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Protecting/Transferring Your Data

One of the most common issues regarding playing the game is losing access to account data. Uninstalling the app will cause account access to be lost, so avoid deleting the app if you wish to continue playing the game. In order to prevent losing all your progress, it is recommended to perform one of the following actions beforehand.

Smart Way

To create a transfer code data, simply start up the game, go past the title screen to the map, and go to Options(オプション) on the bottom menu. Then hit Transfer Data (データ引継ぎ) in the middle left. Enter a password into both boxes of your choosing (English letters only) and hit the bottom-most button. Write down the Code it gives you AND the password you used. When you're ready or need to use it, start up the game. At the Title Screen, hit the blue button (Account Transfer) on the bottom left. Enter the Code in the top box, and your custom password you made in the bottom box. Then hit the green button.

As of writing, transfer codes/passwords do not expire anymore, so it is recommended to record this information (transfer code/password) down for account backup. It is recommended you keep your User ID handy and ask for help with contacting the developers in such an event. Or, recover your account using your AuthKey.

Risky Easy Way

Unlike using the transfer system as a way to recover data, on Android devices under /SD/Android/data/ is a file labelled AuthKey; this key is used to keep track of account information, and is used to transfer between devices (all the device transfer option does is remove the AuthKey from your device and write it to the new device). You can back this file up onto cold storage/online, but there's no guarantee that it'll work on further versions.

For iOS, it is unknown where exactly the app stores AuthKey.

As of February 4, 2018. For iOS, the AuthKey location has been found and does not require jail-breaking your phone. However it requires two application tools TweakBox and FilzaEscaped in order for it to work. The AuthKey location is under /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/

Cross-Authkeys are verified to be possible as well. This will save issues for players who want to change new phone brands or devices altogether.

NOTE: When you transfer your account to another device using this code, a new Authkey will be created in this device and your account will be bound to this new Authkey, while the previous Authkey will be bound to a new account. So remember to backup this new Authkey after transferring your data, as the previous Authkey will be rendered useless.

NOTE-2: It's still recommended to transfer between devices using the in-game Account Transfer. It's been officially acknowledged that LW can "detect" this through the User-Agent your device sends out (make/model of phone), so please don't actually rely on this as a lazy way to transfer between two good phones. Whether you can just simply re-transfer to yourself on the same device will un-dirty your account state is unknown.


You can also copy AuthKey to allow access to the same account on multiple devices, even at the same time (note: you can't abuse this to get double the rewards from a quest, but who knows what other bugs and """exploits""" may be possible).

On the flip side, you can also store multiple accounts on the same device; just back up your AuthKey and reload the app to create a new """account""".

Starting Party Composition

In the beginning, it's really hard to recommend a "go-to" party layout and units to aim for, as most units shine at their end game (that being, maxed out). The "difficulty" curve is minimal in the beginning, so focusing on a solid team is just not needed, and the old use units that looks nice adage is actually the way to go.

Additionally, recommending what units to use essentially boils down to "don't use this one", as, again, good units only shine in their late game. Harder quests only really exist as a challenge for veteran players who do have the units ready to tackle. New players simply lack a wide spread of units to pick and choose from, and Events typically give what you need through an Event unit or units with the focused skill in a gacha.

In short, if you're a new player, you don't have to worry about "playing right", just "playing wrong".

