Event Quest:The New Champion of Christmas (2019 Re-release)

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The New Champion of Christmas (2019 Re-release)
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Main Quest December 25, 2019 18:00 to December 31, 2019 23:59
Gacha December 25, 2019 18:00 to December 31, 2019 23:59

Event details

Release in the tail end of the Christmas season and coinciding with the release of Mystic Christmas! The Obliging Santa's Present, The New Champion of Christmas has its first re-release complete with English and Chinese translations of Main Quests and Special Quests, as well as two Transient Summons: the matching Transient Summon for the event, and a Transient Summon re-release for Battle of the Bells! An Ikebukuro Christmas. This re-release does not feature Free Quests or an Item Exchange.

Featured Characters

Featured in Transient Summon

Other Main Characters


E1 A Dark Santa's Dark Secret

On a December day near Kabukicho and Santa School, Ryota and Maria are chased by rogues and cannot retaliate since they do not have their phones to use the App. Krampus swoops in and judges the rogues as naughty, and doles out punishment with his Sacred Artifact. He has them promise to reform before they flee. Krampus returns their stolen phones and leaves without giving them their name, leaving Ryota awestruck by his heroism.

Back at Shinjuku Academy in the next day, Ryota relates the story to the Protagonist, Shiro, and Choji, and also reveals he was walking Maria home from Shinjuku Academy where the both of them were executive committee members of the Santa Claus Departure Ceremony. Shiro also identifies himself as a class committee member. Ryota is prepared for this day's meeting at Santa School, and is eager to come across Krampus. The Protagonist invites themself to join them. Although Choji asks about inviting Kengo too, Triton and Jinn interrupt and say he cannot come due to being assigned supplementary lessons for failing every subject.

Shiro, Ryota, and the Protagonist make their way to the Santa School's auditorium for their next meeting, and come across Yule. Yule indicates he's part of the executive committee as well as one of the actual departing Santas, and leads them to the auditorium. The three members of the committee enter, and the Protagonist passes the time outside with Unknown icon.pngLil' Salomon. Krampus appears briefly before them before scurrying away. The executive members finish their meeting, and all four talk about Krampus as they head to Yule and Krampus's shared dorm room to get some files. Yule describes Krampus as a kind but misunderstood type that's usually alone, which concerns Ryota. Ded in his Light overhears this and appears concerned of Yule's words.

They walk in Yule's room to find Krampus re-enacting lines from the show the Powerful Rangers-like show. Krampus retaliates in embarrassment.

E2 Krampus' Dream

Introductions are made, and Ryota describes Krampus as a hero. Krampus says he came across him and Maria while going home from after returning a ranger DVD in Kabukicho. He describes the role of a Dark Santa, and how he perform the role as the Super Scoundrel, which he developed and researched through his ranger shows. Ryota notes the lines they heard weren't from a villain though, and Krampus confirms that although he naturally executes the villain role, he wishes to be a hero.

Yule says that although he knew about Krampus's enjoyment of ranger shows, he did not know about his passion for heroism. He thought of Krampus as a genius in his Dark Santa role unlike himself as a Light Santa, and felt relieved to hear he also had worries. Krampus clarifies that he does take pride in his Dark Santa role, and had the support of his father and Headmaster Ded. However, he's burdened by the loneliness that comes with being feared by children and others around him. He eventually discovered ranger DVDs, and became fascinated by its obvious appeal to children. He developed some envy of the actors as he saw the smiles they brought to children. Ryota exclaims the sadness of his lonely situation, and offers to help him make friends, and even make him a hero of Christmas. Krampus voices his doubts about being a hero, but Ryota insists he really appeared as one when he rescued him yesterday. Krampus acquiesces.

E3 Teach Me, Ms. Gabriel!

