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Early spring is here! March of the Tigers (Tiger's Day)
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Main Quest January 01, 2022 00:00 to January 21, 2022 13:59
Free Quests January 01, 2022 00:00 to January 21, 2022 13:59
Item Exchange January 01, 2022 00:00 to January 27, 2022 00:00
Paid Gacha January 01, 2022 00:00 to January 22, 2022 13:59

Event Details

Percent Up (any rarity)
30% Up 20% Up 10% Up
Nomad Shiro (Any other AR)
Durga Kengo
Licho Ryota
Macan Toji
Toasting Tigers Protagonist

Celebrating the New Years is a new event themed after the Tigers! As usual, there will be event free quests to farm the event item Offering which you can use on the event banners to obtain limit break, exp and skill level items. A 2022 お正月チケット may also drop which is used to exchange for various items in the event item shop. Just like last year, there will be a special 100 summon box for the event banner to speed up the process.

Along the event, there will be various banners to celebrate the tiger's year! This includes a banner with all of their permanent forms and one with all of their event variants.

To celebrate the New Year, LifeWonders will be implementing a login bonus for a few days.

January 1st AR Token x20 Stamina Minor x3 Level Seed x2 Transient Stone x2
January 2nd AR Token x20 Stamina Minor x1 Stamina Major x1 Skill Seed x2 Transient Stone x2
January 3rd AR Token x20 Stamina Minor x4 Stamina Major x1 Transient Stone x2 Lil' Salomon Ticket x1
January 4th AR Token x20 Stamina Minor x2 Stamina Major x2 Transient Stone x2 AR Lil' Salomon Ticket x1
January 5th AR Token x20 Stamina Drink x2 Lamp Oil x3 Transient Stone x2

Owners of Licho and Durga will be able to use a new skin for their higher rarity art coupled with new voice lines.

Alongside these changes, the full English and Chinese translations for last years event are being released.

Quest Details

Quest details for this event can be found here.

Item Exchange

Item Cost Total Stock Total Cost
Happy New Year Offering x20 1 20
Ceremonial Dumplings Offering x20 1 20
New Year's Feast Offering x20 1 20
Shuttlecock Board Offering x20 1 20
Ceremonial Rope Offering x20 1 20
Daruma Doll Offering x20 1 20
Year of the Bull Offering x20 1 20
Kite Offering x20 1 20
AR Token Offering x100 200 20000
Ally Points Offering x50 200 10000
Coin Offering -1 -1
AR Lil' Salomon Ticket 2022 New Year's Ticket 4 4
Lil' Salomon Ticket 2022 New Year's Ticket 4 4
Coin 2022 New Year's Ticket -1 -1


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あけましておめでとうで、大盤振る舞いだオラァ! 正月なんだ、パーッと派手に行こうぜ! ここからまた、賑やかな一年が始まるぜクルァ!

Grab Bag 2022

For this year, the way the Grab Bag works has been changed. Instead of spending 50 paid-only Transient Stones on the banners, you now buy a special new years pack that comes with: 75x Transient Stones, 1000x Rainbow Shards and either Grab Bag Ticket or AR Grab Bag Ticket depending on if you bought the AR or the Transient Grab Bag pack. You then use the ticket for a multi on a special banner that opens on January 1st.

The functionality of the pulls itself have changed too. The transient banner has been split into 2 based on attributes. The first one contains event variants of Element fire.pngFIRE,Element water.pngWATER, Element earth.pngWOOD and Element world.pngWORLD attributes. The second one contains variants of Element light.pngAETHER, Element dark.pngNETHER, Element evil.pngINFERNAL, Element hero.pngVALIANT and Element none.pngALL-ROUND attributes. The 9th pull on the multi is guaranteed to be limited or while the 10th pull is guaranteed to be a **limited** , which is changed from last year when it could be either limited or permanent!

As usual, all limited units that aren't shop exclusive or offering exclusive are available to pull on every slot. This includes event limited s like Triton, Jinn, Dagon, Nekros&Bacchus, Sol and Orgus, Tangaroa∞ and Wakan Tanka∞

Part 1 (Fire/Water/Wood/World)
Jinn Moritaka (Valentine) Chernobog (Beachside) Krampus (Jiangshi) Takemaru (Christmas) Ryota (Festival) Horkeu Kamui (Hot Paradise)
Eita (Set Sail) Typhon (Make Sail) Toji (Valentine) Licho (Festival) Ded (Christmas) Shiva (Summer) Wakan Tanka∞
Zao (Gendarme) Ryota (Christmas) Aegir (Christmas) Shennong (Summer) Nomad (Christmas)
Wakan Tanka (Fashionista) Tangaroa (Canaan)
Part 2 (Aether/Nether/Valiant/Infernal/All)
Ashigara (Seaside) Gunzo (Valentine) Andvari (Beachside) Snow (Valentine) Shiro (Jamboree) Hephaestus (Summer) Yasuyori (Christmas)
Seth (Valentine) Tajikarao (Summer) Alp (Halloween) Benten (Christmas)
Alice (Halloween) Kuniyoshi (Nightmare) Nekros&Bacchus Toji (Halloween)
Dagon Cthugha (Nightglows) Tangaroa∞
Hogen (Festival) Oniwaka (Setsubun) Zabaniyya (Fashionista) Moritaka (Jamboree) Kengo (Valentine) Kurogane (Nightglows) Xolotl (Hot Paradise)
Shino (Valentine)

Andvari Shop

The andvari shop has new and returning items. From December 28, the anniversary AR It's Crafting Time! will be added. A new AR Queen of Kabukicho will also be added. The AR Together We Now Walk will be rerun again afer its initial rerun in 2021. The latter two have an exchange deadline of March 31, 2022 so remember to save shards for it!


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Trash event
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Trash event
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The uber delicious Himbotigre in the Year of the Tiger would have been too much and the world would have imploded from the sheer hotness, so LW spared us
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This is Hombre Tigre erasure
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