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These assets have been scrounged up from the Unity cache or the app's API.


Between Setsubun and Valentine Festival, three items were added.

AR Token, AR Token Large (2 star), and AR Token Super (3 star). There's no associated sprite, or useful notes attached to it, just that it's a temporary name. Its nature is unknown. There's very reasonable evidence to support the claim that AR stands for Akashic Records.

Silver Key

There's five silver keys (Pioneer Piece) that exists. We can extrapolate that these keys will be used for other Dungeon Quests, and therefore obtaining other AR Equipments.

Fire Water Wood Aether Nether


This is under the Utage portion of the app, very most likely used to test video playback functionality in game. video/test.asset is simply just a promotional video for Gabriel (Valentine) and for Valentine Panic. It can be assumed pre-rendered videos may play back during scenarios, or in game. A test scenario under the asset bundle responsible for storing Character Quests references this filename; it can be loosely inferred pre-rendered video clips akin to CG scenes will be used for Character Quests.

The scenario file referencing this has been removed as of April 2nd, 2019.

Heal Up

These assets were extracted through the Unity cache; it's unknown what they could possibly be for, as there's four tiers based on the given filenames, the fact that HP Seeds already exist, health doesn't persist over battles, skills already exist to heal units, and there's no tiers for pre-battle items (and they don't exist outside of events). If they're indeed scrapped assets, they shouldn't have popped up now in the Unity cache.

These items do not have any in-game data.

Heal, Gun, (and Cure)

These assets have existed since the beginning of the game's launch, available through datamining the .apk itself, rather than the Unity cache. Their existence isn't really noted, but the fact that Heal still exists in the far later releases of the game, and Gun only existing as an icon (while Heal has the whole shebang) are both noteworthy.

Cure also exists as a weapon type, but much like gun, it only has a weapon icon; unfortunately, Cure's icon remains as a white question mark (which contrasts "longslash"'s gray question mark).

These weapon times do not have any in-game data.

Card Synthesis

These exist in the .apk, alongside the Traditional/Simplified Chinese translations, but not the original Japanese. From what menus we have available, this label doesn't appear anywhere throughout the game. "Synthesis" was mentioned before with the following game tip: [Breakthrough] By synthesizing certain items obtained in the game, cards can undergo up to 3 Breakthroughs. [...]. Again, what this entails is unknown, but it's rather odd these only exist as translated labels, so knowing what it actually means is unknown. It can be (literally) speculated that this means card creation rather than the other manners of obtaining units (quest drops and gacha pulls). Note: units are referred to as cards both natively in news posts and in English in existing menus. However, as item acquisition is referred to as "synthesizing [...] items", this can be easily dismissed as unit drops.

This asset appears to be missing in later versions of the .apk. This asset reappeared in the current version of the .apk.

Voice Lines

Naturally, Love Quest lines have been available for quite a while, well before they were announced as a feature. However, some units managed to slip their way in with their voice lines, such as Kirito (turn, gacha, gacha_b, battleWin, and attack) and Tetsuya (gacha), and even Salomon-kun (pv2, battleStart1). Given the mysterious nature of pre-downloading the Unity cache, it's odd that these units, both of who's relevance has been months and months ago, are available.

It can be inferred that all possible voice lines are recorded and made available from a unit's release to avoid having to record new lines later down the line.

Additionally, at least one released character (Ophion, called by ogg=ophion1) has an entire set of unreleased voicelines.

Tsathoggua and Hanuman have two AR Equipment lines, but no game data for one.

Unimplemented Features

  • 24 regions are present; most of them are marked closed with an unobtainable trigger quest.
  • Sharing a similar root as Skill Quests (Skill Evolution), the region marker for Charge Skill Quests (CS進化) is marked open, but out of bounds.

Additional Trivia

  • A file called sprite_map_xmas2018 suggests that Area Maps were a feature planned for the Christmas Concerto event.
  • Main Quest Chapter 4 Parts 3 through 15 have duplicate quest master datas; the first batch of quest master datas are marked inaccessible. It's unclear as the why it is so.
  • In battle, the appearance of the direction of the status notes (the blue boxes with a note describing the status effect being applied) depend on the location of the square applying the effect. In other words, status note boxes move outward from the caster towards the square being applied. This is a very subtle effect.
  • In the home screen, you can pinch the map out to zoom out and make the banners go away. Pinch in the make the banners come back.
  • Within a bundle for Release game-related variables, an entry "Guild.SoundPlayer.Enabled":"none" exists, while in the Dev game-related variables, this entry is set to EnbldBGM.
  • Most sprites with alternate face expressions also have an icon counterpart. Housamo's backend fully supports alternate face expressions, just as much as alternate skins for transients. However, nothing in game actually stores the changes for face expressions.
Another factoid is that, technically, only 25 additional faces can be supported for. Given the assumed implementation (there's reasonable evidence to support the claim that this is how it works internally), ",b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z".split(',')[card.faceid];, will exceed the bounds. However, an easy fix is with an app update with adding more values to the CSV string (for example, [...],y,z,aa,ab,[...]). It's best to assume this will cause bugs in the far far far far far future if LW does add more face expressions to Ashigara.

