Surfing the Wave

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Surfing the Wave
Surf the wave
Rarity 4
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 200~400
波求効果アンダスタディ・オルタネータNo additional CS effects
[Phase StartTriggers on their player's first turn of each phase, before [Turn Start] effects.] Attract enemies in a 3x3 area around the 2nd square in front of self by 1 square / 90~100%
[Attack ModifierAll multipliers stack with each other.] Deal 1.6x damage to Obstruct-15% skill activation rate for 2 turns (Debuff)-affected enemies / 100%
1.00x ATK penaltyBlow
Show applicable transients (128)
Infernal Alchemist (☆2)
Valiant Alchemist (☆2)
World Alchemist (☆2)
Fire Alchemist (☆2)
Water Alchemist (☆2)
Wood Alchemist (☆2)
Aether Alchemist (☆2)
Nether Alchemist (☆2)
Alp (☆3)
Amatsumara (☆3)
Amatsumara (☆4)
Andvari (☆3)
Arachne (☆4 Summer)
Arsalan (☆3)
Arsalan (☆4)
Arsalan (☆4 Halloween)
Ashigara (☆3)
Asterius (☆3)
Avarga (☆3)
Balor (☆3)
Balor (☆4)
Barguest (☆3)
Barong (☆3)
Bathym (☆3)
Behemoth (☆3)
Chernobog (☆3)
Cthugha (☆3)
Cu Sith (☆3)
Fire Deity (☆2)
Water Deity (☆2)
Wood Deity (☆2)
Aether Deity (☆2)
Nether Deity (☆2)
Infernal Deity (☆2)
Durga (☆3)
Durga (☆4 Nightmare)
Ebisu (☆4 Halloween)
Echo (☆3)
Echo (☆4)
Fenrir (☆3)
Gandharva (☆3)
Garmr (☆3)
Infernal Giant (☆2)
Valiant Giant (☆2)
World Giant (☆2)
Fire Giant (☆2)
Water Giant (☆2)
Wood Giant (☆2)
Aether Giant (☆2)
Nether Giant (☆2)
Goemon (☆3)
Goemon (☆4)
Gullinbursti (☆3)
Gyumao (☆3)
Hati (☆3)
Hati (☆4)
Hombre Tigre (☆3)
Hombre Tigre (☆4 Summer)
Horkeu Kamui (☆3)
Horkeu Kamui (☆4)
Ifrit (☆3)
Ifrit (☆4 Make Sail)
Ikutoshi (☆3)
Jacob (☆3)
Jacob (☆5)
Jugo (☆3)
Kagutsuchi (☆3)
Kengo (☆3)
Kengo (☆4)
Kijimuna (☆4)
Aether Lucky Cat (☆1)
Macan (☆3)
Macan (☆4)
Makara (☆3)
Masanori (☆4)
Mineaki (☆4 Hot Paradise)
Motosumi (☆3)
Nezha (☆3)
Nezha (☆4)
Nobuharu (☆3)
Nodens (☆3)
Nodens (☆4)
Nomad (☆3)
Nyarlathotep (☆3)
Oguchi Magami (☆3)
Ose (☆4 Christmas)
Oz (☆3)
Fire Pirate (☆1)
Pollux (☆3)
Pollux (☆4)
Pollux (☆4 Christmas)
R-19 (☆3)
Seth (☆3)
Seth (☆4)
Seth (☆4 Beachside)
Seth (☆5 Valentine)
Shiva (☆5 Summer)
Shuten (☆3)
Sitri (☆3)
Red Slime (☆1)
Blue Slime (☆1)
Green Slime (☆1)
Yellow Slime (☆1)
Dark Slime (☆1)
Snow (☆3)
Sol (☆3)
Suzuka (☆4 Fashionista)
Takemaru (☆5)
Takeminakata (☆3)
Takeminakata (☆5)
Tanngrisnir (☆3)
Taurus Mask (☆3)
Tetsuox (☆4 Jiangshi)
Tetsuya (☆3)
Volkh Vseslav (☆3)
Wakan Tanka (☆5)
Infernal Wrestler (☆2)
Valiant Wrestler (☆2)
World Wrestler (☆2)
Fire Wrestler (☆2)
Water Wrestler (☆2)
Wood Wrestler (☆2)
Aether Wrestler (☆2)
Nether Wrestler (☆2)
Green Yaksha (☆2)
Yule (☆3)
Zao (☆3)
Zhurong (☆3)
Translated from Japanese
"I just made a big show out of it, so let's see if I can pull this off!"

"Ah, Goemon, I got you! Rough terrain is my domain!"

While Goemon showed off for his friend, Set showed off his surfing skills. This summer, Goemon transforms into a surfboard to help Set, who wants to be seen riding the waves in all his glory. Maybe it was his natural sense of style, or maybe he was just good at teaching, but it wasn't that hard to catch the wave. But it wasn't just the waves that he was riding, and he was getting too carried away. It wasn't long before Goemon got into a good mood and undid his transformation, sending Set tumbling off his back. In anticipation of this, or not, it seems that some of their friends in the sea have already made preparations.

Official Japanese

「ああ、ゴエモンっ任せやがれっ! 荒れた舞台は、俺の十八番だぜ!」 友のためにと見得を切ったゴエモンと、波さえ乗りこなすと見栄を張ったセト。 この夏、波に乗っている輝かしい姿を目に焼き付けさせたいセトのため、ゴエモンはサーフボードに変化し手助けをする。 元々のセンスがいいのか、教える術がうまいのかはわからないが、波に乗ることはそう難しくはなかった。 しかし乗っていたのは波ばかりでなく、どうも調子に乗りすぎている様子。 機嫌を良くして変化を解いてしまったゴエモンの背から、セトが大きく転げ落ちるまでそう時間は残っていない。 それを見越してかどうかは別として、海中には既に複数の友も準備を終えているようだ。


Event Line


  • The CS name is "Understudy Alternator: Ripple-Request Effect"

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Anonymous user
No. 12584
one month ago
Score 0 You
Pretty useful for Goemon with him giving Obstruct and the AR giving a bonus damage against Obstruct-ennemies
Anonymous user
No. 9368
14 months ago
Score 0 You
Anonymous user
No. 9374
14 months ago
Score 0 You


unPlUg tHEm anD CheW!
Anonymous user
No. 9362
14 months ago
Score 0 You
Wait, are you people trying to tell me that there's a surfboard strong enough to handle Goemon's weight?
Anonymous user
No. 9663
13 months ago
Score 0 You


Unless, Goemon IS the surfboard. But, seriously it's probably a ninja thing, he's capable of tightrope.
Anonymous user
No. 9358
14 months ago
Score 0 You
Finally Seth X Tentacles is in the game
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