Event Quest:O' the Great Gendarme (2020 Re-Release)

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O' the Great Gendarme (2020 Re-Release)
Quests From March 18, 2020 at 18:00 until April 01, 2020 at 13:59
All Transient Summons From March 18, 2020 at 18:00 until April 01, 2020 at 13:59
Daily Clash From March 23, 2020 at 18:00 until April 05, 2020 at 23:59

Event Details

Lifewonders is re-releasing the former Gendarme event, this time, localized, featuring also all its former features from when it was initially ran, including the Transient Summon (featuring Zao (Gendarme), Shuten (Gendarme), Ikutoshi (Gendarme), Durga) , the Free Quests to farm event materials + Event Shop to spend them on, the unique Formations system, the Special Quests and High Difficulty Quests.

The currency to farm in these Free quests is Energy Bar and Sports Drink and all bonus units listed below raise the amount earned for both:

Card Bonus % Card Bonus %
Zao (Gendarme) 40 Zao (Regular ☆3/☆4) 30
Shuten (any card) 30 Ikutoshi (any card) 30
Durga (any card) 30 Gunzo (any card) 30
Chernobog (any card) 30 Andvari (any card) 30
Kagutsuchi (any card) 30 Ibaraki (any card) 30
Ashigara (any card) 30 Kyuma (any card) 30
(Any AR from AR Summons) 10

In addition to that, the Clash! High Difficulty quests featuring various Main Story guilds will be available once more, with additional modifications to them mentioned by Lifewonders.

Furthermore, a movie section will be added to the options menu where you can watch the 3rd anniversary animation. New animations will also be added for regular attacks based on weapon types as well in the Battle System.

Adding to that, the Transient Summons from New Semester 2018 (1, 2) and New Semester 2019 (1, 2) are being reprinted for the event duration, these banners including the regular base high rarity cards of Wakan Tanka, Amatsumara, Musashi, Christine, Thunderbird, Shino, Avarga, Tetsuya, Tsukuyomi, Algernon, Oz, Ose, Breke, Mineaki and Korpokkur.

Finally, a new batch of Skill Quest will be added later during the event period. The skills receiving a Skill Evolution Quest are the following:

High Difficulty Clash! Quests

Starting on the 23rd March of the current year, Lifewonders will be reprinting the Guild Clash! High Difficulty Quests. This release will happen daily throughout the whole week, each day adding a new Guild Clash! Quest up until Friday with the re-release of the Summoners Clash! quest. As stated previously, these challenge quests will be slightly altered and new rewards will be obtainable from them. The quests will be released in the following order: Berserkers, Missionaries, Tycoons, Genociders and Summoners.

Transient Summons






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17 days ago
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You can check it in the original Gendarme page(link to it is the first link on the event details section of this page) for more details but there are a total of 7 episodes, each of them with two parts. This, excluding the prologue and Epilogue.
No. 4898
17 days ago
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How many story chapters is O' the Great Gendarme?

I can't find archives of it and I need to organize
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