Unreleased Characters

A list of unreleased characters in the old days, including Christine's old sprite.

Almost all of these characters were found through datamining, appearing through Main Quests or Event Quests, somewhat hidden on the main site or promotional material via Twitter.


Typically this section will remain unused, as units are pumped out quickly after announcement now, unlike before. No transients found that satisfy the search criteria.


These units appeared through other means, be it through quests, datamining, or through VN portions.

In VN, not in-game

However, these units explicitly appeared through the VN portion in some manner, hence the partial icons, full sprites, and information. These are classified as "not in-game" since they explicitly do not appear in the (real) game portion. Assets (names, icons, sprites) are gleaned from less-accurate sources, such as expression atlases and in-game screenshots, rather than actual asset extraction that doesn't require laborious stitching or grain extract and subtract.

Named, Not Confirmed, And Lacking Real Icons
Icon michael01.png
Icon curren01.png
  • These units only possess a full texture atlas. Any icons are just rough estimates created through their atlas provided during the VN portion they appear in.


These units appeared through other means, but given what we know, they're unlikely to be obtainable.

Salomon-kun 0star icon.png
Kyouma 0star icon.png
Exceptions Yog-Sothoth Thor Fisher King Black Storm Yukimura Witch of Orleans


Below is a list of units that are defined on the wiki, but have been marked as either 'Unobtainable' or 'Unavailable'.

Transient History

Due to the nature a specific internal file is laid out, we can get a rough estimate of when units were originally planned for release by when they were included in the scenario's reference file. Most of the time, a unit will get used in-scenario before their release (with exceptions including Leib, Ganglie, and Breke, and transients who appeared outside of the app in pre-release promotional material, such as Ashigara, Ganglie, and Ophion). However, variants, such as Valentine Shino and Hero Angel, will be lumped with their base form; this does not mean variants were planned earlier in advance.

At a glance, some things to note include:

