Event Quest:9 Months Celebration Campaign

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Nine Months Celebration Campaign
News Link
Duration September 09, 2017 23:00 to September 15, 2017 23:59


To celebrate reaching the third trimester since release another campaign is underway and will feature from September 9th to September 15th:

Additional Login Bonuses

September 9th, 2017 -> September 15th, 2017
September 9th September 10th
September 11th
  • Coins ×3000
  • Boost Element water.pngWATER (G) ×1
  • Stamina Drink ×3
September 12th
September 13th
  • Coins ×4000
  • Boost Element light.pngAETHER (G) ×1
  • Stamina Drink (Half) ×5
September 14th
September 15th