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Skill Levels

All cards start at skill level 1 and can reach a maximum of 100.

As you increase the skill level of your cards, the power of their skills increases. The chances of their skill activating will increase, and in addition the effect of the skill itself will become more powerful.

Skill Levels are applied to all skills. A new Skill is unlocked for each card when you Limit Break them, up to a total of 4 Skills.

On a characters Status screen in the game, Skills are formatted as (Skill Name) / [Activation Timing] Skill Effect / % Chance of Activation

The activation chance and power of a skill+buff/debuff will increase by a multiplied 1% per level, for a max of a multiplied 100% at skill level 100.
Simply put, at skill level 100, the activation chance and power of all Skills are DOUBLE their original (skill level 1) values.

Increasing Skill Level

The cost for increasing a unit skill level to 100 using only the highest rarity of Soul
Skill Level ☆1 ☆2 ☆3 ☆4 ☆5
1-31 505 510 515 520 525
31-52 5305 10100 14915 19720 24525
52-67 14020 27540 41060 54580 68100
67-79 22945 45390 67835 90280 112725
79-88 31705 62910 94115 125320 156525
88-94 39220 77940 116660 155380 194100
94-97 44680 88860 133040 177220 221400
97-100 47545 94590 141635 188680 235725
Total 205925 407840 609775 811700 1013625

Some quests drop items called Souls that are used to increase a character's skill level; each weapon has a corresponding Soul. Like Boost, you don't have to match them up; any Soul would do. However, you won't fully benefit from the skill level increase that the matching Souls would yield.

You will see your chance for success after picking the Souls, with a 100% chance or above indicating that failure is impossible. Furthermore, percentages such as 260% indicate that your unit's skill level is guaranteed to go up 2 levels, with a 60% chance of going up a third.

Like Boosts, you also have to use coins to increase a unit's skill level, but unlike unit leveling, the coin cost is steeper.

F coin cost.png

This means that using higher quality Souls minimizes the total cost needed to skill up.

Suggested Path

Below is a suggested path optimized for the least amount of matching Warrior Soul G and coins consumed.

Skill Level 25 49 67 79 88 94 97 100
To Consume 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Below is the cumulative cost when skill boosting your units with the aforementioned path.

Rarity Total cost
1 202629
2 401358
3 600087
4 798816
5 997545

Suggested paths to use matching Warrior Soul L for the first few levels. Second path will consume more coins.

Skill Level 5 25
To Consume 1 5
Skill Level 17 35 49
To Consume 4 5 5

Skill Mechanics

See: Skill Lv

Skill Timings

Every skill has a specific timing in which it will activate. The various skill timings are as follows.

Timing Name (Eng/Jpn) Description
Phase Start 【フェーズ開始時】 Activates when a phase begins.[1]
Start of Turn 【ターン開始時】 Activates when a turn begins.
Start of Turn (X Turns) 【ターン開始時 (Xターン毎)】 Activates when a turn begins but only once every X turns.[2]
When Appearing 【登場時】 Activates when a character enters the battlefield.
When Leaving 【退場時】 Activates when a character leaves the battlefield..
When Attacking 【攻撃時】 Activates when a character attacks. Skills with this timing activate before damage calculation has occurred.
After Attacking 【攻撃後】 Activates after a character attacks. Skills with this timing activate after damage calculation has occurred.
After Missing 【空振り時】 Activates when a character fails to hit any enemy.
Before Receiving Damage 【ダメージ前】 Activates before a character is attacked and damaged.[3]
After Receiving Damage 【ダメージ後】 Activates after a character has been attacked and damaged. Used for skills that affect self or allies.
When Receiving Damaged 【対ダメージ】 Activates after a character has been attacked and damaged. Used for skills that affect enemies.
While Moving 【移動時】 Activates when a character is moving. Typically used for skills that enhance your movement range.
After Moving 【移動後】 Activates after a character moves. This is one of the most common types of activation timings, so please read the footnote to better understand it.[4]
Special Attack 【特攻】 Activates when attacking, but only in certain conditions (E.g. If the opponent has a certain skill or weapon type[5]). Does not increase with skill level.
Special Status Attack【状態特攻】 Activates when attacking unit that is currently under the effects of a certain buff or debuff. Does not increase with skill level.
Special Defense 【特防】 Activates when attacked by a weapon or skill of a certain type. Does not increase with skill level.
During Status Ailment 【状態異常時】 Activates when afflicted with a specific debuff.
During Force Movement 【強制移動時】 Activates when a character is forced to move.
After Buff 【強化後】 Activates when given any buff.
After Debuff 【弱体後】 Activates when given any debuff.
Victory 【勝利時】 Activates when you win a battle.

