum Lil' Salomon Ticket, but for ) will be issued, so new players can get the transient they want. All players will also receive this too. Some units, such as newly added units (units not in the Main Gacha) won't be available for redemption.
  • Further expansion of the Missions system, originally focused on Main Quest 1 and 2. LW is planning on adding weekly missions that change periodically.
  • Increasing the team count from six to ten slots (that is, ten separate sets of teams).
  • Adjusting the login bonus, which was adjusted recently.
  • Localizing scenarios (the VN portions of the game) further, planning to include Main Quest 7 and Past Events.
  • Expanding My Guild functionalities. As an example, changing BGMs.
  • Summopedia Volume 2, 3, and 4, focused on the Missionaries, Tycoons, and Genociders.