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Weekly Missions were introduced during the 3rd anniversary alongside Andvari's Shop. They can be found in the missions tab (the green button in the top right corner of the screen).

On the mission screen you are presented with 10 different missions that have to be completed until the end of the week (03:59 Monday JST). Each mission rewards the player with 100 units of 虹のかけら upon completion. All rewards have to be claimed manually from the mission screen, players have an additional day to perform such action.

Weekly missions get reset each Monday at 04:00 JST.

Mission list

At the start of each week the mission list gets reset with 10 of the missions from the list below.

Mission Reward Notes
Clear 9 weekly missions 虹のかけら x100 Appears every week
Clear 5 quests 虹のかけら x100 Any quests will do, including the ones without a battle
Clear 10 quests 虹のかけら x100
Use 100 stamina points 虹のかけら x100
Use 300 stamina points 虹のかけら x100
Clear 3 dungeon quests 虹のかけら x100 Can be done by completing any of the Exploration Dungeon Quests, even the ones that don't cost DP
Change your support members 虹のかけら x100 Gets completed once the "Save" button is pressed on the "Change support member" screen, even if the player's support lineup is exactly the same
Defeat 60 enemies 虹のかけら x100 This includes enemies from quests that don't cost stamina
Defeat 80 enemies with the Fire attribute 虹のかけら x100 See tips below
Defeat 80 enemies with the Water attribute 虹のかけら x100
Defeat 80 enemies with the Wood attribute 虹のかけら x100
Defeat 80 enemies with the Aether attribute 虹のかけら x100
Defeat 80 enemies with the Nether attribute 虹のかけら x100


Completing all weekly missions grants a player 1000x 虹のかけら a week. Below is a list of items you can exchange with the weekly mission reward currency in Andvari's Shop.

Andvari's Shop Item Exchange
Item Cost Total Stock Total Cost
Transient Stone (Free) 虹のかけら x200 25 5000
Stamina Drink 虹のかけら x100 50 5000
Lil' Salomon Ticket 虹のかけら x500 10 5000
AR Lil' Salomon Ticket 虹のかけら x500 10 5000
G All-round Boost 虹のかけら x5 400 2000
Warrior Soul G 虹のかけら x10 200 2000
AR Token 虹のかけら x10 100 1000
Looking up to My Teachers 虹のかけら x200 21 4200
Cabin (Room) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Steering Wheel (Wall) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Cabin Desk (Floor) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Candle (Hang) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Frame【Sea of Adventure】 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Beach House (Room) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Shaved Ice Banner (Wall) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Inflatable Pool (Floor) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Mosquito Trap (Hang) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Frame【Beach】 虹のかけら x50 1 50
General's Chambers (Room) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Warring States Plushie (Wall) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Warring States Banner (Hang) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Warring States Fortunes (Floor) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Halloween Hall (Room) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Pumpkin Cushion (Wall) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Cookie Table (Floor) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Halloween Decoration (Hang) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Frame【Halloween】 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Gajumaru Fig House (Room) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Fishing Supplies (Wall) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Stump Desk (Floor) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Jungle Light (Hang) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Gajumaru Fig Cottage (Room) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Resort Desk (Wall) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Hammock Chair (Floor) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Resort Light (Hang) 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Frame【New Years】 虹のかけら x50 1 50
Forget-Me-Not 虹のかけら x500 5 2500
Yule 虹のかけら x10 100 1000
Yule 虹のかけら x50 21 1050
Sitri 虹のかけら x10 100 1000
Sitri 虹のかけら x50 21 1050
Agyo 虹のかけら x10 100 1000
Agyo 虹のかけら x50 21 1050
Protagonist 虹のかけら x10 20 200


Attribute missions

Out of all the missions listed above, the Defeat 80 enemies with the X attribute missions are usually the hardest to complete. Note that all of those missions can be completed by playing Challenge Quests or main Event Quests from the past events. If neither option is available, feel free to refer to a table below.

The table shows quests to complete two different attribute missions at the same time. If you only have one of such missions left, see quests on the main diagonal.

Table cells are colored according to the wards they are located in.

Legend: Shinjuku Toshima Minato Chiyoda

First attribute Second attribute
Element fire.pngFIRE Element water.pngWATER Element earth.pngWOOD Element light.pngAETHER Element dark.pngNETHER
Element fire.pngFIRE Exception Territory/Otemachi West Shinjuku, Surrounded! Order Decimated! Exception Territory/Ikebukuro Defender and Invader
Element water.pngWATER West Shinjuku, Surrounded! Ruler of the Dark World Unranked Battle in Ikebukuro Ikebukuro Ranker Battle Clash of Two Forces
Element earth.pngWOOD Order Decimated! Unranked Battle in Ikebukuro Street Fight in Ikebukuro Defense of Kabukicho! Golden Gai Melee!
Element light.pngAETHER Exception Territory/Ikebukuro Ikebukuro Ranker Battle Defense of Kabukicho! Daily Quests, Ikebukuro Dungeon Quests Special Battle in Ikebukuro
Element dark.pngNETHER Defender and Invader Clash of Two Forces Golden Gai Melee! Special Battle in Ikebukuro Daily Quests

Andvari's Shop

See this guide for details.


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