Event Quest:Year of the Wildest Boar (2020 Re-release)

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Year of the Wildest Boar (2020 Re-release)
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Main Quest January 01, 2020 00:00 to January 20, 2020 13:59
Gacha January 01, 2020 00:00 to January 20, 2020 13:59

Event details

Coinciding with the release of the new 2020 New Years event Osechi, the Mouse, and the Sweeper, the 2019 New Years event Year of the Wildest Boar received its first re-release complete with English and Chinese translations for the Main Quest. The gacha for This re-release does not feature any other Quests or an Item Exchange.

Release in the tail end of the Christmas season and coinciding with the release of Mystic Christmas! The Obliging Santa's Present, The New Champion of Christmas has its first re-release complete with English and Chinese translations of Main Quests and Special Quests, as well as two Transient Summons: the matching Transient Summon for the event, and a Transient Summon re-release for Battle of the Bells! An Ikebukuro Christmas. This re-release does not feature Free Quests or an Item Exchange.

Featured Characters

Featured in Transient Summon

Other Main Characters

Minor Characters


Prologue: A Slimy Spring Cleaning

Gullinbursti narrates how, although he was forged for his master, the Warrior of Light Freyr, and expected to serve his purpose only when he broke, Freyr had died before him while Gullinbursti was not with him. Without a purpose, he continued seeking battle blindly to lay down his life, with only Freyr's sword as a memento. He heeds the summoning call of the Protagonist, who he recognizes as his master.

In the Summoners' safe house Portal, Kengo, Shiro, and the Protagonist finish up winter cleaning. Agyo invites the Protagonist to visit Toji's shrine of residence, with Tsathoggua joining to Shiro's behest as he makes food preparations. Toji invites them toward the shrine to pray, although Tsathoggua decides to hang back. Agyo and the Protagonist make a Coin offering to the shrine, and the Protagonist makes their wish the well-being of current friends and for new company. From a sudden summoning light, Gullinbursti appears. Everyone including Gullinbursti is unsure where his Summoner is, and so search for them but to no avail. The group, however, find that Dust Slimes have begun spreading litter across the shrine. They attack Agyo due to a seeming dislike for the cleaning equipment he has, and battle ensues.

Agyo goes to retrieve Tsathoggua for help, but is chased by Dust Slimes. Temujin appears and intercepts the chasing slimes. He introduces himself, and invites the Protagonist to bear his children before recognizing a soul inside them as a companion who once rejected his invitation to his horde. He imposes a choice of battle to the death or to carry his progeny, although the others interject. Tsathoggua reconvenes and Toji summarizes how the Dust Slimes spread litter and act against efforts to clean up the mess. The group resolves to deal with the issue, including Temujin who wants the issue resolved to hear the Protagonist's answer. Tsathoggua leads them to where his instincts tell him where the next Dust Slimes are. Toji stays behind, wondering how Tsathoggua knows where to go.

Lil' Salomon appears briefly, complaining he's been forgotten by the Protagonist again, and vows to ignore them.

E1 Left in the Dust

Tsathoggua orders a taxi for the group. Temujin talks about his Rule and his way of spreading his legacy through progeny, and Gullinbursti sympathized with the idea of making strong warriors. The two, however, argue over who should sit next to the Protagonist.

They arrive in Kamata Technical Academy, briefly discussing how the Academy is not considered territory to conquer by other guilds. Kurogane welcomes them and refers Gullinbursti to Amatsumara. Tsathoggua leads the group to a Dust Slime congregation in the factory, with Amatsumara as first witness. Battle ensues.

The Dust Slimes escape. Amatsumara tells Gullinbursti he can't do much if he doesn't know his Summoner, but assured him he was summoned indicates his Summoner needed him, and that he should keep looking for the reason of why he was summoned. Gullinbursti is troubled, both wanting to stay to explore and to return home to find out what happened Yggdrasil after the battle his master died in. The Protagonist reassures him, and Agyo offers his joining the guild, to which Gullinbursti says he'll think about it. Temujin reminisces of the one traitor he looked fondly to, of which the Protagonist reminded him. The group taxis to Tsathoggua's lead.

E2 Playing Dirty

The group arrives at Yoyogi Academy. Tsathoggua comments how they seem to be attracted to schools, which tend to have garbage, and how attacking them doesn't seem to do any good. Agyo notes that there should still be a source and that it's strange only Tsathoggua knows where they are, with Temujin chiming in he may know more than he lets on. Tsathoggua dodges and directs them to the sports clubhouse.

