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Main Quest Chapter 4 Release Campaign
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Duration May 30, 2017 17:30 to July 05, 2017 23:59

General Updates

Clash! Missionairies

Duration May 23rd, 2017 -> July 5th, 2017 @ 23:59

Like the Berserkers Clash and Agents Encounter Limit Quests, these quests lack a stamina cost, but a higher than usual skill ceiling. No Transient Stone will be dropped on quest completion; instead, items to aid in Limit Breaking will be awarded. These items are the same as you would get from Daily Quests, so, unfortunately, no special new items will be dropped here. Three quest levels of difficulty will be available (Advanced, Super, and Ultra).

Like other quests, enemies that appear in this quest may have different skill sets.

Semi-Anniversary Campaign


Duration June 3rd, 2017 -> June 15th, 2017

Celebrating the game's half-anniversary, a series of helpful and easy quests are released. Like the Salomon-kun's New Years event, there's a series of repeatable quests that offer a bunch of Coin, but unlike it, there's also quests geared to rewarding a handsome amount of Rank XP.

Additional Login Bonuses

June 3rd June 9th
June 4th June 10th
June 5th June 11th
June 6th June 12th
June 7th June 13th
June 8th June 14th
June 15th

Daily Attribute-based Gacha

Also like New Years event, there's a series of attribute-related Gachas focused on providing higher drop rates for a select amount of units. Note: you aren't guaranteed an attribute, only heightened probabilities towards an attribute.

June 6th / June 7th Element fire.pngFIRE
June 8th / June 9th Element water.pngWATER
June 10th / June 11th Element earth.pngWOOD
June 12th / June 13th Element light.pngAETHER
June 14th / June 15th Element dark.pngNETHER


Housamo myguild-01.jpg Housamo myguild-02.jpg

At the end of Chapter 4 of the Main Quest, My Guild functionality will be added. From here, you can receive Guild#Rank Rewards, also, you can do mundane and trivial tasks such as decorating your room with furniture you own; you can acquire furniture through the Friend Gacha, event item exchange shops (such as the ones during major events), or reaching a certain Guild#Rank.