Team Building

A frequently asked question is how to build a good team. There are multiple aspects to this:

  1. Each unit should be fully leveled (includes all limit breaks) and skill leveled in a team. It is very important to have these aspects fulfilled as limit breaking unlocks a unit's skills, and skill level dictates their potency/accuracy. Going into a high level quest without a fully leveled team will make things more difficult than necessary typically.
  2. The type of quest being challenged. Each quest has its own requirements, so it is recommended to use a team which fits the appropriate situation. For example, some story/challenge quests may require surviving for a certain amount of turns, so characters which can defend/heal are appropriate for that situation. As another example, the weekend daily Coin quest has an enemy which bestows EvasionDEF Up by 0.01x ~ 0.005x for 1 turn (Buff) to other enemies, so it would be best to have a units which address that issue.
  3. The resources dropped by the quest. Some units may boost a particular resource that a quest drops, so it is recommended to bring resource boosting units when applicable, such as the forms of Andvari for the aforementioned Coin quest. Another common example of this is Event quests, where it is recommended to use units which increase the amount of Event currency dropped.
  4. Guild affiliation. This is a relatively new mechanic with potentially powerful effects. Guild affiliations potentially have the ability of boosting a unit's attack/defense by roughly ten times, so using units which have the same guild while investing in this mechanic can be a method of boosting a team's power. As the resources for this mechanic are currently time-gated, it will be difficult for new players to fully use this effect.

A related question is what is considered a good unit. Over time, specific answers to this will change due to power creep/skill evolutions, which is why older resources such as tier lists are outdated. In general however, this game heavily favors an offensive play style as enemies can't retaliate if they're eliminated from the board. For this reason, units which either boost damage, in ideally the largest range possible, or deal great amounts of damage, in ideally the largest range possible, are generally considered to be strong units. Keep in mind that guild affiliations can greatly boost a unit's damage and defense, so units that have an affiliated guild are preferable.

  1. Damage boosters. As of writing, one example of a good damage booster is Wakan Tanka∞, as he can potentially bestow ATK UpATK Up by 1.1x ~ 2.2x for 4 turns (Buff), BrawnATK Up by 1.15x ~ 2.3x for 4 turns (Buff), and ConcentrationATK Up by 1.1x ~ 2.2x, skill activation rate +10% for 2 turns (Buff) in a board-wide manner to the entire team. Since the damage amplifiers from status effects multiply, this in total is roughly an 11x damage amplification to the entire team. A more accessible and commonly used damage booster is Leannan Sidhe, as she can give a single unit on the team three offensive status effects, VigorATK Up by 1.2x ~ 2.4x for 3 turns (Buff), ArdorATK Up by 1.2x ~ 2.4x, +5CP/turn for 2 turns (Buff), and LimitATK Up by 1x~2x → 2x~4x as HP→0 for 1 turn (Buff), and is a permanent unit, unlike Wakan Tanka∞ above. Another oft-lauded unit here is Unknown icon.pngOz, due to his unique ability to turn allies into All-range while boosting their damage. Among the units which are available with the selector ticket, Horkeu Kamui, Yoritomo, Fuxi, and Tindalos are options to consider choosing for new players.
  2. Damage dealers. Units who can deal large amounts of damage innately and ideally have a large range are recommended. One example of this is Shiva (Summer) as he innately has ArdorATK Up by 1.2x ~ 2.4x, +5CP/turn for 2 turns (Buff), LimitATK Up by 1x~2x → 2x~4x as HP→0 for 1 turn (Buff), a 5x advantage against enemies with Burn-300~-600HP/turn for 5 turns (Debuff), and is effectively All-range for the first three turns. Another example is Oscar, as he has easy access to All-range while having damage amplification of his own. Other used units in this category include Andvari (Beachside) and Takeminakata. Among the units which are available with the selector ticket, Horkeu Kamui and Cthugha are options to consider choosing for new players.

