Welcome to the Dark Lord's Hot Springs

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Welcome to the Dark Lord's Hot Springs
Rarity 4
Kira Nerisu
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
効果2Increases ATK by 100~200
寒山実得Avalanche of RichesNo additional CS effects
[Turn StartTriggers on turn start of their player, after [Phase Start] effects, before [Opponent Turn Start] effects. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] (Total turns 3, 6, 9...) Apply Remove DebuffRemove one debuff (Buff) to self / 50~100%
[Status ResistanceTriggers directly before receiving any status, including those that would normally not be accepted due to pre-existing acquisition of the same status. Prevents target statuses from being applied at all and removes them if already present. The application of the any status that confers Status Resistance will trigger its own Status Resistance skill effects.] Remove BreakCannot move at will, DEF Down by 1.2x ~2.4x for 2 turns (Debuff) / 50~100%
Element dark.pngNETHER
Show applicable transients (129)
Purple Agent (☆2)
Akiha Gongen (☆5 Summer)
Nether Alchemist (☆2)
Algernon (☆4 Summer)
Alice (☆3)
Alice (☆4)
Alice (☆5 Halloween)
Alp (☆3)
Alp (☆4)
Andvari (☆3)
Andvari (☆4)
Andvari (☆5 Beachside)
Nether Angel (☆1)
Arsalan (☆4 Halloween)
Astaroth (☆3)
Asterius (☆4 Island)
Azathoth (☆4 Halloween)
Babalon (☆3)
Babalon (☆5)
Balor (☆5 Valentine)
Barguest (☆3)
Barguest (☆4)
Nether Baron (☆2)
Bathym (☆3)
Bathym (☆4)
Behemoth (☆3)
Behemoth (☆4)
Belphegor (☆3)
Belphegor (☆4)
Bertro (☆4 Christmas)
Boogeyman (☆3)
Boogeyman (☆4)
Cait Sith (☆3)
Cait Sith (☆4)
Purple Camouflager (☆2)
Chernobog (☆3)
Chernobog (☆5)
Chernobog (☆5 Beachside)
Nether Ciramantep (☆2)
Cu Sith (☆4 Halloween)
Dagon (☆5 Summer)
Daikoku (☆4 Hot Paradise)
Ded (☆5)
Nether Deity (☆2)
Purple Devil (☆1)
Obsidian Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Purple Drone Pilot (☆2)
Ebisu (☆4 Halloween)
Nether Einherjar (☆2)
Ellie (☆3)
Ellie (☆5)
Enigma (☆3)
Enigma (☆4)
Purple Fencer (☆1)
Fenrir (☆4 Make Sail)
Ganglie (☆5 Christmas)
Garmr (☆3)
Garmr (☆4)
Purple Ghost (☆1)
Nether Giant (☆2)
Gyumao (☆4 Valentine)
Hecate (☆3)
Hecate (☆4)
Heracles (☆3)
Heracles (☆5)
Jacob (☆5 Valentine)
Nether Jiangshi (☆2)
Jiraiya (☆4 Christmas)
Kalki (☆4 Christmas)
Kenta (☆3)
Kenta (☆4)
Krampus (☆4)
Kresnik (☆5 Halloween)
Kuniyoshi (☆5 Nightmare)
Nether-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Licht (☆3)
Licht (☆5)
Purple Livestreamer (☆2)
Lucifuge (☆3)
Lucifuge (☆4)
Dark Mage (☆1)
Nether Maid (☆1)
Maria (☆3)
Maria (☆4)
Nether Mermaid (☆2)
Nether Merman (☆2)
Nether Mobster (☆2)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆3)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆5)
Purple Nightgaunt (☆2)
Purple Ninja (☆1)
Purple Oni (☆2)
Ose (☆3)
Ose (☆4)
Oz (☆4 Pool)
Nether Pirate (☆1)
Pollux (☆4 Christmas)
Purple Ranger (☆2)
Robinson (☆3)
Robinson (☆4)
Nether Senri (☆2)
Shiro (☆3)
Shiro (☆4)
Simurgh (☆3)
Dark Slime (☆1)
Sphinx (☆3)
Tadatomo (☆4 Valentine)
Taishakuten (☆5 Valentine)
Tetsuox (☆3)
Tetsuox (☆4)
Tetsuya (☆3)
Tetsuya (☆4)
Tindalos (☆3)
Tindalos (☆5)
Toji (☆5 Halloween)
Purple Tribe (☆2)
Nether Trickster (☆2)
Purple Trooper (☆2)
Tsukuyomi (☆4 Halloween)
Nether Valkyrie (☆2)
Vapula (☆3)
Vapula (☆4)
Purple Wolf (☆1)
Dark Wraith (☆2)
Purple Luchador (☆2)
Purple Yaksha (☆2)
Yoshito (☆3)
Yoshito (☆4)
Zhurong (☆3)
Official English
"""You are a kind fellow, Andvari.""
""Quit it. Don't look at me like that. You're gonna make me break out in hives!""

The dwarf vendor and the Dark Lord of Bald Mountain are tied together by their Roles, which dictate they will have their wealth taken from them by warriors they welcome as guests. Although born in different worlds, these two miraculously met in this Tokyo and forged a mysterious connection. The glittering mountains that they thought were their whole world crumbled, revealing possibilities beyond them. The bounty of the earth that welled from their meeting still awaits new visitors."
Translated from Japanese
"You really are a gentle man, Andvari."

"St-stop it, don't look at me with those eyes. They're giving me bumps!"

A dwarf merchant and the demonlord of the bold mountain.

They both possess "roles" that will "seize wealth from their hero guests."

The two who were born in different worlds encountered in this Tokyo, and so forth built an interesting relationship.

Once it was thought that this "mountain full of treasures" was the entire world.

Only after such conception falters should they discover new possibilities towards the future.

The grace from the land, which led to their encounter, continues to for new customers nowadays.

Official Japanese


Event Line
Profile Chernobog: You really are a gentle man, Andvari.
Andvari: "St-stop it, don't look at me with those eyes. They're giving me bumps!
Charge Andvari: Let's do this seriously Chernobog.
Chernobog: Yes, let this dark lord handle it.
Both: Shine explosively! Mons Thesaurum!


  • The CS is Mons Thesaurum: Hanshan's and Shide's Great Gains. The original phrase is a reference to the Chinese poets Hanshan and Shide. Mon Thesaurum is Latin for "mountain treasure."

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