Battle between Swordsmith and Swordsman

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Battle between Swordsmith and Swordsman
Rarity 4
BomBom, oaks
効果1Increases HP by 100~200
効果2Increases ATK by 300~600
一身是鍛 イチナルキョウチNo additional CS effects
[After AttackingFor each unit with >0HP hit. Triggered and applied after damage calculation, after the target's [After Being Hit] effects.] Apply Remove BuffRemove one buff (Debuff) to hit units / 18~36%
[Defense ModifierAll multipliers stack with each other.] Take 0.8x damage from 0.45x ATK penaltySlash-ranged enemies
    Take 0.8x damage from 0.32x ATK penaltyLong Slash-ranged enemies / 100%
Element none.pngALL-ROUND
Element fire.pngFIRE
0.45x ATK penaltySlash
Show applicable transients (221)
Red Agent (☆2)
Aizen (☆3)
Aizen (☆5)
Aizen (☆4 Jamboree)
Fire Alchemist (☆2)
Alice (☆5 Halloween)
Amatsumara (☆3)
Amatsumara (☆4)
Amatsumara (☆4 Fashionista)
Fire Angel (☆1)
Arc (☆3)
Arc (☆4)
Arc (☆5 Valentine)
Asterius (☆4 Island)
Babalon (☆4 Jiangshi)
Barguest (☆4 Valentine)
Fire Baron (☆2)
Barong (☆3)
Barong (☆4)
Behemoth (☆4)
Boogeyman (☆3)
Boogeyman (☆4)
Breke (☆3)
Breke (☆4)
Breke (☆4 Nightglows)
Catoblepas (☆4 Summer)
Chernobog (☆5)
Chernobog (☆5 Beachside)
Choji (☆3)
Choji (☆4)
Christine (☆3)
Christine (☆4)
Infernal Ciramantep (☆2)
Valiant Ciramantep (☆2)
World Ciramantep (☆2)
Fire Ciramantep (☆2)
Water Ciramantep (☆2)
Wood Ciramantep (☆2)
Aether Ciramantep (☆2)
Nether Ciramantep (☆2)
Claude (☆3)
Claude (☆5)
Cthugha (☆3)
Cthugha (☆5)
Dagon (☆3)
Dagon (☆5)
Ded (☆5 Christmas)
Fire Deity (☆2)
Red Devil (☆1)
Ruby Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Durga (☆4 Nightmare)
Fire Einherjar (☆2)
Water Einherjar (☆2)
Wood Einherjar (☆2)
Aether Einherjar (☆2)
Nether Einherjar (☆2)
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Yellow Fencer (☆1)
Purple Fencer (☆1)
Fuxi (☆3)
Gabriel (☆4 Valentine)
Ganglie (☆3)
Ganglie (☆4)
Red Ghost (☆1)
Fire Giant (☆2)
Goemon (☆3)
Goemon (☆4)
Gorozaemon (☆3)
Gorozaemon (☆4)
Gullinbursti (☆4)
Gunzo (☆3)
Gunzo (☆4)
Gyumao (☆3)
Gyumao (☆5)
Hakumen (☆3)
Hakumen (☆4)
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Hanuman (☆4)
Hekate (☆3)
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Hephaestus (☆5)
Hephaestus (☆5 Summer)
Heracles (☆5 Pool)
Hogen (☆3)
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Hombre Tigre (☆4 Summer)
Horkeu Kamui (☆5)
Horkeu Kamui (☆5 Hot Paradise)
Ibaraki (☆3)
Ibaraki (☆4)
Ifrit (☆3)
Ifrit (☆4)
Ikutoshi (☆4 Gendarme)
Itzamna (☆3)
Itzamna (☆4)
Fire Jiangshi (☆2)
Jinn (☆3)
Jinn (☆5)
Jiraiya (☆3)
Jugo (☆3)
Jugo (☆4)
Kagutsuchi (☆3)
Kagutsuchi (☆4)
Kalki (☆3)
Kalki (☆4)
Kimun Kamui (☆3)
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Kotaro (☆3)
Kotaro (☆5)
Krampus (☆3)
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Musashi (☆4)
Nezha (☆3)
Infernal Night Gaunt (☆2)
Valiant Night Gaunt (☆2)
World Night Gaunt (☆2)
Fire Night Gaunt (☆2)
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Aether Night Gaunt (☆2)
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Tvastar (☆4)
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Red Wolf (☆1)
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Xolotl (☆5 Hot Paradise)
Red Yaksha (☆2)
Yasuyori (☆3)
Yoritomo (☆3)
Yoritomo (☆5)
Yoshito (☆3)
Zabaniyya (☆3)
Zhurong (☆4)
Ziz (☆4 Christmas)
Translated from Japanese
"No, don't do that, old man Amatsumara. I don't want to take a bath!"