# Character
1 Protagonist
2 Red Oni
3 Blue Oni
4 Red Slime
5 Blue Slime
6 Green Slime
7 Yellow Slime
8 Slime/Enemy#transient1
9 Shaded Slime
10 Slime/Enemy#transient0
11 Red Devil
12 Blue Devil
13 Green Devil
14 Yellow Devil
15 Purple Devil
16 Shaded D-Evil
17 Red Fencer
18 Blue Fencer
19 Green Fencer
20 Yellow Fencer
21 Purple Fencer
22 Red Wolf
23 Blue Wolf
24 Green Wolf
25 Yellow Wolf
26 Purple Wolf
27 Shaded Wolf
28 Fire Mage
29 Ice Mage
30 Earth Mage
31 Light Mage
32 Dark Mage
33 Red Ghost
34 Blue Ghost
35 Green Ghost
36 Yellow Ghost
37 Purple Ghost
38 Shaded Ghost
39 Shiro
40 Kengo
41 Ryota
42 Toji
43 Yog-Sothoth
44 none01
45 salomon01
46 kyouma01
47 kyoumacrest01
48 Jinn
49 Triton
50 triton02_shadow01
51 Oniwaka
52 Kirito
53 Claude
54 Moritaka
55 Cu Sith
56 Garmr
57 Snow
58 Yule
59 Ded
60 Jiraiya
61 Ikutoshi
62 Kagutsuchi
63 Alice
64 Kenta
65 Barguest
66 Motosumi
67 Red Devil/Enemy#transient0
68 Yellow Devil/Enemy#transient0
69 Green Devil/Enemy#transient0
70 Lucky Cat/Enemy#transient0
71 Water Lucky Cat
72 Wood Lucky Cat
73 Kyuma
74 Gandharva
75 Pollux
76 Andvari
77 Shuichi/Enemy#transient0
78 Duo
79 Taurus Mask
80 Bathym
81 Jambavan
82 Nomad
83 Horkeu Kamui
84 Macan
85 thor01
86 Fire Einherjar
87 Water Einherjar
88 Wood Einherjar
89 Aether Einherjar
90 Nether Einherjar
91 Fire Valkyrie
92 Water Valkyrie
93 Wood Valkyrie
94 Aether Valkyrie
95 Nether Valkyrie
96 Sitri
97 Taromaiti
98 Kalki/Enemy#transient7
99 Shinya
100 Gabriel
101 Hati/Enemy#transient0
102 Gunzo/Enemy#transient1
103  ミネアキ(旧データ)
104 Ashigara
105 Choji
106 Fenrir
107 Hanuman
108 Marchosias
109 Kotaro
110 Licht
111 Eita
112 Jugo
113 Asterius
114 Temujin
115 Nyarlathotep
116 Shuten
117 Azazel
118 Makara
119 Nobuharu
120 R-19
121 Kuniyoshi
122 Ibaraki
123 Hogen
124 Babalon
125 Ninja/Enemy#transient0
126 Ninja/Enemy#transient1
127 Ninja/Enemy#transient2
128 Ninja/Enemy#transient3
129 Ninja/Enemy#transient4
130 unknown_ninja01
131 Ophion
132 kastor01
133 Zao
134 Ruby Scaled Wyvern
135 Azure Scaled Wyvern
136 Emerald Scaled Wyvern
138 Obsidian Scaled Wyvern
139 Hot Springs Slime
140 onsenflower01
141 Chernobog
142 Melusine
143 unknown_queen01
144 Angel/Enemy#transient0
145 Angel/Enemy#transient1
146 Angel/Enemy#transient2
147 Angel/Enemy#transient3
148 Angel/Enemy#transient4
149 angelHero01
150 Maria
151 Zabaniyya
152 ghostBoy01
153 Hakumen
154 Arsalan
155 fisher01
156 Christine
157 Fire Mobster/Enemy#transient0
158 Water Mobster/Enemy#transient0
159 Wood Mobster/Enemy#transient0
160 Aether Mobster/Enemy#transient0
161 Nether Mobster/Enemy#transient0
162 Shadow Mobster
163 Shadow Mobster#transient3
164 Shadow Mobster#transient6
165 Shadow Mobster#transient9
166 Shadow Mobster#transient12
167 Ifrit
168 Tsathoggua
169 Benten
170 pirateFire01
171 pirateWater01
172 pirateEarth01
173 pirateLight01
174 Pirate/Enemy#transient4
175 Lucifuge
176 Ganglie
177 gouryou0401
178 Typhon
179 typhoeus01
180 Ahab
181 Xolotl
182 Tetsuya/Enemy#transient0
183 Maid/Enemy#transient0
184 Maid/Enemy#transient1
185 Maid/Enemy#transient2
186 Maid/Enemy#transient3
187 Maid/Enemy#transient4
188 Fire Mermaid/Enemy#transient0
189 Water Mermaid/Enemy#transient0
190 Wood Mermaid/Enemy#transient0
191 Aether Mermaid/Enemy#transient0
192 Nether Mermaid/Enemy#transient0
193 Infernal Mermaid
194 Merman/Enemy#transient0
195 Merman/Enemy#transient1
196 Merman/Enemy#transient2
197 Merman/Enemy#transient3
198 Merman/Enemy#transient4
199 Infernal Merman
200 Lantern/Enemy#transient0
201 Lantern/Enemy#transient4
202 Lantern/Enemy#transient8
203 Lantern/Enemy#transient12
204 Lantern/Enemy#transient16
205 Volos
206 Ose
207 Tadatomo
208 tetsugyu01
209 Suzuka
210 Tangaroa
211 Kijimuna
212 Red Tribe
213 Blue Tribe
214 Green Tribe
215 Yellow Tribe
216 Purple Tribe
217 Island Slime
218 Robinson
219 Kurogane
220 mermaidTentacle01
221 avaraga01
222 Krampus
223 Agyo
224 Leib/Enemy#transient0
225 Baron/Enemy#transient2
226 Baron/Enemy#transient9
227 Baron/Enemy#transient16
228 Baron/Enemy#transient23
229 Baron/Enemy#transient32
230 Shino
231 yukimura01
232 Green Oni
233 Yellow Oni
234 Purple Oni
235 Shaded Oni
236 goblinsummoners01
237 Surtr
238 Azathoth
239 Aizen
240 Tajikarao
241 Durga
242 Parvati
243 Wakan Tanka
244 Musashi
245 Arc
246 Barricade
247  欠番
248 tenjin01
249 tenjinuniformWorld01
250 Gyobu
251 Gyumao
252 Amatsumara
253 Thunderbird
254 Seth
255 Ebisu
256 Fire Mermaid/Enemy#transient4
257 Water Mermaid/Enemy#transient5
258 Wood Mermaid/Enemy#transient4
259 Aether Mermaid/Enemy#transient3
260 Nether Mermaid/Enemy#transient3
261 Infernal Mermaid/Enemy#transient2
262 Valiant Mermaid
263 Aegir
264 Giant/Enemy#transient0
265 jeanne01
266 michael01
267 amaterasu01
268 Algernon
269 Tanngrisnir
270 Dust Slime
271 Gullinbursti
272 Takemaru
273 Behemoth
274 Ziz

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