Event Quest:Raiders of the Lost Isle (2019 November Re-Release)

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Re-Island (2019 Nov)
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Main Quest November 11, 2019 18:00 to December 13, 2019 13:59
Gachas November 11, 2019 18:00 to December 13, 2019 23:59

Event Details

The event gets its second 2019 re-release, with Main and Special Quests returning (with no Free Quests this time around). The Transient Summons will also be re-released. It coincides with the release of its sequel Event Quest:Raiders of the Lost Isle 2: The Promised Undersea City.


The Protagonist and others find themselves stranded on an island afflicted with loss of the memories before their stranding.

E1 The Drifters

The Protagonist is seemingly separated and washed away by a flood. They are awoken by Kijimuna who has also recently woken up, and the two find themselves on an island that Kijimuna's banyan tree identifies as his. The Protagonist is afflicted with amnesia, although later remembers that he washed up on the island at some point and wants to return home. Somewhere else on the island, Tangaroa monologs about his world has been forcibly open and dragging in castaways. He notices a crafted cloth wash ashore toward him, before departing to protect his Tribe Members from an octopus ( Shadow of Triton).

E2 Educator of the Isle

Kijimuna and the Protagonist go shoreside to swim, with matching swimsuits conveniently washing up to their side. While swimming, Kijimuna reiterates wanting to have fun forever, but is understanding of the Protagonist's desire to go home. They are suddenly restrained by island jellies, but are rescued by Triton. Triton introduces himself as an educator who also forgot his memories. He takes the two on as his island summer school students. Elsewhere, an infernal mermaid and merman uses black octopus tentacles to inflict memory loss on Tangaroa's tribe members. Tangaroa attempts to force them off his island Lumia Kanaloa, but is intercepted by his brainwashed tribe members who then inflict the same tentacles on him.

E3 Monsters and Mazes

Asterius monologs about his choice to isolate himself in his labyrinth to avoid conflict with others, before the scene shifts to the island class's newly built banyan house. Triton decides to patrol for any dangers and new students, and confirms to the Protagonist that he'll take on any new students and help them even by force because that's what he wants to do. He sermonizes that all actions are motivated by selfish desire, and that actions are often misguidedly justified as a way to fulfill a morally superior role that doesn't exist. Before departing, Triton asks his students to search for fish (while hoping for other Deserted Island Food besides fish), and an earthquake destroying their house has him lament about finding a student who could collect Deserted Island Materials. The students discover an entrance to Asterius's labyrinth while fishing, and Kijimuna traces Asterius's shack by communicating with a vine from his banyan tree. Asterius reacts hostilely to their invitation, but is worn down in battle. The students tend to his injuries, but Asterius separates himself with his labyrinth, declaring he doesn't need pity and calling the students out for trying to stroke their own ego. The Protagonist remembers Triton's lesson and agrees with that assessment, inviting Asterius to do the same. Asterius pours out his fear of being abandoned again, and went to isolate him to avoid feeling that pain again. He explains his Ax Sacred Artifact protects him by creating the labyrinth around him, although admits if he could he would want to be friends. The Protagonist uses their Sacred Artifact to sever the connection between Asterius and his labyrinth. Asterius convenes with the other students, and offers to fix their house.

E4 The Eternal Paradise

The infernal mermaid reapplies the amnesia-causing tentacles to the Protagonist, who subsequently wonders if this scene was a dream and for how long they've been on the island.

Later, the house is rebuilt and Triton takes Asterius as a student. At night, the Protagonist joins Asterius as he builds desks and stools while relating his memory of being locked away, and saying how living on the island is like a paradise. The Protagonist starts to remind him about returning back, but stops themself, and the two retire. Kurogane later spots their house that night, also afflicted with memory loss, and is driven to upgrade the stools left outside. He is greeted by the Protagonist in the morning.

Elsewhere, Triton's Shadow discuss with his merfolk how some memories may be retained by those with drifter-like Roles that prevent losing oneself no matter how often one is washed away. He then implies an individual can only have one Role, and so forcing a Role exchange may enable his Rule of washing away to work on them. Robinson witnesses this, and goes to check with Triton, the person whose Role he expects to be stolen.

