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Event Quests are Time-Limited Quests to commemorate an event, be it about a game update, such as mechanic changes or updates (Campaigns), or an in-game event, such as Valentine's or Christmas.

Large events, such as Valentine's or Christmas, have a long spanning event accompanied by a gacha with units relevant to such event, story-driven series of Main Quests, Free Quests focused on the event-specific drop items, and an event shop to exchange event-specific drop items. Specific event-relevant skills (that can stack, and only require a unit with that skill unlocked in the party), can help with the item quantity dropped. Typically with LW's release schedule, an event will release four tiers of quests which focuses on using specific skills and dropping one item, then one by one they'll release another tier for both items, while the Main Quest typically releases a new pair every other day, typically. It is suggested to wait until all Free Quests are released to farm for items, as the item quantity and drop rates per quest tier increases along with difficulty. After the Free Quests expire, the Main Quest and event exchange shop has a week left, to finish up with the story and let players redeem from the event shop, and after that, bonus quests of short dialogue exchange. It's common practice, this year, for LifeWonders to release "sequels" to past big events of last year while re-releasing last year's bonus quests, and a gacha as a second chance to obtain limited variant units. During these Event periods, it is highly recommended to burn your stamina in the Event Quests, as they offer higher rank XP, and item acquisition per stamina is far fairer.

Non-Event Time-Limited Quests, however, don't follow a regular pattern, like regular large Event Quests. These quests are usually campaigns to commemorate recent game updates and additions, or shorter events, such as New Years and Golden Week.

Below is a list of pertinent, relevant on-going events and their details, while at the bottom is a link for past-events, for posterity sake.

Current Events

New Semester Campaign! 2024

New Semester Campaign! 2024
NS Gacha 1 April 02, 2024 20:00 to April 12, 2024 23:59
NS Gacha 2 April 12, 2024 18:00 to April 23, 2024 13:59
Quests April 02, 2024 20:00 to April 23, 2024 13:59

Another New Semester campaign has begun and with it comes the announcement of two banners that contain a menagerie of new units. Part 1 contains the following units: Hei Long Yi Quan, Prometheus, Belphegor and Ame-no-Uzume. Part 2 contains the following units: Willie Wildcat, Amaterasu, Raven Arthur and Tu'er Shen.

Just like last year there will also be a series of quests that will drop items that you can use to buy things from an event-exclusive shop! The various transients attainable during the campaign will gives boosts to these drops. These boosts go as followed:

*Non-variant cards that show up as their base sprites indicates that you can use any of the transient's cards unless stated otherwise
Part 1 +Bonus (%) Part 2 +Bonus (%) Others +Bonus (%)
Hei Long Yi Quan 40 Willie Wildcat 40 Protagonist 20
Prometheus 40 Amaterasu 40 Kengo 10
Belphegor 30 Raven Arthur 30 Shiro
Ame-no-Uzume 30 Tu'er Shen 30 Ryota
Hei Long Yi Quan 20 Willie Wildcat 20 Toji
Prometheus Amaterasu Moritaka
Belphegor Raven Arthur (Any AR) 10
Ame-no-Uzume Tu'er Shen

Certain units will also be given attack bonuses during the course of the event! These units include:

Part 1 +ATK Bonus (%) Part 2
Hei Long Yi Quan 100 Willie Wildcat
Prometheus Amaterasu
Belphegor Raven Arthur
Ame-no-Uzume Tu'er Shen

A login bonus will be given out everyday for logging in during the event period:

April 3rd Stamina Drink x5 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 4th Greater ATK Blossom x3 Greater HP Blossom x3 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 5th G All-round Boost x50 Stamina Major x2 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 6th Warrior Soul G x50 Stamina Major x2 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 7th Coin x1000000 Stamina Major x4 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 8th Level Seed x1 Stamina Drink x2 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 9th Skill Seed x1 Stamina Drink x2 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 10th AR Token x200 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 11th External Guild Subcontract x1 Guild Alliance Certificate x50
April 12th Rainbow Shard x1000 Guild Alliance Certificate x50

New Semester 2024 Part 1.png

Paid Stone New Semester 2024 Part 1.png

New Semester 2024 Part 2.png

Paid Stone New Semester 2024 Part 2.png

New Semester 2024 Pickup AR Equipment Summon.png

Plans for 2024

An official English translation isn't available on the news site so do handle the information in here with care. LifeWonders revealed their plans for the new year, but details, such as dates and specifics of some of the new features, are still unknown.

  • The Roppongi Dungeon alongside it's story was released.
  • We are approaching the climax of Book 2 of the Main Story. Chapter 15 is targeted to be released in the first half of 2024.
  • Date Quests will be added for: Akiha Gongen, Chernobog, Tindalos, Echo, Kimun Kamui, and more.
  • Sale of the Summopedia Vol. 5 is projected to begin before the end of 2024.
  • LifeWonders will be appearing at the 2023 Winter Comic Market on December 30 and 31.
  • A customizable home screen will be added that can feature your favorite characters, ARs, or images made in My Guild.
  • Optimizations will be made in order to make loading times between screens faster. This is slated to be released in the first half of 2024.
  • Also in the first half of 2024 changes will be made to the Login Bonuses to allow for a more laxed approach for logins, mainly your login streak remaining no matter if you haven't logged in.
  • A feature will be added that displays event bonus amounts on cards.
  • A button will be added on card enhancement screens that will allow you to instantly go to your Message Box.
  • You will be able to use multiple Level Seed or Skill Seed at once.
  • The amount of teams you can save will be expanded from 10 to 15.
  • Guild affiliations will be expanded, including for characters who previously haven't had a guild revealed for them.

Images of Interest

Main Menu

2024UIChangeImageA.png 2024UIChangeImageB.png 2024UIChangeImageC.png 2024UIChangeImageD.png

Event Filters

EventFilterExA.png EventFilterExB.png

Summopedia Vol. 5



On the main map, an area called "Past-Events" will appear, offering quests of events passed for no-stamina cost, but without the rewards. This is mainly for players who originally missed out on these event quests, as pre/post-quest story can always be viewed under Recorded Memories. Naturally, current-running events can't be accessed from the Past-Events area. However, any future events may impose a cost (Transient Stone or Coins)

In order for certain Character Quests to work, this feature is required. For example, Ded's (planned) Character Quest requires completion of the Apprentice Santa's Gift story line.

To avoid clutter of this page, past Event Quests have been moved here.

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However, any future events may impose a cost (Transient Stone or Coins)

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