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Sunshine Christmas! The Fight for the Holy Night (Re-release)
News Link
Gacha September 26, 2023 20:00 to October 17, 2023 13:59
Main Quests September 26, 2023 20:00 to October 17, 2023 13:59
Free Quests September 26, 2023 20:00 to October 17, 2023 13:59
Item Exchange September 26, 2023 20:00 to October 24, 2023 13:59
High Difficulty Quests September 26, 2023 20:00 to October 17, 2023 13:59

Event Details

In celebration of the start of the holiday season this September, Lifewonders is re-releasing their Christmas event from 2020! This event re-release features skill evolutions for Ded (Christmas), Ziz (Christmas), and Choji (Christmas). Character Quests for Ded and Yasuyori are also featured within the event period.

The banner unit rate-ups are as followed:

Transients Rate AR Equipment Rate
Ded (Christmas) 30 お仕置きサンタの特訓 30
Yasuyori (Christmas) 30 Insomnia Remedy 30
Any other form of Ded 20 Snow & Sugar 20
Any other form of Yasuyori 20 Christmas Dinner Memories 20
Any form of Ziz 20 To Limbo's Children With Love 10
Any form of Choji 20 波乱のサンドアート教室 10
Any form of Itzamna 20 The Sweating of the Strays 10
Any form of Echo 20
Any form of Protagonist 20
Any form/element of Red Devil 20

With this event, new Missions will be added to the missions tab for a limited time where duplicates of はぐれ者の幕間(★3) can be obtained as well as Level and Skill seeds. The missions will only be available during the duration of this event and cannot be redeemed after a certain period.

Transient Summons

Sunshine Christmas Transient Summon (2021 Re-Release).png


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