Back at the banyan house, Kurogane explains his power and upgrades the various effects that Asterius builds. The Protagonist comments on how close Asterius has become with everyone due to how long they've been on the island, and the rest of the class except Kijimuna disagree, believing they've only been on the island for a few days. Triton assigns groups for food and material collection, and also notes he found traces of others living on the island. He tells the Protagonist they can't join him, to which they object and express their desire to go home. Kurogane tails the Protagonist as they storm out to the shore .

Kijimuna talks with Asterius while collecting food about the mood shifting down, wondering how important going home is. He also mentions that this island seems very different from the island he remembers before waking up. Kijimuna detects an unknown person, and follows the trace to a village, before the two are attacked.

At dawn, Kurogane invites the player to say what's worrying them, indicating he will listen. They pour that their feeling of being stranded for a long time while everyone doesn't think so is making him go crazy. Kurogane hugs them, letting them know they were heard and that they have him and the others of their class. Kurogane admits that he's been having doubts about their stay length too, drawn out by the incident that morning. Physical evidence of the island being a heterogeneous inconsistent mix of soil and rocks, and of the sand suggesting a flood in the far past added to his suspicion. The two come across a rock with Kurogane's handwriting, whose markings provided concrete proof of at least 100 days past. Tangaroa appears, announcing himself as the creator but not ruler of the island, before attacking the two.

E5 Ruins of the Depths

Triton waits at the banyan house, worrying no one has returned, before being greeted by the infernal mermaid and merman. Back at the beach, Kurogane and the Protagonist succumb to Tangaroa and his tribe members, who then take them to a grand alter. Nomad witnesses this and follows.

The Protagonist and Kurogane discover that their memories were washed away, and that Tangaroa intends to rewash them. Nomad interrupts, holding Tangaroa and his men off as the other two make for the exit. Tangaroa intercepts and gestures to a statue of his master. He describes his master as someone who was wronged with existence being severed, but so generous and forgiving to provide them with the island he pieced together. His master pities the Protagonist due to the memories he has witnessed from them being far worse than his own, and wants to see them eternally happy by submitting those memories. Just as the two are about to be defeated, Nomad distracts them by setting the grand altar and statue ablaze. The Protagonist takes this opportunity to sever the tentacles from Tangaroa, before Nomad carries leads the two outside.

Nomad extracts information from the others, and chaperones them back to the banyan house. Triton welcomes them, and Nomad explains the truth of their situation. Despite the urgency, Triton still insists to take Nomad as a student and Nomad accepts. Triton vows to protect them from having their memories washed again. Asterius and Kijimuna return, after having been rescued by Robinson from an attack by tribe members with black tentacles. Robinson shows up, and Triton comforts Robinson for carrying the burden of remembering when everyone else forgot. Triton had been forced to remember everything, including having Robinson as a student before everyone else.

E6 The Shrouded Isle

The class continued for a few days without an attack. Triton assigns groups for resource scavenging, sending Robinson and the Protagonist to practise swimming. Robinson talks with them about having this conversation several times already, and suggests the entire situation is helpless and can only go with the flow for now.

Later that night, the Protagonist relates Robinson's opinion to Nomad over some fish, and Nomad agrees with Robinson to go with the flow. Nomad reassures them that this isn't giving up, but rather an acceptance that not everything is controllable, and that they can still prepare for whenever a new opportunity to escape arises.

The Protagonist returns to Robinson and apologizes for forgetting. After bawling, Robinson reveals it's been almost a year of everyone meeting, meeting the enemy, having their memories rewashed, and resetting. Robinson learned of the enemy with the Rule to was anything away, and how neither of them with their Roles of Wanderers can oppose him. After explaining Roles and their relation to Rules, Robinson revealed his discovery of the enemy's plan to steal Roles, in order to use a particular Rule. He relays this information so that, when the enemy strikes again, if one loses their memories, the other can still retain them and carry on their chance of victory. They also set a meeting point in case they separate. Kijimuna interrupts to play, but Robinson shoos him away by saying they were gonna see the octopus he was scared of. Asterius tells them that Triton left, and Robinson's bird Poll confirms his destination as the grand altar. Robinson and the Protagonist take different paths to arrive there, while Asterius goes to wake the others.

