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This article is a beginner's guide to the game. For the article on Systems, go to System.

Game Description

What is Tokyo Afterschool Summoners?

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners, also known as Housamo, was developed by the company LifeWonders and was launched way back in 2016. It might sound like just another free-to-play gacha-based game, but it is one of the only LGBT-positive games on the market that features LGBT genres all in one place. It has an active fanbase whose community has created a torrent of artwork, fanfiction, manga, and fan translations based on the game's story and characters.

The game's story is much more complex and imaginative than what you would expect from a mobile game. The story takes place in Tokyo City which has been walled away from the rest of the world. Here 24 pillars of light or gates have been opened and serve as a way of travel for Transients. These are characters who are heavily inspired from real world characters from various mythical pantheons, works of literature, different cultures, and arts all around the world.

How Do I Download This Game?

If you are an iPhone user, simply download the game from here from your phone.

If you are an Android user, you can download the app from the Google Play Store here. If this is not possible for some reason, you must install QooApp onto your phone from here. Then, open QooApp and do a search for Lifewonders. Select 東京放課後サモナーズ and install

Game Trailers/PV's

Game Trailers
『東京放課後サモナーズ』PV 第1弾
東京放課後サモナーズ 新学期キャンペーン!2019「新学期転光召喚!2019 その1」開催!
東京放課後サモナーズ 新学期キャンペーン!2019「新学期転光召喚!2019 その2」開催!
東京放課後サモナーズ 本編第9章「クラフターズ -宿業の機構-」予告動画
東京放課後サモナーズ 期間限定イベント「GoGo!秘島探検隊2 約束の海底都市(カナーン)」予告動画
東京放課後サモナーズ キャラボイスドラマ 視聴動画 Vol.1「モリタカ」Vol.2「ガルム」
第10章「ウォーモンガーズ~序曲~ -残煙のフロントライン-」予告動画
東京放課後サモナーズ 新学期キャンペーン!2020「新学期転光召喚!2020 その①」開催!
【復刻】デザート☆ジャーニー ~西の彼方で逢いましょう~」予告動画
2019エイプリルフール企画動画『東京放課後サモナーズ 16bit版 開発中!?』

How to start playing??

Image Guide
Language Setting
Terms of Service
Character Costumization
Voice Costumization
Gender and Player Name Costumization
Proceed or Redo
Chapter One
Game Instructions
Battle Results
Battle Reward
Unit Level Up
Unit Level Up Success
Tokyo Map Shinjuku Ward
Shinjuku Ward Mission Summoner Guide
Team Build Before starting a Mission
Story Dialogue, Pressing the 'Skip Button' will direct you to combat if there is one while the Log Button allows you to see the previous Dialogue

Before you can start playing the game, you will be first directed to the screen title where you can choose your preferred language settings. As of now there are only 4 Languages Present. After you have agreed on the game's "Terms of Use", you will be then redirected to the Character Creation screen where you will be given a choice which of the following looks you will choose followed by the voice, gender, and player name. The protagonist will have the same skill kit regardless of your choices. When all of this has been fulfilled, you will be then redirected to the Transfer Form screen where you are given a chance to proceed or redo your character customization.

When you officially start, you are greeted by a black screen followed by some dialogue and story, skipping and reading through that will result on a battle with some and a . Follow the instructions given by the Game and you will see yourself winning the fight with the result of obtaining the as a permanent unit and member of your team. To learn more about how Fighting, it's suggested to look and read the Battle System.

The game will then proceed to instruct you to add the as a member of your team, it will also instruct you to level it up similar to how you will be doing the same for your future units. If all of this is fulfilled you will be then redirected to the Map which only has the Shinjuku Ward in it with the word next to it, click it and you will be then presented with a Title card "Summoners Guide" Click on that again and you will be sent to your team screen, click on the word "Start" on the bottom right of the screen to start the Story/Dialogue followed by a battle. This pattern will continue even for some future Chapters but sometimes there would only be Story/Dialogue and no battle, others would have you a fixed team to work on depending on the story's scenario.

Summon Currency

How do I obtain more characters?

Apart from free characters you'll receive after completing certain chapters in the story, as mentioned, you will want to spend 50 transient stones on multi-pulls for Premium Gachas. Premium Gachas are mainly based on the current event, which either celebrates a particular holiday (New Years, Christmas, Halloween) or features a neat side adventure (Go Go Island, Desert Journey).

But there are several ways besides that to obtain new transients to build your team; that is, earning the various summoning currencies for a chance at pulling from a gacha.

Transient Stones [Premium Event Gacha/Premium Standard Gacha]

5 Transient Stones for Single Pull, 50 Transient Stones for Multi-Pull

Bare to mind to do multi-pulls if you want to obtain a guaranteed or on the 10th pull. It's also recommended to pull mainly from the Event Gachas since they usually include drops from the Premium Standard Gacha anyway.

