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Salomon-kun ☆1 AR Card

Starting from version 4.0.0 (Main Quest Chapter 9), players can make use of the Akashic Records feature (AR Card / Equipment, herein referred to as AR Equipment).

General Information

  • Players can receive Salomon-kun ☆1 upon completing the AR Lesson quest under the Lessons region marker on the main map, and by completing missions related to the Main Quest.
  • AR Equipment can provide additional effects. These effects may have limitations and may apply to other units. For example, Salomon-kun ☆1 supplies an additional 50~100 ATK and HP to the equipped unit.
  • AR Equipment can provide additional skills. These skills can be any typical skill, as they're solely referred to by ID. However, unlike normal skills, they cannot be sealed, and are not influenced by a unit's skill level, status effects which affect skill activation rates, or skill seeds.
  • However, AR Equipment may impose a restriction. Those restrictions may include using units of specific attribute, weapon type, or simply using specific cards, usually shown in the equipment portrait itself.
  • Currently, AR Equipment have an AR Cost of 1, a restriction separate of Team Cost.
  • Like units, an AR Equipment cannot be used multiple times within the same team.

AR Equipment Level

Level Group EXP Success Rate
1 10000 10%
2 5000 10%
3 5000 10%
4 2500 10%
5 2500 10%
6 1250 10%
7 1250 10%
8 1250 10%
9 1250 10%
10 1000 10%
11 0 00%
  • AR Equipment level up in a similar manner as leveling a unit's Skill Level based on percent chance, and the level cap is 100.
  • You cannot raise an AR's level past each 10 increment if would cause it to go over. For example, if you have an AR at level 27, the game will not allow you to put in more tokens than what's needed to get to level 30. Only after you level it to 30 will you be allowed to put in the tokens for 31-40.
  • Similar to leveling a unit, raising AR level has a chance of a Great or Fever bonus. A Great will cause a bonus of +1, and Fever will cause a bonus level of +2. However, you can't go over the level cap this way.
  • You cannot put in more tokens than what's needed to raise an AR's level by more than 10 at once, no matter what level it's currently at or what the level cap is. However, it is possible to gain more than 10 levels at once, as long as you get a Great or Fever bonus AND you do not cross over the max level limit.
  • According to Salomon's AR Lesson 3, the more tokens you put in, the greater the chance of a Great and Fever bonus. However, it's not explained by how much exactly. (See Notes)
  • Similar to unit's Sacred Artifact level, obtaining duplicates of an AR Equipment will raise its upper level limit.
  • An AR Equipment's level scales the strength of both of its stat increases. Like with skills, the stat increase of an AR will be double where it started.
  • However, the power of an AR's Additional Skill increases not by its current level, but by it's current possible MAX level.
  • Each AR Equipment is assigned to a level group. This value is simply Floor(Lv/10)+1, where Floor() is rounding down.
  • AR Equipment are leveled with AR Token. Each quantity of AR Token adds an additional 10% to level (reward XP to) a piece of equipment. The amount of XP yielded is dependant on the level group a piece of equipment is in. For example, in level group 5, only 2500 XP is yielded compared to level group 1's 10000. These parameters are item-dependant.

Obtaining AR Equipment

See: Gacha:AR Equipment

Most of the AR Equipment listed below can be acquired via AR gachas. They work similarly to the usual transient summons except that you cannot use regular Lil' Salomon Tickets. Instead, you can spend AR Lil' Salomon Tickets, though Transient Stones work just as well.

Obtaining dupes of AR Equipment will increase their max level based on their rarity the same way normal units do: each duplicate of ☆1, ☆2 or ☆3 AR equipment will increase the max lv by 1, each dupe of ☆4 equipment will increase by 5 and ☆5 will increase by 20.

Limited AR Summons have increased rates for certain AR Equipment. Note that none of the gacha ARs revealed so far have been limited and therefore they would all later be available in Regular AR Summon. New event AR Equipment may take a while to appear in the regular summon, so make sure to check the distribution page to see whether the equipment you desire is available before spending your resources.

Some AR Equipment could only be acquired during certain limited events in according event shops and free quests. Some of it may appear later in Andvari's Shop, where players that missed those events can purchase copies of them with Rainbow Shards.

