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One of the primary methods of acquiring companions is through the gacha; you can either consume five Transient Stones for a random character, or consume fifty for a multi-roll of ten. Multirolls increase the odds of acquiring a higher rarity unit. A Lil' Salomon Ticket can be used in place of a single role of 5 stones; rates using a Lil' Salomon Ticket does not offer any functional changes.

Aside from the Main Gacha, event gachas offer modified drop/pull rates (event gachas offer characters with event-relevant skills at a higher drop rate), and sometimes gacha exclusives (Valentine's gacha offered exclusive variants of existing units).

So far, multirolling with all of the character gachas guarantees at least one ☆4 companion. After that, it is safe to assume that rates follow normal single roll rates.

Current Gachas

Nightglows of the Starlit Sky Transient Summon
Duration May 10, 2021 20:00 to June 11, 2021 23:59
AR Equipment Gacha
Duration September 30, 2019 00:00 to May 03, 3000 00:00
Premium Co-op
Duration June 19, 2017 00:00 to May 03, 3000 00:00
Transient Summon
Duration December 02, 2016 00:00 to May 03, 3000 00:00
Duration December 02, 2016 00:00 to May 03, 3000 00:00

Past Gachas

Due to the growing size of this pages, gachas that are out of print will be offloaded to a separate page here.

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