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Plans for 2018
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Duration December 03, 2017 00:00 to December 02, 2018 23:59
Status Implementation Feature/Change
Feature implemented, and seems to work as advertised, but we need to wait for next dailies to see if there are daily objectives or not. but only the progress related rewards are implemented. A new daily objectives/missions, rewarding items, such as Stamina Drinks, Transient Stone, and Limit Break materials, for tasks like clearing specific quests, leveling units to a certain point, and such (similar to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's timed and stretch goals).
All of these things are implemented, plus automatic consumption of stamina drinks to reach a stamina requirement (for example, no need to tap the quest again to tap the stamina drink to get kicked back and need to do it over again until you have enough stamina). Changes to stamina, going to 1 stamina per 8 minutes (instead of 10), as well as stamina overfilling above the cap when ranked up (similar to how stamina overflows when consuming Stamina Drinks.
Announced with the Skill Progression Quest Campaign for eight skills initially. Skill Strengthening Quests to make specific skills better, be it through activation chances or effects. LW is planning on implementing this for eight to ten skills, including Castaway and Protector.
Harder quests containing bosses from Main Quest chapters 2 through 4 that will give special rewards.
This was, while not playing a huge role in, featured during the Valentine Jail! event. Additionally, new quests involving gimmicks, such as relations between units, are expected.
This is a kind of blanket statement, as they already implemented using skins in battle. Expanding the implementations of companion skins
Separate from team formations, a feature will be added to set units for each attribute for support.
Units can be scaled (finally). Expansion of My Guild features such as playing BGMs and allowing units to be scaled up or down.
Added element symbols alongside in-battle portraits. Other QoL changes to make the battle screen easier to read, making discerning attribute units not just by color.
A large amount of the game is translated (the quality is questionable, but still an immense help to new players). Translation of Main Quests up to Chapter 5 in English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional). 「Summopedia vol.1」 will contain illustrations of characters and settings/stories that have and have yet to appear in-game. Whether this is a physical release (such as a manga) or a digital release isn't clear.