These two categories of units tend to be highly favored for clearing quests, as high damage can brute force through quests while clearing them quickly. As these labels are fairly broad, there are other well-regarded units which have their own unique and specific niche which make them valuable. One such example is Unknown icon.pngOz mentioned above, as his usage extends far beyond the labels mentioned. Outside of playing offensively, some other possible categories of units include the following:

  1. Debuffers/Skill Lockers. For challenge quests in particular, it is sometimes useful to have units which can prevent enemies' skills from activating through status effects such as BindCannot activate skills, ATK Down by 0.9x ~ 0.45x for 4 turns. CS effects still apply. (Debuff) and Skill LockCannot activate skills for 5 turns. (Debuff). Some examples of units here include Taromaiti and Licho. Zhurong who can refresh debuffs on enemies, and Shiro, an early game debuffer for new players, are also notable here. Among the units which are available with the selector ticket, Bael is an option to consider choosing for new players.
  2. Defensive support/Healers. For quests which favor survivability, units which prioritize defense and/or healing can be useful. Some examples include Ganglie and Tangaroa (Canaan). Among the units which are available with the selector ticket, Ahab, Horkeu Kamui, and Daikoku are options to consider choosing for new players.
  3. Debuff Prevention. As some debuffs can be particularly nasty when applied to the team, it is sometimes helpful to bring sources of Nullify DebuffPrevent receiving debuff once for 4 turns. Vanishes after use. (Buff) and/or Reflect DebuffReflect debuff once for 4 turns. Vanishes after use. (Buff). This includes Ganglie and Horkeu Kamui mentioned above.

s vs Higher Rarities

A lot of units share the same (or very similar) skill sets across rarities. For example, Arsalan, Choji, and Kuniyoshi are the exact same across rarities, just with different costs and base stats. Because of this, it might seem that raising their is the way to go, but in reality, focusing on their not only saves on party cost, but less resources are required to max them out (coin cost, stars, LB materials, etc).

On the other hand, there are units like Shiro who have slightly different skills. On paper, it seems like his 's [Phase Start] CP gain 100% of the time is a good thing, and having his 's [After Moving] skill seems kind of pointless. However, due to how [When Attacking] skills are handled during a Charge, Shiro charging faster is more of a bad thing, as he won't be inflicting Curse as easily. Because of this, it's recommended to use his lower rarity variant instead.

There are also units like Snow, Aizen, and Wakan Tanka, who share similar skills but have an additional effect on their last skill which makes them a great magnitude better. These units are pretty unviable (namely Snow) as s.

When it comes to units with beneficial [When Attacking] different weapon spreads like Agyo and Benten, it should be considered that a wider range, while it inflicts less damage, is typically better at activating skills, as each individual unit hit is a chance to activate a skill. In this case, Agyo's and Benten's cards are better than their other forms, as they both have a wider weapon spread than their other rarity.

Avoiding the initial grind

Expanding on the use of making the best use out of that AuthKey file; you're guaranteed 10 stones to get 2 companions with; although, you need to keep going through the tutorial and first battle again and again. Didn't get the companion you want? Just delete the AuthKey instead of deleting app data (deleting app data causes you to lose assets downloaded if you do this, but by clearing the AuthKey, you still keep your cache).

Redoing a battle to guarantee drops

Battles in the game may drop items which are rare, such as event ARs/units/mobs or higher tier seeds/blossoms. As retreating from battle does not cause AP/stamina to be lost anymore, it is possible to guarantee drops by retreating from battle before the victory screen appears.

  1. Enter the quest/battle.
  2. Turn on airplane mode.
  3. Play the quest as normal while keeping track of what has dropped. This option should be turned on in battle settings if turned off.
  4. When the quest is won, you will receive an error message before seeing the victory screen since the game's servers cannot be contacted due to airplane mode. If you are satisfied with what has dropped, disable airplane mode and tap proceed on the error message (may require multiple taps/restarting app). If you are not satisfied with what has dropped, force quit the app, disable airplane mode, and restart the app. Press the "Give Up" button and you will have retreated from battle while having retained stamina.
  5. Repeat process until desired drops are acquired.

Lag and Slowdown

If you are on a Galaxy S6 or S7 and experience frequent slowdowns while playing, it is recommended to reduce the resolution of the game to 50% or less through a third party app if possible.

Enemy Movement

See the Enemy Movement page for more details.

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I lost my authkey by deleting it. I didn't have backup so how should I get it back ?
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