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Below is a sortable list of all available AR Equipment

Icon Name Rarity Acquired Through
Support of the Apprentice Familiar 1 AR Lesson Quest; Missions
Shard of the Abyssal Gatekeeper 2 Dungeon Capture(Proceed) Quest
Shard of the Far-off Lightning Warrior 2 Dungeon Capture(Proceed) Quest
Shard of the Long Distance Waiter 2 Dungeon Capture(Proceed) Quest
A Story That Only Exists Now 4 3rd Anniversary Campaign Quest; Andvari's Shop
Heading for the Treasures Everywhere 4 Andvari's Shop
In This Place of Education 4 Andvari's Shop
Afterschool Workshop 4 Andvari's Shop
Exception of Antagonism? 2 [Re-Release] Embark! Summer Ocean Adventure Free Quest/Item Exchange
Dark Lords 3 Arise! Jiangshi Night Free Quest/Item Exchange
Looking up to My Teachers 4 Andvari's Shop
Double Hero of the Holy Eve! 3 The Obliging Santa's Present Free Quest/Item Exchange
OJT: The Gyumao Way 3 Desert Journey (2020 Re-Release) Free Quest/Item Exchange
Combination of Friendships! 4 4th Anniversary Campaign Quest; Andvari's Shop
Interlude of a Straggler 3 Sunshine Christmas Free Quest/Limited Missions
A Moment of the Year's First Bath 4 Sunrise New Year Gacha
Burning in the Dawn 4 Sunrise New Year Gacha
Money-Making Beach House 3 [Re-Release] Make a Killing! The Beach House and Andvari Falls Free Quest/Item Exchange
Together We Now Walk 5 Andvari's Shop
Wisemen of the East 5 Andvari's Shop (until 2021-10-1)
Cheers to Adventure 3 Event Shop
Welcome to Hot Spring Village of Hell 3 Event Shop
Sweet Dreams 5 Andvari Shop
It's Crafting Time! 4 5th Anniversary Campaign
Oath of Pioneer 5 Gacha
Oath of Infinitude 5 Gacha
Oath of Abundance 5 Gacha
Oath of Eradication 5 Gacha
Oath of Binding 5 Gacha
The Dog's Battlefield 4 Gacha
Mission Complete 4 Gacha
Eternally Unknown 4 Gacha
Senpai and Kouhai Moment 4 Gacha
Servants Side by Side 4 Gacha
Shooting Stars 4 Gacha
Childhood Friends 4 Gacha
Welcome to the Dark Lord's Hot Spring Village 4 Gacha
Ooeyama Onis 4 Gacha
Shinjuku Police Academy 4 Gacha
Flirting Expertise 3 Gacha
Mountain Bears 3 Gacha
An Urban Oasis 3 Gacha
Welcome to Tokyo Casino 3 Gacha
Until the Next Holy Night 3 Gacha
A Page from an Island Journal 3 Gacha
Developing the New Summer Menu! 3 Gacha
Off-Day Karaoke! 3 Gacha
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining 3 Gacha
Family Portrait 3 Gacha
First-Ever Omelette Rice! 3 Gacha
Nothing To Do But Train! 3 Gacha
Bonding Buddies 3 Gacha
Welcome to Ikebukuro Theater 3 Gacha
Biology 101 3 Gacha
It All Starts with Muscle! 3 Gacha
Father and Child 3 Gacha
Depart! Midsummer Underwater Adventure 3 Gacha
Aah, the Joy of Mountains 3 Gacha
Which of Us is Your Real Friend?! 3 Gacha
From the Depths 5 Gacha
Sun and Oil! 4 Gacha
Summoners Christmas 5 Gacha
Watching the Same Moon 4 Gacha
Sunset Youth 4 Gacha
Valentine's Dogs! 5 Gacha
Abyssal Confectionery 4 Gacha
Acting Tough 4 Gacha
Chocolate Dynamite! 3 Gacha
Private Lesson in the Desert? 5 Gacha
A Teacher and Student from Kamata 5 Gacha
Survival Resort 4 Gacha
Battle between Swordsmith and Swordsman 4 Gacha
Single Bulls Club 5 Gacha
City of Drifters 5 Gacha
"Ogresses' Dream - A Different Time, A Different Place" 4 Gacha
The Way of the Sword Has Just Begun 4 Gacha
Ogres' Nightlife 4 Gacha
Oh, the Joy of Hot Springs 5 Gacha
The Representatives of Law 5 Gacha
Student Sibling Sparring 4 Gacha
Wandervogel! 4 Gacha
An Electrifying MC Battle! 5 Gacha
Stop Me if You Can! 4 Gacha
Celebration Live! 3 Gacha
Seize the Summer! 3 Gacha
Success Must Be Sought After 5 Gacha
Genociders' Halloween 5 Gacha
The Theme of the Month 4 Gacha
Umamichi Kung-Fu Generation 4 Gacha
Corrida de Toros 5 Gacha
A Cup of Good Quality 5 Gacha
Asakusa Downtown Boys 4 Gacha
School Lunchtime Battle! 4 Gacha
Ogres and Fortune 5 Gacha
Spirit of Zen 5 Gacha
Asakusa Gang 4 Gacha
Fist Fight! 4 Gacha
Memories of My Father 5 Gacha
Valentine Live! 5 Gacha
Jail of Love 4 Gacha
Aisle of Iron and Blood 4 Gacha
A Canvas of Rebirth 3 Gacha
Shinjuku Academy's Chief Gourmand 3 Gacha
Golden Harvest 5 Gacha
Eyes on the Prize 5 Gacha
Attack of the Killer Watermelons 4 Gacha
Surfing the Wave 4 Gacha
In the Flower of Youth 5 Gacha
Welcome to the Furry Kingdom! 5 Gacha
Treasure Every Meeting 4 Gacha
The Lonely Prankster 3 Gacha
The Great Fluffy Clash of Dreams! 3 Gacha
All in Art is Light and Dark 3 Gacha
Nocturnal Dance 5 Gacha
The Strength I dream of 5 Gacha
A Great Offering 4 Gacha
Accomplished Ocean Explorers 3 Gacha
Destined Grappling 5 Gacha
Endless Nights in the Research Building 5 Gacha
Mochi-Pounding and Fighting Can't be Done Alone 4 Gacha
The Bowels of Gehenna 4 Gacha
As long as you're there to take care of it! 3 Gacha
The Stars! The Sun! 3 Gacha
"Sweating Together, Through Good and Bad" 5 Gacha
The Ultimate Performance 5 Gacha
Snapshot of That Day 4 Gacha
This One's for the Summer Seas! 4 Gacha

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