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You must log-in every day to receive the full set of 7 login bonuses, after which it will reset to day 1.

A new login day starts at 12AM in Japan, which is 10AM EST in the United States.

Adjusted Login Bonus
Day 1 Ally Points x10,000 Stamina Minor x2
Day 2 Transient Stone x1 Stamina Minor x2 Coin x20,000
Day 3 Ally Points x10,000 Stamina Major x2
Day 4 Transient Stone x2 Stamina Major x2 Element none.pngALL-ROUND Boost (G) x5
Day 5 Coin x20,000 Stamina Major x2
Day 6 Transient Stone x2 Stamina Drink x1 AR Lil' Salomon Ticket x1
Day 7 Lil' Salomon Ticket x1 Stamina Drink x2
75th day login bonus as it appears on redeeming

Cumulative/Consecutive Login Bonus

At certain milestones, you'll receive extra items depending on how many times you've logged in. Forgetting a day doesn't reset this.

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