At Daikanyama Academy, Hati monologuess about his loyalty to Gabriel while upholding a promise not to directly contact her, referring to the events that transpired in Chapter 4. Ryota scheduled brunch with Maria and Gabriel, the latter of whom he believed could help Krampus's plight due to her popularity. As Ryota leaves to retrieve the girls, Krampus describes him as someone who's never known the fear of not making friends; however, Yule suggests it's the opposite. Kengo, having finished his supplementary lessons, joins them. Ryota returns with Maria clad in winter attire and Gabriel disguised as a nun. Gabriel removes her disguise and introductions are made, and Maria and Gabriel proceed to prepare brunch. In the terrace, Gabriel says she doesn't do anything in particular to maintain her popularity. She does note that she always makes sure to smile and stay positive, and that people naturally gravitate to that. Krampus tries, but starts doubting his appearance while smiling immediately. Gabriel reassures him that everyone has their own unique charm, and he is just yet to find his. She asks to touch his tail, to which Krampus reluctantly agrees. Gabriel dons her disguise and parts ways. Hati watches afar and starts believing she has fallen for Krampus, before he is interrupted by rogues.

Although Hati notes trespassing in the academy shouldn't be possible with the Angels on patrol, the rogues point out a broken gate near the storehouse. He identifies them as the rogues that have been hustling Coin out of the students, and states he wants them to leave what they've taken and leave. Meanwhile, Ryota and the others enjoy brunch, and Yule assures Krampus Ryota will find a way to find him friends. The group overhear Hati's battle and follow the source. The Angel Captain and Gabriel make their way to the scene. Maria identifies them as the same rogues from before. Gabriel intercepts their battle, which emboldens Hati to take her out of harms way. Krampus then steps in with his practised role and attacks the rogues.

Defeated, the rogues obey Krampus and hand over the Coin they stole and vacate the premises. Hati thanks Krampus, and says he says an idol with a hero is an acceptable outcome. Maria clears up the misunderstanding, and Hati finds peace in Gabriel's smile.

E4 Call to the Ring

At Yoyogi Academy, Taurus Mask monologues about the tournament his wrestling club will host at the Santa Departure Ceremony, and how he is hoping to find someone for the tournament with both star power and fighting prowess. Back with the group, Ryota says they are going to meet with someone with star presence as they head toward the Ikebukuro Colosseum, base of the Berserkers. Yule recognizes it as the place they visited last year, and comments on wanting to see the children he previously met. Garmr prevents their entry, but they are able to enter with some leniency from Snow, citing the children's appreciation of their last year's visit.

Ryota indicates the wrestling match they'll watch, having done research beforehand. Krampus talks to himself, wondering why Ryota is going through such lengths and realizing he's been put in a new position of trying hard for someone else's hopes despite his own doubts of his capability. The wrestling match begins between Bathym and Taurus Mask, where the latter outshined the former's entrance. Bathym tries to make up for this defeat through a flashy fight.

He seems to have the edge over Taurus, and deals a blow that knocks him down. However, with the cheers of the crowd, Taurus rises up invigorated, having Bathym retreat. Taurus Mask takes this chance to use his Rule of Accession to close the distance and knock Bathym out, stealing victory. Post-battle, the group talks about Taurus's flashiness and likeness to a hero. Ryota arranges a meeting with Taurus. As they wait, Dark Santas (Element dark.pngNETHER Fencer, Mage, and Wolf) briefly harass Krampus before departing. Snow leads them to Taurus, who awaits in the ring.

Taurus immediately identifies Krampus as the kind of person he was looking for, and demands him to show his power. Krampus obliges, and the two engage in battle. Krampus plays his Dark Santa role, and their fight transforms into a friendly spar. Taurus finishes his evaluation and encourages Krampus to be a hero, saying he's looking for someone who can end their tournament finale with a bang. Taurus then proceeds to beg, indicating the personal stakes of his reputation is on the line. Krampus reluctantly agrees, saying that although he doesn't feel ready, if he rejects it he believes he could never be a hero like those he looks up to. Taurus also asks for a participant from Shinjuku Academy, to which the Protagonist complies.

Later by himself, Taurus laments how there's still not as much school diversity in his tournament that he'd like. Ded suddenly appears and takes him up on his offer to join.

