"Ogresses' Dream - A Different Time, A Different Place"

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"Ogresses' Dream - A Different Time, A Different Place"
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
効果2Increases ATK by 100~200
装模咲妖キドウノキワミNo additional CS effects
[After Moving] Apply Icon status flash.png Glint to allies at target, horizontally adjacent. / 80%
[Special Defense] Reduces damage against enemies with 0.28x ATK penaltyMagic (x70%) / 100%
Element fire.pngFIRE
Element light.pngAETHER
Translated from Japanese
"I'll never forget this."

"Yeah, we're inseperable and uncompromising...hehe!"

Suzuka has sworn to defend Shinjuku, Kabukicho. When times are dire, it is said that the passing Mysterious Lady appears. Whether her true identity is obvious or not, Suzuka feels the way she is is worth her sympathy. In the past, many charmed by their beauty cast their challenges and regrets at them. Even now the scars of these old tragedies still ache deep in both their souls. However time heals all wounds for better or worse, so long as they continue living. If a certain hapless crossing of paths were to happen, the two of them might go to the shopping street near Shinjuku Station. Perhaps they'll tell themselves they're getting a false form to hide themselves from the public gaze as they come across civilian clothing. But even then, when one lives a parting may come in the future again. I pray that this ephemeral dreamlike memory will give them the strength to bear with it.

Official Japanese

「ああ、もう別れなんぞコリゴリだぜ…へへっ」 スズカが護ると誓った、新宿・歌舞伎町。 その街の危機の度、現れては去っていく謎の淑女の姿があったという。 その正体がバレバレであろうとなかろうと、その在り方はスズカにとって共感に値するものだった。 かつて、多くを魅了した己の姿への忌避と悔恨。 それが招いた悲劇の古傷は今も、2人の魂の奥深くで疼いている。 しかし、生きているならば時間は、否が応にも全ての傷を癒していくもの。 とある数奇な巡り合わせがあったらば、2人は新宿駅近くのショッピングストリートへ行くことだってあったろう。 世を忍ぶ偽りの姿を得るため、と自分に言い聞かせて娑婆の装いに触れることだってあったろう。 しかしそれでも、生きていればいつか再び別れは来るのだろう。 ああ、この泡の如き夢の思い出がどうか、それに耐える力を2人に与えて下さいますように。


  • The CS is named Demon Arts' Peak: Ostentatious Demonic Beauties.
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No. 6393
3 days ago
Score 0++
I had no idea who the blonde ogre was until I saw Ibaraki as one of the requirements. Artstyle really makes the difference.
No. 6386
3 days ago
Score 0++
APPLY GLINT???????????????????//
No. 6372
4 days ago
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Apply Glint you say? That's a good skill and trigger proc rates
No. 6366
4 days ago
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Dang I really want this one
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