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新宿区 (Shinjuku Ward)

See: Free Quest:Shinjuku Ward

豊島区 (Toshima Ward)

See: Free Quest:Toshima Ward

渋谷区 (Shibuya Ward)

See: Free Quest:Shibuya Ward

港区 (Minato Ward)

See: Free Quest:Minato Ward

千代田区 (Chiyoda Ward)

See: Free Quest:Chiyoda Ward

大田区 (Ota Ward)

See: Free Quest:Ota Ward

練馬区 (Nerima Ward)

See: Free Quest:Nerima Ward

台東区 (Taito Ward)

See: Free Quest:Taito Ward

中野区 (Nakano Ward)

See: Free Quest:Nakano Ward

品川区 (Shinagawa Ward)

See: Free Quest:Shinagawa Ward

Tower of Babel

Accessible in the map menu along with dungeon quests, the Tower of Babel features Clash Memories quests and Refrain quests. The Clash Memories quests are previously held high difficulty quests which do not give a Lil' Salomon Ticket as a first time reward, so they mainly provide players a way to challenge past content and test out units without having to spend stamina. On the other hand, Refrain quests boost the Sacred Artifact Level of Protagonist as a first time reward, and they are unlocked as the player progresses through the Main Quest.

See: Free Quest:Clash Memories
See: Free Quest:Refrain

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