E5 Heroes and Villains

Krampus has a dream as his hooded "True Self" has a conversation with his unhooded practised-role "Other Self", where his Other Self reinforces his True Self's doubt that he could be a hero. He goes on to describe himself as born, directed, and suited for the role of the villainous Dark Santa, with the appearance to match, and that falling back to loneliness is inevitable. His True Self keeps denying his words, and wakes up in the middle of the night shouting.

The next morning at Santa School, Taurus continues training Krampus and the Protagonist. Ryota talks to Yule about how Krampus seems to be behaving more subdued, and Yule discloses Krampus's fit last night. Krampus gets knocked down, and Taurus comments on his sluggishness, but Krampus insists on going. Taurus stops the training after Krampus gets knocked down again, and some spectating Light Santa students laugh at his bumbling. Krampus scares them off, and Ryota tries to console Krampus. Krampus, however, spirals into self-doubt, saying his efforts as a natural Dark Santa trying to be a hero is laughable. The Protagonist retaliates against this, which encourages Krampus to leave to cool off. Ryota starts doubting his own effort now, saying he had no idea of Krampus's struggles, and had imposed his past self on him. He wished to reach out to Krampus, just as he wished someone would reach out to him when he was younger. He identifies Krampus as someone who has convinced themself their loneliness can't be helped and can only be accepted, and says he trampled over Krampus's feelings by messing with the locks he made inside himself. Taurus, however, reassures Ryota that he didn't force Krampus to do something he hated, as he kept coming back for more training, which was a sign for a wish to change. He tells Ryota to keep believing in his efforts to be a hero. Yule admits that he didn't help with Krampus's problems, instead distancing himself due to their difference in talent and even almost wishing him to be unlikeable. They split into groups to retrieve Krampus: Yule and Ryota, and Taurus and the Protagonist.

In some forest, Krampus reflects on how he is dependent on his Other Self to do the villain duties that his True Self is not committed enough to do. He hears yelling somewhere in the distance.

The Protagonist and Taurus are unable to find Krampus in the large unfamiliar Santa School. Ded in his Dark form makes his appearance, and offers his assistance to find him. Ded says that this form is best suited to reach out to him, and that Krampus has mistaken villainy as a necessary part of being a Dark Santa. Ded leads them directly to Krampus, who is caught up in some sort of tussle. Krampus had protected the Light Santa students from earlier from the petty wrath of the Dark Santa students they met at the Colosseum. Ded, Taurus Mask, and Krampus engage in battle with the Dark Santa students.

Reprimanded, the Dark Santa students obediently defer to Ded and return to their dorms. The Light Santa students apologize to Krampus and call him heroic for rescuing them without a second thought despite their earlier jeering, before leaving too. Ded then chastises Krampus for equating Dark Santas with villains, and says that villains and heroes are a matter of perspective. To the Dark Santa students, they were villains for their punishment, but to the Light Santa students they were punishers of evil, i.e. heroes. Ded assigns him a homework question, of finding how a Dark Santa can be a hero to children, due Christmas Eve. Taurus relates himself to Krampus, both looking up to heroes and wanting to be one, but being held back by something.

Ryota arrives, and Krampus wants Ryota to hit him. Ryota refuses, and came to assert he would be there to support him until the end. He also wanted Krampus to stop being so formal with him, and treat him as a friend.

The next day, wrestling practise proceeds now with the Dark Santa students. Krampus wants to be put on a wrestling act as himself rather than his practised role, since it was only his true self that wanted to be a hero.

E6 You Give Me Strength

During the Santa Departure Ceremony at the Santa School's dance hall, the wrestling tournament proceeds with Ryota and Taurus winning against two Wolves. After battle, Ryota goes to change and Ded in his Light form and exchanges pleasantries with the Summoners. Ryota forgot to bring a change of clothes, which Ded conveniences Ded as his intention was to deliver him his present for his help the previous year with Yule: a new Santa outfit. He also assigns Yule and Ryota a task for later. Ryota and the Protagonist, who is paired with Krampus for the tournament, retrieve Krampus in his new wrestling outfit. Their opponent is Macan the Mask alone, since his partner is late. Taurus encourages Krampus that although he may be nervous since it's his first time, he should try to enjoy himself.