Here are some ways to earn more free stones:

  • Earn 1 Transient Stone for every quest you complete for the first time. Look for new events for fresh quests to complete. Keep in mind that the story quests for rerun events do not give out 1 Transient Stone for the first completion bonus but the associated event free quests will.
  • Earn 50 Transient Stones for first week of play (5 on Days 1-6, 20 on Day 7)
  • Earn 5 Transient Stones for daily logins on a weekly cycle (1 on Day 2, 2 on Day 4, and 2 on Day 6)
  • Earn 5 Transient Stones as a reward every time you clear a chapter in the Main Quest
  • Earn extra stones for cumulative logins:
Stones Log-in streak
Transient Stone x5 10, 20, 30, 40, 75
Transient Stone x10 50, 150, 250, 350, etc.
Transient Stone x20 100, 200, 300, 400, etc.
Transient Stone x50 1000, 2000, 3000, etc.
  • Purchase stones with real-life money. (Be responsible!)
  • Gain stones from LifeWonders after server maintenance, issues, or login campaigns.
  • Purchase stones at Andvari's Shop at a maximum of 25 per month.

Ally Points [Premium Ally Gacha]

2000 points for Single Pull, 20000 for 10-Pull

The multi-pull doesn't give you any special bonuses. Doing single pulls is fine, just don't expect anything special from this gacha.

  • Gain +25 Ally Points every time you use a friend's ally support
  • Gain +25 Ally Points every time another person uses your ally support
  • Gain +20000 Ally Points while logging in during the week.
  • Gain AP from event shops

Don't bother with the Regular Ally Gacha apart from maybe the first week of play, if you're desperate. It costs much less to pull from this gacha, but the odds aren't worth it. Either way, the Premium Ally Gacha has a mix of and units, the occasional featuring the main group of characters, and a chance at extra resources and low-level seeds.

That said, and units are not that valuable apart from maybe the support oriented ones like Mobsters. Once you've done two multi-pulls on the Premium Gacha, you'll have a good starting assortment of or higher transients that are much more worth your time for investing coins and resources to build. Recent events also feature mobs as drops for doing free quests. Some non-event free quests also drop mobs.

Lil' Salomon Tickets

Lil' Salomon Tickets are rare tickets that allow for a single pull (can't do multi-pulls sadly with these tickets) on any Premium Gacha.

  • Gain Lil' Salomon Tickets from event shops (usually 10 from a new event).
  • Gain 1 Lil' Salomon Ticket for daily login bonus in weekly cycle (Day 7).
  • Gain 1 Lil' Salomon Ticket as a possible reward by completing an event high difficulty quest.
  • Purchase Lil' Salomon Tickets at Andvari's Shop at a maximum of 10 per month.

AR Tickets

AR Lil' Salomon Tickets are rare tickets that likewise allow for a single pull (still can't do multi-pulls sadly with these tickets) on any AR Gacha.

  • Gain AR Lil' Salomon Tickets from event shops (usually 6 from a new event).
  • Gain AR Lil' Salomon Ticket for daily login bonus in weekly cycle (Day 6).
  • Gain AR Lil' Salomon Ticket as a possible reward by completing an event high difficulty quest.
  • Purchase AR Lil' Salomon Tickets at Andvari's Shop at a maximum of 10 per month.

AR Equipment are cards you can equip to your units that apply various effects to them. They usually give out flat stats along with one or more effects.

Event Shop Characters

On occasion, certain events will give you the opportunity to get multiple copies of an event-only character: , , , etc. Usually these may not be the best units in terms of skill sets, but because you can obtain multiple copies of these units very easily, you can boost their Sacred Artifact Level to 100 which you cannot regularly do without spending many stones. That means that both the and variants for these units are well worth obtaining by spending the event's two specific currencies on them. More recent event shop units tend to perform better like , and in comparison to older ones like so always try to max their SA levels. Keep in mind that event shop units cost an additional 2 team cost, likely to balance the fact that they are guaranteed to be SALV 100.

In the case where you fail to obtain these free units during their events, they will also be made available for the reruns of their respective debut events. After their events have been rerun several times, they will then be made available in Andvari's Shop. Keep in mind that these units will not be added to the general summoning pool.

Current event shop units (as of April 2020):

Friend Code/Ally

9 Digit Code Player ID

Housamo has been present for almost 4 years, and there are already plenty of veteran players who have a roster of maxed-out characters or even a couple of fully seeded units and if you're lucky enough to be accepted, you will now have a Support that can easily carry your party all on their own, and the best part of this is that friend supports characters cost nothing in team cost to borrow. Just bear in mind that you can still use non-allied units but they cannot use their CS during the battle. You can check a support unit if it can use it's CS or not by checking the right side of the screen every time before you start a battle if it has the word "Ally" in it.

