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Dungeon Quests are the primary means of acquiring and leveling AR Equipment. These quests utilize one DP (Dungeon Point) instead of typical stamina. These quests do not depend on progress in the Main Quest. Two types of Dungeon Quests exist: Search (Exploration) and Capture (Proceed); completing Search (Exploration) Dungeon Quests will reward Key Items and AR Tokens. After obtaining enough Key Items, you can proceed to the Capture (Proceed) Dungeon Quest, and from there, after completing a Capture (Proceed) Dungeon Quest ten times, you'll receive an AR Equipment after every additional clear. A Scenario (VN) will be played alongside each stage of a Capture (Proceed) Dungeon Quest.

Search (Exploration) Quests

These quests have two types of phases: battle phases and event phases. Battle phases are typical phases from every other quests; the items dropped are corresponding Key Items. During event phases, no enemies are in this phase, and a random event can happen:

  • HP Up
  • Damage dealt
  • AR Tokens received

Below is a list of dungeons of this type. All of them get unlocked as soon as the player finishes Chapter 1.

There are an additional three dungeons which we will call Limited Dungeons that are only available during certain times, usually when various campaigns are held in-between major events. Instead of giving AR Tokens, these dungeons will drop various useful items. Below is a list of dungeons of this type.

Capture (Proceed) Quests

These quests award AR Equipment. They also contain Dungeon story quests. The battle quests consume key items and get unlocked immediately after completing chapter 1. Dungeon story quests get unlocked as the player progresses further in the Main Quest and typically revolve around attempts made by the Protagonist in various loops to circumvent the attempts of the three true guilds to capture them.

Below is a list of quests of this type:

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Anonymous user: 0eb490b0
No. 6902
48 months ago
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When will the story ones be translated? I would do Yog Sothoth's memory, but it's still in Japanese.
Anonymous user: 542b7964
No. 2605
60 months ago
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Yes, you missed the announcement saying dungeons are only available in a few hours
Anonymous user: 0b3d7722
No. 2604
60 months ago
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I can't actually get into a Dungeon, after going to the Dungeon page as stated in the Help section. Am I missing something?
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