List of AR Equipment

Icon Name Rarity Acquired Through
Support of the Apprentice Familiar ☆1 AR Lesson Quest; Missions
Shard of the Abyssal Gatekeeper ☆2 Dungeon Capture(Proceed) Quest
Shard of the Far-off Lightning Warrior ☆2 Dungeon Capture(Proceed) Quest
A Story That Only Exists Now ☆4 3rd Anniversary Campaign Quest; Andvari's Shop
Exception of Antagonism? ☆2 [Re-Release] Embark! Summer Ocean Adventure Free Quest/Item Exchange
Dark Lords ☆3 Arise! Jiangshi Night Free Quest/Item Exchange
Looking up to My Teachers ☆4 Andvari's Shop
Double Hero of the Holy Eve! ☆3 The Obliging Santa's Present Free Quest/Item Exchange
OJT: The Gyumao Way ☆3 Desert Journey (2020 Re-Release) Free Quest/Item Exchange
Oath of Pioneer ☆5 Gacha
Oath of Infinitude ☆5 Gacha
Oath of Abundance ☆5 Gacha
Oath of Eradication ☆5 Gacha
Oath of Binding ☆5 Gacha
The Dog's Battlefield ☆4 Gacha
Mission Complete ☆4 Gacha
Eternally Unknown ☆4 Gacha
Senpai and Kouhai Moment ☆4 Gacha
Servants Side by Side ☆4 Gacha
Shooting Stars ☆4 Gacha
Childhood Friends ☆4 Gacha
Welcome to the Dark Lord's Hot Spring Village ☆4 Gacha
Ooeyama Onis ☆4 Gacha
Shinjuku Police Academy ☆4 Gacha
Flirting Expertise ☆3 Gacha
Mountain Bears ☆3 Gacha
An Urban Oasis ☆3 Gacha
Welcome to Tokyo Casino ☆3 Gacha
Until the Next Holy Night ☆3 Gacha
Island Diary: Page 1 ☆3 Gacha
Developing the New Summer Menu! ☆3 Gacha
Off-Day Karaoke! ☆3 Gacha
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining ☆3 Gacha
OH, MY POPSTAR! ☆3 Gacha
Family Portrait ☆3 Gacha
First-Ever Omelette Rice! ☆3 Gacha
Nothing To Do But Train! ☆3 Gacha
Bonding Buddies ☆3 Gacha
Welcome to Ikebukuro Theater ☆3 Gacha
Biology 101 ☆3 Gacha
It All Starts with Muscle! ☆3 Gacha
Father and Child ☆3 Gacha
Depart! Midsummer Underwater Adventure ☆3 Gacha
Aah, the Joy of Mountains ☆3 Gacha
Which of Us is Your Real Friend?! ☆3 Gacha
Coming from the Sea Abyss ☆5 Gacha
Sun and Oil! ☆4 Gacha
Summoners Christmas ☆5 Gacha
Watching the Same Moon ☆4 Gacha
Sunset Youth ☆4 Gacha
Valentine Dogs! ☆5 Gacha
Chocolate From The Abyss ☆4 Gacha
Those Days When I Was Wild ☆4 Gacha
Chocolate Dynamite! ☆3 Gacha
Private Lesson in the Desert? ☆5 Gacha
A Teacher and Student from Kamata ☆5 Gacha
Survival Resort ☆4 Gacha
Battle between Swordsmith and Swordsman ☆4 Gacha
Single Bulls Club ☆5 Gacha
City of Drifters ☆5 Gacha
"Ogresses' Dream - A Different Time, A Different Place" ☆4 Gacha
The Way of the Sword Has Just Begun ☆4 Gacha
Ogres' Nightlife ☆4 Gacha
Oh, the Joy of Hot Springs ☆5 Gacha
The Representatives of Law ☆5 Gacha
Student Sibling Sparring ☆4 Gacha
Wandervogel! ☆4 Gacha
An Electrifying MC Battle! ☆5 Gacha
Stop Me if You Can! ☆4 Gacha
Celebration Live! ☆3 Gacha
Seize the Summer! ☆3 Gacha


  • You can turn the AR charge skill sounds on/off by pressing the "AR CS" button in the top left corner during battle.
  • Acquisition of additional AR Equipment is unknown. It is assumed you can acquire these through Dungeon Quests.
  • Potency and acquisition of both AR Token 2 and AR Token 3 are unknown.
  • The exact dialog Salomon gives regarding a Great and Fever bonus is "By the way, the chances of a "Great" or "Fever" bonus increase with the number of tokens you use to power up! For example using 3 tokens at a time has a better chance of triggering a bonus than just 1 token. However, the chance of a bonus is very low, so even if you use lots of tokens, more often than not you won't activate the bonus. It's rare enough that you should consider yourself extremely lucky if you get a Fever bonus!"
  • The only way to obtain some of the latest 3*-5* AR cards is through the new gacha system. However, due to the restrictions behind the use and leveling of the new AR Cards (and the fact they cost just as much as summoning a character), it's recommended for new players to withhold their Transient Stones until they've unlocked at least half, or a significant portion of the game's current cast of characters.
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No. 3043
12 months ago
Score 0++
This game mechanic reminds me of the memoria cards from magia record where you put cards to boost your characters.
No. 3035
12 months ago
Score 0++
I think they're really cool I just think making the summon for one cost the same as a new unit is very excessive. Maybe 1 or 2 transient stones or maybe use the ally summon points but 5 transient stones?
No. 3032
12 months ago
Score 0++

>>3031 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolutely not worth it. the rates are garbage and you need to get the same card multiple times for it to be of any use.

if you have a fave, save for them instead, definitely, 1000%.
No. 3031
12 months ago
Score 0++
Worth rolling for AR? I’m leaning more towards saving for my fav unit
No. 3022
12 months ago
Score 0++
Sounds like a pretty cool concept, LW should make more of that equipment. It would be pretty hard to make quests for each one, so they should make a gacha for it or something. As for the cost, maybe make it cost as much as regular units because fuck you and no, we're not giving you more stones.
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