To gain friends quickly, you will want to share your friend code, which is a 9-digit code separated by commas (found in the Friends section of the game), in various places. A popular place is the Friend ID website which would require you to have a Discord Account or you could even input your code on the Reddit's Weekly Social Thread.

About Card Rarity

The game contains up to 5 ratings for each card, from a 1 star rating to a 5 star rating. A card's rarity can be told by counting the stars on its portrait.

Cards with a rarity of 1-2 are basic mob cards.

Cards with a rarity of 3-5 are special character cards. Nearly all specific characters have two different card ratings. For example, Moritaka has a 3 star card, and a 4 star rating. In some cases, a characters qualities, such as their weapon type, will change.

If you obtain a duplicate card of the same character AND rarity, that dupe will be automatically added to your current card, increasing it's Charge Skill level by 1 if it's a Rarity 1-3 card, +5 if it's a Rarity 4 card, or +20 if it's a Rarity 5 card.

There is no way to upgrade a card's rarity. So if you want Moritaka's 4 star card you can't upgrade his 3 star card, and will instead have to pull his 4 star card normally.

About a Card Deck

A deck is made of up of 5 of your own cards and, when you enter battle, 1 Support (a card from another player), for a total of 6 cards. 4 cards can fight at one time, with two of your cards being sub-cards. When one of your characters is defeated, it will be swapped out for a sub-card in its place.


Team selection screen, showing individual card costs and Total Cost

Cost is a number that limits the amount of high rarity cards you can use in a team. Each card has a cost and the total cost of the cards in your team cannot exceed the maximum cost, which is 36 when you start the game. Most of the time the card costs are:

Rarity Cost
1 Star 2
2 Star 4
3 Star 8
4 Star 16
5 Star 24

There are exceptions, like Benten's 3 Star and 4 Star cards costing 10 and 18 instead of the usual 8 and 16. The Protagonist's card cost is 0.

This means that you can't make a team of five 5 Star cards and that using 1 Star or 2 Star cards is a good idea sometimes. As your Rank goes up, your maximum available cost will increase, allowing you to use more powerful cards.

Lastly, Supports (cards from friends) are treated as having 0 cost, regardless of rarity.

Keeping Your Account Safe

It is recommended to follow these steps to make it easier to recover your account in case you lose access to it.

Backing Up Your Authkey

Authkey is the file that keeps your account data. If you lose access to the device where you play the game you can simply install the game on another device and copy the Authkey to the game folder. This means that making a copy of your Authkey and keeping it somewhere safe is highly recommended. See Risky Easy Way for information on how to locate your Authkey.

Re-Customizing Your Account

Player Settings screen

From the main menu, select "Options" and then "Player Settings". You will be taken to a screen where you can change your avatar and name (the one you selected when creating the account). It is recommended to fill the Surname and Nickname fields and keep them noted down along with the number of your avatar voice, as Lifewonders will ask for this information if you have to contact their support to recover your account. Don't forget to click on Update after making changes.

Player ID

From the main menu, select "Friends" and then "Search for Allies". On the lower part of the screen you will find your Player ID. Noting this number down is recommended, as it is something Lifewonders will ask you if you have to contact their support to recover your account.

How to Back-up Your Data

To create a transfer code data, simply start up the game, go past the title screen to the map, and go to Options(オプション) on the bottom menu. Then hit Transfer Data (データ引継ぎ) in the middle left.
Enter a password into both boxes of your choosing (English letters only) and hit the bottom-most button. Write down the Code it gives you AND the password you used.
When you're ready or need to use it, start up the game. At the Title Screen, hit the blue button (Account Transfer) on the bottom left. Enter the Code in the top box, and your custom password you made in the bottom box. Then hit the green button.

At time of writing, the transfer codes no longer expires, so this is a recommended way of keeping your account backed up in case of phone data damage or a lost phone. It is recommended you keep your User ID handy and ask for help with contacting the developers in such an event. Or, recover your account using your AuthKey.

NOTE: When you transfer your account to another device using this code, a new Authkey will be created in this device and your account will be bound to this new Authkey, while the previous Authkey will be bound to a new account. So remember to backup this new Authkey after transferring your data, as the previous Authkey will be rendered useless.

See more information in the Tips page.


  • If your team happens to die during a quest, do NOT use a stone to revive your party unless you're absolutely desperate. It's much better just to try again as stamina is no longer lost upon defeat; or, if you don't mind using an exploit, quitting the game right before you die and then restarting the game which allows you to start at a save point before your untimely death.
  • Try to save your AR tickets for event AR banners. You'll have an easier time farming events due to the bonus drop rates associated with event AR equipment.

For more tips, please consult the Tips page for reference.

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