"Oh, be quiet, Musashi! It's important to polish and care for your sword and body."

Swords, axes, iron bells, you name it. Amatsumara is a renowned blacksmith in his home world. In particular, his specialty is his mastery of polishing metals to a shine. It is said that a sword made by Amatsumara is like a beautiful mirror, reflecting the heart and soul of the wielder. For Musashi, on the other hand, a sword is nothing more than a tool. Even if it's the most famous sword in the world, throwing it is a part of the art of war. What is unnecessary in a real battle is to be put off until later. It's not only about taking care of your weapon, but also about taking care of your body. Even if he thinks he's taking good care of his borrowed body, he's sometimes covered in mud and sweat. How could two such people not clash? Today, the voices of swordsman and swordsmith echo in the skies of Kamata, Ota Ward.

Official Japanese

「ええい、大人しくせんかあ、ムサシ!! 刀も体も、磨きと手入れが肝心よ」 刀斧に鉄鐸、何でもござれ。 アマツマラは故郷の世界でも名うての鍛冶師である。 中でも得意は、金属をピカピカに磨き上げるその匠の技だ。 アマツマラが手掛けた刀は、まるで芸術品の鏡が如く、振るう者の心根を映し出すという。 一方のムサシにとって、刀とは道具以外の何物でもない。 天下に名高き名刀だとて、投げつけることさえ兵法の内。 実戦において不要なことは、とことん後回しにうっちゃらかすのだ。 それは得物の手入れのみにあらず、体の手入れもまた同じ。 借り物の体だからと大事にしているつもりでも、時に泥んこ汗まみれ。 そんな2人が衝突しない訳がない。 今日も大田区・蒲田の空に、剣豪と鍛冶師の声が木霊する。


Event Line
Profile Musashi: No, don't do that, old man Amatsumara. I don't want to take a bath!
Amatsumara: Oh, be quiet, Musashi! It's important to polish and care for your sword and body.
Charge Musashi: Hey, let's go! Can you keep up, old man?
Amatsumara: Who do you think I am, young man!? Don't lag behind yourself.
Both: A great sword, like a brilliant mirror! Light it up, Ichinaru Kyouchi!


  • The CS name is "Ichinaru Kyouchi: Full-Bodied Discipline"
  • Despite being present in the picture, Kurogane cannot equip this AR.

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No. 13095
3 months ago
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Oh wow I never realized how uber LEWD this art is
Anonymous user
No. 10128
16 months ago
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Don't greyscale this AR
Anonymous user
No. 9065
19 months ago
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"No, stop it, Amatsumara's old man. Only the bath is a forgiveness !?"

"Yeah, I'm quiet, Musashi !! It's important to polish and care for your sword and body." Amatsumara is a well-known blacksmith in his hometown. Above all, he is good at the craftsmanship of polishing metal to make it shiny. The sword designed by Ama-Tsu-Mara is said to reflect the heart of the wielder, like a mirror of a work of art. For Musashi, a sword is nothing more than a tool. Even throwing a famous sword in the world is part of the military art. What you don't need in a real battle is to mess around with it. It's not just about taking care of your specialties, it's about taking care of your body as well. Even if I think I'm cherishing it because it's a borrowed body, sometimes it's covered with muddy sweat. There is no reason why such two people do not collide. Even today, the voices of a swordsman and a blacksmith echo in the sky of Kamata, Ota Ward.
Anonymous user
No. 6020
28 months ago
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Ok but with this our protagonist resist 4 types of damage lol
Anonymous user
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28 months ago
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Take a bath You STINKY!
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