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Mission Complete
Rarity 4
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 200~400
浮遊一期ラスト・リゾートNo additional CS effects
[Turn StartTriggers on turn start of their player, after [Phase Start] effects, before [Enemy Turn Start] effects.] Apply CritATK Up by 2x ~ 4x for 1 turn (Buff) to self / 10~20%
[Defense ModifierAll multipliers stack with each other.] Take 0.8x damage from 0.45x ATK penaltyShot-ranged enemies
    Take 0.8x damage from 0.26x ATK penaltySnipe-ranged enemies / 100%
0.45x ATK penaltyShot
0.26x ATK penaltySnipe
Show applicable transients (175)
Aegir (☆5 Christmas)
Black Agent (☆2)
White Agent (☆2)
Brown Agent (☆2)
Red Agent (☆2)
Blue Agent (☆2)
Green Agent (☆2)
Yellow Agent (☆2)
Purple Agent (☆2)
Agyo (☆4)
Ahab (☆3)
Ahab (☆5)
Aizen (☆5)
Akiha Gongen (☆3)
Akiha Gongen (☆5)
Akiha Gongen (☆5 Summer)
Alp (☆5 Halloween)
Arachne (☆3)
Arachne (☆4)
Arc (☆3)
Arc (☆4)
Arc (☆5 Valentine)
Ashigara (☆5 Seaside)
Azathoth (☆3)
Azathoth (☆4)
Babe Bunyan (☆3)
Babe Bunyan (☆4)
Babe Bunyan (☆4 Summer)
Bathym (☆4 Seaside)
Benten (☆3)
Bertro (☆3)
Breke (☆4 Nightglows)
Cait Sith (☆4 Valentine)
Catoblepas (☆3)
Catoblepas (☆4)
Catoblepas (☆4 Summer)
Chernobog (☆5 Beachside)
Choji (☆4 Christmas)
Ded (☆5)
Red Devil (☆1)
Blue Devil (☆1)
Green Devil (☆1)
Yellow Devil (☆1)
Purple Devil (☆1)
Shaded D-Evil (☆1)
Ebisu (☆3)
Ebisu (☆4)
Fuxi (☆5)
Hakumen (☆4 Valentine)
Hanuman (☆4 Journey)
Heracles (☆5)
Hogen (☆5 Festival)
Hotei (☆3)
Hotei (☆4)
Ibaraki (☆4)
Ifrit (☆4)
Israfil (☆3)
Israfil (☆5)
Ixbalanque (☆3)
Ixbalanque (☆4)
Jiraiya (☆4)
Jiraiya (☆4 Christmas)
Jormungandr (☆5)
Jugo (☆4 Summer)
Kalki (☆4 Christmas)
Kotaro (☆3)
Kotaro (☆5)
Kotaro (☆4 Beachside)
Krampus (☆5 Jiangshi)
Kresnik (☆5 Halloween)
Kurogane (☆3)
Kurogane (☆5 Nightglows)
Kyuma (☆3)
Kyuma (☆4)
Leib (☆3)
Leib (☆5)
Licht (☆3)
Licht (☆5)
Licht (☆4 Valentine)
Lucifuge (☆3)
Lucifuge (☆4)
Marduk (☆3)
Marduk (☆4)
Melusine (☆3)
Melusine (☆4)
Melusine (☆4 Christmas)
Fire Merman (☆2)
Water Merman (☆2)
Wood Merman (☆2)
Aether Merman (☆2)
Nether Merman (☆2)
Infernal Merman (☆2)
Fire Mobster (☆2)
Water Mobster (☆2)
Wood Mobster (☆2)
Aether Mobster (☆2)
Nether Mobster (☆2)
Moritaka (☆5 Jamboree)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆5)
Red Ninja (☆1)
Blue Ninja (☆1)
Green Ninja (☆1)
Yellow Ninja (☆1)
Purple Ninja (☆1)
Nobuharu (☆4 Festival)
Nomad (☆5 Christmas)
Ophion (☆3)
Ophion (☆5)
Ose (☆3)
Ose (☆4)
Ose (☆4 Christmas)
Otohime (☆3)
Otohime (☆4)
Oz (☆4 Pool)
Aether Pirate (☆1)
R-19 (☆4)
Robinson (☆3)
Robinson (☆4)
Robinson (☆4 Canaan)
Sandayu (☆3)
Sandayu (☆5)
Seth (☆5 Valentine)
Shino (☆5 Valentine)
Shinya (☆3)
Shinya (☆4)
Sitri (☆4)
Surtr (☆4 Valentine)
Tadatomo (☆4 Valentine)
Tadatomo (☆5 Main Story)
Tanetomo (☆4)
Tangaroa (☆5)
Tangaroa (☆5 Canaan)
Teda (☆3)
Teda (☆4)
Temujin (☆3)
Temujin (☆4)
Tezcatlipoca (☆3)
Tezcatlipoca (☆5)
Tezcatlipoca (☆4 Festival)
The Hero (☆4)
Thunderbird (☆4)
Black Tribe (☆2)
White Tribe (☆2)
Brown Tribe (☆2)
Black Trooper (☆2)
White Trooper (☆2)
Brown Trooper (☆2)
Red Trooper (☆2)
Blue Trooper (☆2)
Green Trooper (☆2)
Yellow Trooper (☆2)
Purple Trooper (☆2)
Tsathoggua (☆5)
Tsukuyomi (☆5)
Vapula (☆3)
Vapula (☆4)
Volos (☆4)
Wakan Tanka∞ (☆3)
Wakan Tanka∞ (☆5)
Evil Wraith (☆2)
Hero Wraith (☆2)
World Wraith (☆2)
Fire Wraith (☆2)
Water Wraith (☆2)
Earth Wraith (☆2)
Light Wraith (☆2)
Dark Wraith (☆2)
Xolotl (☆3)
Xolotl (☆4)
White Yaksha (☆2)
Purple Yaksha (☆2)
Yamasachihiko (☆3)
Yamasachihiko (☆4)
Zabaniyya (☆5 Fashionista)
Ziz (☆3)
Translated from Japanese
"Bygone days will always burn on in your heart."