Taurus MCs the battle's introduction of maskless Macan the Mask versus The Summoner (the Protagonist) and Obsidian Raptor (Krampus). Krampus falters in announcing his stage name, but from the audience Ryota encourages him. This psyches Krampus to keep his promise to himself and Ryota to change. Ded says Krampus finally figured out the truth, and sermonizes how Santas are at their best when they work for someone else's sake. Krampus has a breakthrough, that the Other Self he kept blaming for backing him into a corner was really just another true aspect of himself, and summons his power as the punisher and roars his stage name. The crowd bursts into cheers and the battle begins.

Macan refuses to tire with his Sacred Artifact's power, so Krampus goes all out with his, and brings out Macan's locked memories of being transformed from human into a tiger in a jungle. When the countdown to ten is finished and they secure victory, Macan indicates his appreciation for the nostalgic memory before leaving the ring. The Obsidian Raptor and the Summoner continue their streak of victories, with the crowd uproar growing louder with each match, making it all the way to finals.

Outside of battle, the team and Ryota go to meet with Yule. Krampus notes he's been distant lately and encourages him to speak his mind. Yule brushes the issue aside, indicating he was just awestruck of Krampus's growth and spearheading as a Dark Santa, and says he was a bit jealous as a result. He then says he wasn't born with the skills to do what he wants. He is apologetic for feeling that way, but Krampus hugs Yule and tells him he doesn't need to apologize. Krampus admits much of his ability was due to luck and talent inherited from his parents. He then remarks that he didn't ask for that talent, and wanted to be a hero everyone likes, not one everyone fears. He overcame his block by looking past the stereotype placed on him by his circumstances and himself, and built the strength to forge his own path. He can continue being a Dark Santa without having to lie to himself, with the strength he can borrow from his friends. Krampus and the Protagonist head back to the ring, and Yule reflects on Krampus's words. Rather than lying to himself and attempting to fight the stereotype of Santas and Reindeers by becoming a Santa instead, he starts thinking about the path that leads to being both. He then says that no path exists, and that he would have to forge it himself.

Ryota is late for his match with Taurus against the Summoner and the Obsidian Raptor, but Dark Ded in a wrestling costume as Master Christmas takes his place. He asks for Krampus's answer to his homework question, to which Krampus says he will answer by demonstrating it in battle.

E7 The New Champion of Christmas

The Protagonist and Krampus claim victory. Krampus is surrounded by cheers, and Ded reiterates that Krampus is a fantastic Dark Santa, but ignoring his own feelings was taking it too far. The Protagonist and Krampus take their trophy and belt, respectively, and Krampus takes the mic to thank all his supporters. Taurus notes that he looks up to Krampus's courage to make that speech without a mask and hopes to reach that level of confidence too.

Krampus is congratulated by his friends, including Ryota and Yule. Maria goes to retrieve Ryota for the job he was assigned to earlier. Ded takes the mic to announce gifts for the participants of the Departure Ceremony. The one-day Santas comprised of the executive committee including Ryota and Maria deliver presents from the hall's rooftop skylight. Gifts are distributed, but Ryota is surprised not to find any for Yule or Krampus. They promptly explain it's because they're Santas, although Krampus said Ryota was the only gift he ever needed. Yule agrees, noting things change for the better whenever Ryota's around. Ryota reaffirms his friendship with them, and goes off to continue delivering presents.

Dark Ded talks with Light Ded, and asks about Light Ded's previous worry with Yule, which resolved itself. He had arranged Krampus and Yule to room together so that Yule may eventually learn that talent exists neither to determine your future nor to be something you would have to reject to do what he wanted. He wishes for Yule's happiness foremost. They then prepare for the actual Departure.

Event Quest

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