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Marine Resort Crisis! ~Midsummer's Seaside School with You 2~
News Link
Gacha August 29, 2023 20:00 to September 26, 2023 13:59
Main Quests August 29, 2023 20:00 to September 26, 2023 13:59
Free Quests August 29, 2023 20:00 to September 26, 2023 13:59
Item Exchange August 29, 2023 20:00 to October 03, 2023 13:59
High Difficulty Quests August 29, 2023 20:00 to September 26, 2023 13:59

Event Details

Lifewonders releases their second summer event of the year featuring the new welfare unit Reprobus and the variant of a gacha limited unit for the first time ever with Dagon, the second variant of Arsalan, and long-awaited variants of Gullinbursti and Behemoth. The event is considered to be a sequel to Midsummer's Seaside School with You and is inspired by summer shark attack movies.

The units and ARs above provide a bonus to the event free quests shown below:

*Non-variant cards that show up as their base sprites indicates that you can use any of the transient's cards unless stated otherwise
ボンベ型サメバスター マスカレードマスク Both
Card +Bonus (%) Card +Bonus (%) Card +Bonus (%) Card +Bonus (%)
Dagon (Summer) 40 Arsalan (Summer) 40 Reprobus (Regular ☆4) 20 Reprobus 10
Behemoth (Summer) 30 Gullinbursti (Summer) 30 Ulaanbaatar 10 Taishakuten 10
Dagon 10 Arsalan 10 Barong 10 Protagonist 10
Behemoth 10 Gullinbursti 10 All AR Equipment 20 All units with a swimsuit skin 10

Quest Details

Special Quests

Character Translation
Reprobus Link
Dagon Link
Arsalan Link
Behemoth Link
Gullinbursti Link


The following banners are available during the campaign period:

Marine Resort Crisis! Transient Summon.png

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