"Well, there are a lot of things you can do as an adult. But we're still just cute kids, hehe."

Two people with unassuming, innocent faces. Two people that appear calm and disinterested even whilst carrying out contracts, seemingly living in their own world. Two people that can be a general, a king, a simple nobody, that decide the costs of their services with the flip of a coin. Two people that are living in the 'roles' of 'those that have long since passed'.

One is the successor of a long line of ninjas, and the other is the who has picked up the unfinished business of Valhalla's king, past the clouds of Yggdrasil. Because these two already know how things will end, they can calmly gamble away with the chips they call their lives. Their very existence is the final ace in their sleeve - their last resort.

Be careful, however. If you use yourself as a poker chip, then you must never gamble against the bookmakers themselves, those that hold an infinite sum. They have a close relationship, two immortal Transients with unending lives. That's simply how it is.

Official Japanese

「ま、大人になったら色々あるよね。僕らは可愛い子供でいるけどさ、ふふっ?」 怖いものなど無いような顔をしている2人。 冷静に、淡々と依頼をこなし、飄々と生きているように見える2人。 王よ将軍よと誰かを担ぎ上げ、報酬の多寡で風向きを決める2人。 そして共に「既に終わってしまった誰か」の「役割」を継ぎ、その尻ぬぐいのために、生きている、2人。 片方は先代たちの遺した忍軍のために、もう片方は異世界ユグドラシルの天空城ヴァルハラの主のやり残しを継ぐために。 2人は終わりを知るからこそ、自らの命すら冷静に賭けのチップとすることが出来る。 彼ら自身の存在こそが、最後の切り札……そう、ラスト・リゾートなのだ。 しかしどうか注意されたし。 己自身をチップとしたところで、無尽の資本を持つ胴元にはギャンブルで決して勝てはしない。 それは彼らと因縁深き相手、尽きせぬ命を持つ不死の「転光生」、その在り方でもある。


Event Line
Profile Ose: Bygone days will always burn on in your heart.
Kotarou: Well, there are a lot of things you can do as an adult. But we're still just cute kids, hehe.
Charge Kotarou: You messed up at the end. Too bad! Heheh.
Ose: You save the ace up your sleeve for last.
Both: Take this, our Last Resort.


  • The CS is Last Resort: Drifting Ephemeral Life.
  • Despite being present in the picture, Tadatomo's regular and versions cannot equip this AR.

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No. 8789
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I dont want to judge but, kotaro supposed to be cute one but WHAT's THIS
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No. 13519
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They nerfed his chubbiness in this card :(
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No. 6347
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Wake up, Get up, Get out there
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No. 3738
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Tadatomo is the artwork, yet he is not in the Restrictions... meaning his 3 star which is Slash cannot equip it. RIP
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by the way if the translation doesnt make sense that's because it doesn't really make sense in the raw either bye

- the translator (i guess)
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