Protagonist remembers a few days ago when Triton was talking about welcoming his students graduation, and how it's only natural for students to grow past their teacher. In the present at the altar, Triton speaks of a deal with his Shadow, to let his students go home after exchanging his Role of the All-Father with his Shadow's insignificant Role of the Educator.

The exchange is completed, reassembling Dagon (Raiders of the Lost Isle 1). Dagon enlarges and breaks through the altar's roof, with the students sans Robinson grouped in front of him. Dagon explains his history as an All-Father who brought prosperity to people, and how he was in turn rejected of his entirety except for the small part of him known as Triton. They assigned the Role of the All-Father to Triton, while discarding the rest of his existence as a Shadow. He gained tentacles from other creatures, and used them to rebuild himself and wait for the chance to regain his Role. He then formally introduces himself as All-Father Dagon, the Lord of Canaan. His plan to bait Triton with his Role required much time and an isolated world. He forced the seashell-enclosed world Lumia Kanaloa open with his tentacles, bring along the pieces of his own world with him and stitching them together with the island. He then invited Triton in, and closed the world with Triton and his students, using the students as a way to deepen Triton's identity as an educator. This plan was indefinitely continued, with interruption prevented by regularly washing away memories. As part of the deal with Triton, his students will return home with all their memories of Triton washed away. Battle commences.

E7 Turning the Tides

Nomad declares he'll protect his fellow students even if he can't remember them, as his soul recognizes them as long-time friends. Dagon suggests he may have a quality of a drifter too. The Protagonist slashes at Dagon, but cannot separate Dagon from Triton: his Rule of Rending separates an individual from their Rule, but Dagon and Triton are one and the same and cannot be separated. Dagon uses Sacred Artifact to engulf Nomad and Asterius in shadow. Kurogane, Kijimuna, and the Protagonist escape.

The Protagonist recalls the burden that Triton and Robinson shared of being forgotten, and yells in frustration. Kijimuna then stops and confesses he never lost his memories, and wanted to meet everyone for the first time repeatedly. He regrets the tears this situation he let happen brought, and decides to make a stand to protect them. He uses his banyan tree Sacred Artifact to stop Dagon's tentacles, infuriating Dagon for breaking their deal of letting him keep his memories in exchange for not interfering. Kijimuna opens up, saying he first thought he wanted to play with everyone forever even if it meant them forgetting him; however, he didn't expect being forgotten to be so painful. He lets the others escape with Robinson and an unbrainwashed Tangaroa his flying seashell. Kijimuna stays behind, as his powers currently intercepting Dagon depend on him being rooted to the ground. Dagon also cannot leave the ground due to his hold on his Columns to stay unwashed. Kijimuna gives a single branch to the Protagonist before the group escapes.

At his village, Tangaroa explains that Dagon was the creator of his land Canaan, before it was disassembled. Dagon parasitically stitched those fragments onto Tangaroa's island Luna Kanaloa so that it may live on. Those fragments were held in place with the roots of Kijimuna's banyan tree. In other words, Dagon intends to recreate his original home Canaan at the expense of other worlds. If the Protagonist were to return home and complete Triton's deal with his shadow, Dagon would gain full control of the island, with Kijimuna never reawakening and Tangaroa and his tribe members under his rule. On the other hand, if Triton is saved, Dagon may lose his hold over the island and Kijimuna may reawaken. Tangaroa also notes that although he was brainwashed, he and Kijimuna never forgot because their roots were tied deeply to the island. Robinson hypothesizes Dagon bluffed about intentionally letting Kijimuna keep his memories because he didn't want to risk creating an Exception that would threaten to destroy the already unstable reassembled Canaan.

Robinson then explains he hunts inhabitants of Shadow realms, traveling between worlds as a drifter to find them. This was a role passed down unto him by his father, as a protector of worlds. His drifting eventually marooned him in Luna Kanaloa. The group is then attacked by brainwashed Nomad, Asterius, and tribe members.

