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A list of items to later expand upon, since the Items template sometimes links to items of their own page.


Item coins.png

Coins are used for various mechanics throughout the game.

Leveling, limit breaking, and skill ups all consume coins. Most notably, using seeds costs a significant amount of coins. To fully LV or Skill seed a unit to the tenfold maximum, 22.5 million coins are required.

Currently, Coin Scuffles are the best way to stock up on coins. Thus, saving stamina drinks for special events where the stamina cost for Coin Scuffles are halved is the quickest and most reliable way to grind. Events that feature coins and with special login bonuses are also good sources of coin.

Transient Stones

Icon item stone.png

Transient Stones are used for various mechanics throughout the game.

Summoning through gacha and replenishing stamina both consume Transient Stones.

Transient Stones can be purchased in the shop. They are also obtainable through first-time completion of most quests, and through login bonuses.

Lil' Salomon Ticket

Icon item gachaTicket.png

Lil' Salomon Tickets can be used to pull one unit from any regular Gacha.

Lil' Salomon Tickets are given as part of Login Incentives, or part of an Event Quest's event shop. They are also reward for completing certain time-limited challenge quests.


☆1 Boosts

Boosts are a common drop throughout quests. They are solely used to raise a unit's level.

Boosts come in four rarities (S, M, L, and G), and 9 energies including one omni-type (e.g. G All-round Boost).


Souls are also a (relatively) common quest drop. These items are solely used to raise a unit's Skill Level.

Souls also come in four rarities (S, M, L, G), and 8 weapon types plus one omni-type (e.g. Warrior Soul G).

Ally Point

Icon item friendPt.png

Ally Points are used primarily for their designated Gacha.

Ally Points can be received through any battle (10 FP for using a non-friend as support or for a non-friend using your support; 25 for using a friend support or for a friend using your support; and 100 points for using a given AI support), Login Incentives, or Event Quests' event shops.


Kernel HP 3.png Kernel ATK 3.png

Seeds are primarily used to further raise the stats (HP and ATK) of units.

Seeds are currently best obtained through Event Quests event shop and special login bonuses, but are also obtainable in the Premium Ally Gacha. They are most reliably obtained in Free Quests that unlock upon completion of Chapter 8 onward.


Icon item resetLover.png

Forget-Me-Nots are used to break up a Love relationship.

Forget-Me-Nots were given out at the beginning of the game, and can, so far, only be obtained through Event Quest's event shops.

Stamina Drink

Icon item apRecoveryMini.png Icon item apRecoveryHalf.png Icon item apRecoveryAll.png

Stamina Drinks are used to gain stamina (AP).

Stamina Drinks restore AP to various degrees: by 10 AP ( Stamina Minor), by Half capacity ( Stamina Major), and by Max capacity ( Stamina Drink).

These items are usually a part of Login Incentives, and Event Quest's event shop.

Spell Token

Spell Token portraits.gif

Every stage of limit breaking requires spell tokens, also proportional to their rarity and stage.

You can acquire Spell Tokens by completing a specific Daily Quests.

Power Stone

God Shard 1star portraits.gif God Shard 2star portraits.gif God Shard 3star portraits.gif

While any attribute-matching Spell Token will do for any stage, each stage of limit breaking requires a specific kind of Power Stone. For example, Fire Power Stones include Fire Shard, Fire Crystal, and Fire Energy Cluster, respective to each next limit break stage.

You can acquire the other Power Stones through Daily Quests.


Proof 2star portraits.gif Proof 3star portraits.gif

For stage 2 and beyond, limit breaking requires a Licenses that corresponds to a character's weapon type/attack pattern. For example, Blow Licenses include Preliminary Blow Crest and Blow Crest, respective to each next limit break stage.

Like Spell Tokens and God Shards, these can also be obtained during Daily Quests.

Honor Medallion

Limit Medallion.png

For the 3rd stage of limit breaking, Honor Medallions are required. These are best obtained through Event Shops, but Character Quests and special login bonuses are also good sources.

Owner Medallions also have a small chance of dropping from both Advanced (40 stamina) ELEMENT Limit Break and WEAPON TYPE Limit Break daily quests. It's unknown which of these quests has the higher chance of dropping one, if there's any difference at all.

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