Attacking Proc Chance

Skills that have an activation timing of When Attacking and After Attacking all have individual proc chances per enemy hit.

Skills that apply buffs or debuffs to the enemy, such as Tailed Demon, Benevolent One, Fate Binder, etc. simply have individual proc chances per square. A Harlot that hits 5 enemies could apply Blessing to all enemies hit, only one enemy, or any number of enemies.

For turn-lasting buffs that affect the attacker, such as Dragonborn or Gambler's Critical buff, the skill only needs to proc once, and it will affect all remaining enemies hit. This means it is possible to Crit only one enemy or all enemies with a single proc. The general calculation order of enemies hit appears to be left to right, bottom to top.

In effect, When Attacking and After Attacking skills have a higher proc chance the more (alive) enemies you hit with it. This means skills like Head of Festivities can proc upwards of 5 times.

Additional Skills

Some skills like Hero and Creator grants additional skills separate from the base skill. These skills ignore their tied skill's activation timings and chances (always 100%).

Usually these skills include movement modifiers (Winged One, Swimmer) or damage modifiers (increases damage dealt or decreases damaged received against specific units).

[During Status Ailment] Nullify [X] aren't additional skills and can have activation chance lower than 100%.

Because these additional skills are still skills, any form of negation will remove their effects.

Skill Evolution

Skills can be further improved through Skill Quests. These evolved skills simply replace the base skill. Most of the time they offer additional effects or activation rates.

Charge Skill Mechanics

A Charge Skill's effect will activate for each enemy with HP > 0 hit during the Charge Skill (with some exceptions, e.g. see the CS activation condition for Alp and Ophion). For most Charge Skills that apply buffs or debuffs, such as Charm, this has little meaning, but this greatly changes the power of Charge Skills with healing effects.

For example, if you hit 3 alive enemies with Azazel's Charge Skill, which has the effect of casting Heal on nearby allies, Azazel will cast Heal 3 times, multiplying its healing power by 3. Similarly, if Kuniyoshi hits 4 enemies with his Charge Skill, he will cast CP Up 4 times in a row.

However, an enemy has to have HP remaining when hit by a Charge Skill for it to count. If the enemy is already "defeated" by the time the Charge Skill activates, the effect will not stack. This means it is also possible for a Charge Skill's effect to activate 0 times if it doesn't hit any enemies with HP remaining.

It is recommended you make whoever you want to hit the most enemies FIRST with their Charge Skill your Leader, as allies' attack order is determined by their order in your deck slot. Allies in your Support slot will have more trouble activating their Charge Skill effects multiple times, as they attack last and thus have a higher chance of only hitting dead enemies.

The formula for the damage increase done by a Charge Skill is F cs 1.png [6]

Note that this is only for damage dealt. Most Charge Skills have a secondary effect, such as a buff or debuff. The level of the buff or debuff applied is the same as the users Charge Skill level, and its power is the same as ordinary skill level of the same. For example, an Andvari with a Charge Skill level of 50 will apply a level 50 Curse debuff to enemies when Andvari uses his Charge Skill.


See: Status

Status efficacy is determined by its Status Lv, and statuses that originate from skills have their Status Lv directly determined by the skill owner's Skill Lv. In other words, the Status Lv will be equal to the Skill Lv.


  1. This means a new wave of enemies. It does not mean the beginning of each turn.
  2. The counter for number of turns starts at 1 at the beginning of a battle and does not reset when a new phase begin.
  3. This means before the attack starts a.k.a. before any ally is hit by the attack as well.
  4. What "After Moving" really means is that a skill will activate after you select a unit for movement and let go of it. You do not actually have to move the character around. Forcefully moving other characters will not activate their own After Moving skills. In other words, you can only activate one character's After Moving skills a turn.
  5. For example, a character with the Special Attack skill 屠竜の勇者 (Dragon Slayer Hero) will do extra damage to enemy characters who possess the skill 竜を継ぐ者 (Dragon Inheritor)
  6. The source for this is uncertain, but was probably derived directly from the app, and added here when this wiki was just nascent (essentially a wikiwiki translation)
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