Event Quest:Reprint! Midsummer's Seaside School with You

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Reprint! Midsummer's Seaside School with You
News Link
Gacha August 06, 2018 17:00 to August 12, 2018 23:59
Challenge Quest August 06, 2018 17:00 to August 12, 2018 23:59
Special Quest August 06, 2018 00:00 to August 12, 2018 23:59

Event Details

In a similar vein to the Valentine's 2017 reprint in 2018, but unlike Event Quest:Distant Gendarme, LifeWonders is quick to fill in the gap after the last event with reprintings of Seaside School, both parts.

The Challenge Quests and Summer Fireworks with You Special Quests are both also available to complete once more.

Additionally, while sharing the same event, details for the latter part, Skill Evolution Quests Part 2 is also releasing, adding more skills to evolve.


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Anonymous user: 259af3e0
No. 17245
9 months ago
Score 0 You
Midsummer with you 2, I'm surprised this old event is getting a sequel for the next housamo event with Arsalan and Dagon
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