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Treasure Hunt Campaign
News Link
Free Quest June 17, 2022 20:00 to July 08, 2022 13:59
Missions June 17, 2022 20:00 to July 08, 2022 13:59
Banners June 17, 2022 20:00 to July 08, 2022 13:59

Event Details

Starting off the summer, we will have a gold campaign, with a story featuring the Warmongers! There will not be any new variants, but instead a rerun of the Summer River Adventure event's banner and a banner featuring the variants of the various members of the warmongers. However, there will be a new AR: N番目の祝宴.

There will be free quests like a normal event however instead of event items they will drop coins instead. The boosts are as follows:

You can use any card of the units shown below and each one carries a [10%] boost
Protagonist Tezcatlipoca Hombre Tigre Yasuyori
Shennong Tanetomo Bertro Shiva
Teda Nezha Avarga Marduk
Mephistopheles Balor Yoritomo Nomad
Andvari Ikutoshi Bathym Pollux

There will be a set of new refrain quests against Fuxi and Smoky God! Complete them to get sacred artifact levels for your Protagonist.

Corridor of Memories

Bookmark of the Past.jpg

With this update, there will be a new area added in the Tower of Babel called the Corridor of Memories. You can view the Special Quests which have already been rerun and hence unobtainable through normal means. To read a story, a new item called the 去来の栞 (pictured right), tentatively machine-translated to be called the 「Bookmark of the Past」, is required


There will be missions for which on completion will reward you with copies of the event AR!

Missions Reward
Clear the quest "エルドラドの秘宝争奪戦!/初級" (Level 70 Free Quest) 1 times N番目の祝宴 x 10
Use 100 stamina points N番目の祝宴 x 10
Clear the quest "エルドラドの秘宝争奪戦!/初級" 5 times N番目の祝宴 x 10
Clear the quest "エルドラドの秘宝争奪戦!/初級" 10 times N番目の祝宴 x 10
Clear the quest "エルドラドの秘宝争奪戦!/初級" 20 times N番目の祝宴 x 10
Use 300 stamina points N番目の祝宴 x 10
Use 500 stamina points N番目の祝宴 x 10
Use 1000 stamina points N番目の祝宴 x 10

Skill Evolutions

New Skill Specific Quests:

Quest Details

Quest details for this event can be found here.

Transient Summon

Summer River Adventure Transient Summon (2021 December Re-Release).png

Treasure Hunt PU Transient Summon.png


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11 days 5 hours 47 minutes ago
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Okay what the fridge is this, limited time coinz grind but the amount of coinz gained is literally the same as coinz dailies, I am confused what is the point

And Summer Shiva skill evolution is nice but it's Summer Tajikarao next to him who needed something more
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