E8 Island in Ruin

Narration explains Tangaroa Kairyu, the power that is passed down between Tangaroas of previous generations by an inherited staff that can be used to consult the memories of all past Tangaroas. However, this made Tangaroa ill prepared for Dagon's attack, an experience like which no previous Tangaroa had. Tangaroa has a breakthrough, now taking charge with his own self instead of riding off the wisdom of his ancestors.

In the present, the infernal mermaid reveals Dagon's plan to destroy rather than steal Lumia Kanaloa, apparently as a form of twisted compassion to grant the peace of death. Tangaroa traps the brainwashed tribe members and infernal merfolk in seashells with his Sacred Artifact. The damage done from inside the shell does not damage the shells but rather Tangaroa himself: the shell, his island and world, and his flesh and past Tangaroas are the same entity. For his sacrifice as a father he asks for nothing else except for encouragement, which Robinson provides.

Kijimuna's branch that the Protagonist carries helps the Protagonist and Kurogane blow Nomad and Asterius away, giving them the chance to rend the tentacles controlling them. Tangaroa releases his seashell grip after the tribe members exhaust themselves, and let the merfolk return to Dagon.

The students come up with a plan to find Triton and to deal with the tentacles that would obstruct a clear shot to Dagon for Robinson to use his Rule of Separation. Kurogane posits that destroying the bedrock holding Dagon's Columns will destabilize his powers, loosening his control over the tentacles. He would look for a weak point of the weakly stitched island with his arm.

After reporting their failure, the infernal merfolk lose their form as Dagon takes his tentacles back. The creation of long forgotten merfolk as Shadows was only possible with his Columns holding them together. As the foreign tentacles return to him, he loses his sanity and he grows to titanic proportions.

Tangaroa pilots a seashell mid-air with the Protagonist in tow to distract Dagon. Meanwhile, Kurogane scans the island ground and successfully finds a weak point. He launches Robinson in the air with Kijimuna's branch, and Robinson infuses his bullets with his Rule to shoot the distant weak point. The patchwork island collapses the Columns, making Dagon lose his footing and letting Tangaroa seal him in a seashell. The Protagonist lands and has his Sacred Artifact temporarily upgraded by Kurogane, using the power he harnessed from the cracking island. The Protagonist strikes Dagon to cut his control over the tentacles.

E9 Paradise Lost

Robinson follows up with a shot to separate Triton from Dagon. As Dagon fades, he tells the Protagonist he was envious of Triton for being able to protect and live beside someone. He sermonizes that, although Roles exist, people are not necessarily bound to them. He also suggests that the experience he and Robinson had made him enslaved to their Roles, trapped in the System mankind created. This System reduces those who do not fit in into Shadows, by making people who believe they have lost a Role become shadows of their former selves. As he fades, Kijimuna's branch blooms.

Everyone says their piece as to each other as they prepare to return home. No one has yet to spot Kijimuna except for Triton, who sees him at the beach. Triton asks about his reasoning for not wanting to see the others, but he remains silent. He then says they were apparently summoned by Dagon, so their return will only require Tangaroa to open his world seashell to connect their worlds (similar to how Gates connect worlds) and for the students to cut their Pact with Dagon. The summoned cannot choose their summoner, and similarly, the summoner will only summon whoever is able to answer their call. Luna Kanaloa became a Battle Zone, and so Dagon's defeat would lead to the termination of the Battle Zone, the resetting of Dagon's power, and the undoing of all their forgotten days; however, it is uncertain if they will keep their memories after desummoning. Triton tells Kijimuna he should say goodbye since it may be the last they'll meet, although Kijimuna avoids directly answering asks about some flowers growing on hard stone. Triton says, like people, the flowers will carry on leading their way of life despite how others may see it.

A few days later, Tangaroa opens the shell, and the summoned are returned home, with their memories of the island slipping away. Back in Tokyo, Shiro checks on the Protagonist's condition as he expressed concern with Triton how they both disappeared for an hour during their field trip to Dream Island. Triton comments on the branch the Protagonist was found holding onto when their class found them. Moments later, the Protagonist alone in their room sees an unfamiliar name on the branch, and suddenly Kijimuna is summoned in their room.

Event Quest

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