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I'm Not Afraid of Halloween!
Main Quest From October 29, 2017 at 17:30 until November 28, 2017 at 23:59
Free Quest From October 29, 2017 at 17:30 until November 21, 2017 at 23:59

This article is about the original 2017 release. For the 2018 re-release in the form of TRICK-OR-QUEST, go to I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2018 Re-Release). For the 2019 re-release, go to I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2019 Re-Release).

Event Details

(Yet again, finally,) LW announced news of a Halloween event.

To reiterate, with every other Event Quest:

  • this event contains a "Main Quest" (the story-driven quest) that unlocks the later but equally important and repeatable Event Quests.
  • both of these Quests will drop event items that can be exchanged in the shop. For this year, they're Great Pumpkin and Halloween Treats.
  • both of those items' drop amounts can be increased by using units with a specific skill. For this year, they're Queller and Disguiser, respectively relating to the above.
  • a gacha containing units with these skills to help farm for these event items is also releasing
  • a new status effect: Icon status possession.png Possession
  • (yet again), a commemorative login bonus will run for a week
  • debuting this event, two new items will be released in the Event Exchange sometime in the near future: Seeds. Seeds are geared towards increasing stats of all variants of a unit. For example, using a HP Seed will increase, by an unknown value, the HP stat for all copies of Kengo, even unreleased variants. So far, only ATK Seed and HP Seed are confirmed (to iterate, ATK Seed will increase the ATK stat for all copies of the unit). However, these items's function will be implemented at a later date.

Further details will be transcribed when announced.

Event Tips

Unlike the events prior, it is highly recommended to increase the Skill Levels of Halloween-related units (units with Queller) to at least fifty for a 75% proc chance on a budget (or max for 100%, if achievable) to make Icon status possession.png Possession less of a pill, as all mobs have a chance to cast Icon status possession.png Possession on attack. With the general game flow with high level units, it's easy to miss the debuff icon on the side, and units can die as quick as you tap.

Additionally, when Arslan reaches full charge, due to both granting Icon status protect.png Combo and giving CP means he can keep maxing charge with just two enemies (one of which is in front for Icon status protect.png Combo; whether taking one hit fills the gap or not was not noted). This may hold true for Cusith as he also gains CP on charge, but the lack of Icon status protect.png Combo makes this tactic a tad more inconsistent, but you can always try and rely on Volos's Green Thumb to fill that gap.

Conversely, the above will hold unfavorable against the enemy, as enemy Arslans were noted to "use" the same tactic of charging immediately in succession.

Additional Login Bonus

October 29th
  • ×1 Transient Stone
  • ×2 Stamina Drink (Half)
  • ×3 Stamina Drink (Mini)
November 2nd
  • ×2 Transient Stone
  • ×2 Stamina Drink (Half)
  • ×3 Stamina Drink (Mini)
October 30th
  • ×1 Transient Stone
  • ×1 Stamina Drink (Full)
  • ×1 Stamina Drink (Mini)
November 3rd
  • ×2 Transient Stone
  • ×1 Stamina Drink (Full)
  • ×3 Stamina Drink (Mini)
October 31st
  • ×2 Transient Stone
  • ×2 Stamina Drink (Half)
  • ×3 Stamina Drink (Mini)
November 4th
November 1st

Quest Details

Due to this event being out of print, quest details have moved here.

However, below are the scenarios for this event.

Main Quest

Chapter 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Part 2
Chapter 2 Part 1 Chapter 2 Part 2
Chapter 3 Part 1 Chapter 3 Part 2
Chapter 4 Part 1 Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 5 Part 1 Chapter 5 Part 2
Chapter 6 Part 1 Chapter 6 Part 2
Chapter 7 (Finale)

Bonus Quest

The Verb with You series of quests receive another wave of wholesome exposition was released for the following units (who received screen time during this event):


These subquests are costless and can be repeatable through the in-game memories function.

Translations will be provided when they're provided.


2 options
Shop Shop
Alice expression halloween neutral.png

Oh? Did you bring me some sweets?
Hehe, good...... shall we enjoy a tea party?

Cusith expression halloween neutral.png

Ehehe~, are you enjoying Halloween?
Well, let's exchange the sweets!

Arslan expression halloween joy.png

Come and exchange your sweets here!
Let's see...... whose face is it on the pumpkin?

Volos expression neutral.png

Thank you for collecting the pumpkins. How about taking a small break as thanks?


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No. Arslan
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No. Cusith
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No. Volos
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Alice Arslan
Hehehe~, you're such a sleepyhead, March Hare. I am a Blood Sucker now.
If you lust for something while you're still asleep, you'll be covered in blood.
What are you doing here Cubs? The festival started a long time ago.
Let's go, stay close to me.
A majestic conjecture, as if it fell down a rabbit hole! So carefree and having fun,
hey Jambava- Ah, that's right. He is currently house-sitting.
Making sweets, crazy costumes and preparing the stage......
Everyone is enjoying the day as much as possible. That's called youth.
Daikanyama Academy claims that their tea and sweets are very tasty.
I wonder if they allow take-out.
Making costumes by cooperating with Maria. It's fun to arrange things with everyone.
But...... what is this shiny thing on my shoulder?
I am now a blood-thirsty Baron and Countess. I am also a wandering knight -
Huh, it's too much? It's fine...... Hmph.
Fellow Zabaniya was participating, but he doesn't know he made the children cry......
Oh dear, his seriousness was too much for them.
Touched by a Blood Sucker. That means you will become a Blood Sucker yourself.
Well then, reveal your neck...... Hehe, it's a joke.
Why have you intervened in this Halloween party, a place of dreams, little girl from Wonderland?
Were you looking to have fun?
Everything is a dream, everything is an illusion! Let's enjoy the world of your dreams.
You will fall in love with Blood Sucker for one night...... Don't you think it's nice? Right?
Dahahahahaha! T-ticklish, iwawawawa..... such mischief,
I give up, hahahahahaha......
Cusith Volos
Happy Halloween! Hey hey, I need to get ready soon. I can't wait for the fun festival! Hi, how are you doing? Do you have photosynthesis? The vegetables and I are in good shape.
The Sun is what gives us energy and power.
I love festivals! Everyone smiling, having fun, so many sweets...
The sad things will all be blown away!
Happy Halloween! Please take a look at the pumpkins that were grown with love and effort.
The size, the shape... Hmhm! Everyone will be amazed!
What's wrong? Did you have something bad? If that's the case, then I will stay by your side. When you get better,
let's go to the festival... promise.
I raise my crops very carefully but, they've become overgrown. They're one of the many things that cheer me up.
I wonder if I gave them too much love...
A while ago, Onikawa-san got hurt... watching from a distance, I couldn't approach him...
Maybe it's because a werewolf like me will scare him?
He likes my vegetables very much. Thorough and delicious, they are cooked without fail.
It is like showing appreciation to the ingredients.
There was an awfully scary-looking mummy man! Big and scary, he produces fire on his finger-tips! ...But, he gave me some candy in the end,
does that make him a good person?
The Demon King of Ice, the God of Misfortune, one who gives death to everything... Should we expect his unusual presence?
I will buy my vegetables with a friendly smile...
Hoooowl! Let's eat! Ehehe~, does my fur feel good? Ahaha, I'm ticklish...... there! Eh? Does my fur feel good to touch...? I don't touch it that much... so stiff.... ehh?!
This feels good! A little too good...


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