Inside, Durga tells Gunzo about the Dust Slimes and enlists his help to catch them. The group meets with them and coordinates a plan to flush them out of the building, with Gullinbursti waiting to attack at the building entrance.

The plan goes successfully, although Temujin had to eliminate some Slimes Gullinbursti missed. Gullinbursti states he needs more training, and explains that although he is strong, it is not by his own merits as a boar that was created to be strong. The group taxis to their next destination, Tokyo Casino, rebuilt from its destruction in Chapter 5. Tsathoggua traces the source of the Slimes to his room there, the temple of N'Kai. Inside, they find Xolotl dealing with Dust Slimes and offer their aid. Agyo, however, is surrounded and abducted by the Slimes.

E3 Casino Calamity

Gullinbursti continues narration about his role as a double for his master to take his fall, and how he has no direction to go because of his robbed role.

Tsathoggua teleports the group to the corridor before his room, saying his own room is too filled with Slimes to teleport safely. Gullinbursti charges against the slimes, and Temujin chastises him for blindly believing everything can be solved by strength, and that he has mistaken his true goal with his means to his goal of becoming stronger. Gullinbursti recognizes his current goal of trying to save Agyo, and destroys the walls to create a path directly to him. Temujin covers their back as Gullinbursti and the Protagonist go ahead.

Just as the Protagonist is out of sight, Temujin collapses, and Tsathoggua's lackeys catch his fall. Tsathoggua uses Temujin's own words against him, saying his own wide view let him recognize his exhaustion. The two continue making progress to catch up.

The Protagonist and Gullinbursti find Agyo smothered in an enormous Dust Slime, free to enlarge by the strange lack of gravity in the temple. Gullinbursti volunteers his life to attack the Slime, assuring the Protagonist he'll just regenerate, and even if he cannot be salvaged his Rule would form another Gullinbursti. The Protagonist objects, and goes on to rescue Agyo. Gullinbursti becomes invigorated, refusing to let the Protagonist or anyone else die without him again, and to protect everyone including himself. He learns that his role is not one of a slayer or a gloryseeker, but that of a protector. Tsathoggua teleports to Agyo, and then teleports with him to safety, just as Gullinbursti charges in to strike.

The giant Dust Slime defeated does not dissipate, but rather splits into several dustless regular Slimes that then make their leave. Agyo weeps out of frustration and thankfulness, and scolds Gullinbursti for being so reckless and not considering how others would feel if he got himself hurt. Gullinbursti also cries and thanks Agyo, as he begins understanding his masters intent for leaving him behind. Temujin catches up and reminds them the source at Tsathoggua's room is still not addressed.

They enter his room and find Tsathoggua's lackeys throwing Dust Slimes out of his room, along with only the most obvious garbage. However, they don't clean any of the mess outside of that, and from this mess the Dust Slimes spawn. The Dust Slimes themselves form from swabs of the lackeys themselves, which in turn are corrupted by the foul aura of the room. The group cleans the room.


Outside of Tokyo Casino, Agyo thanks Gullinbursti and Temujin for their help. Gullinbursti expresses his greater thankfulness for having met Arathun, and contacts the player. This reveals the Summoning Emblem on both their bodies, confirming the Protagonist was his Summoner. Gullinbursti feels conflicted to feel a connection with someone other than his master, although he admits he sees a lot in the Protagonist that remind him of Freyr. Temujin clarifies the Protagonist's mixture of souls, and says that he should not hesitate with his feelings just as Temujin sees his old companion and the Protagonist as one and the same. Temujin then proposes two choices for the Protagonist: to bear his seed, or to swear fealty to him, and that he won't allow another to touch them until then. Gullinbursti recognizes Temujin's strength, and turns to the Protagonist. He sees them as his new master and does not seek to return to his homeworld Yggdrasil anymore. He worries about his connection to the new world, however, and seeks to strengthen that foundation by having the Protagonist bear his children. Temujin possessively denies this, and Agyo insists he's rushing things. Gullinbursti retracts, although says once they next meet he'll be honed enough for the Protagonist to have to choose him. He says that, if he now has to protect himself, he must be able to create those that can sacrifice themself in the Protagonist's place. The Protagonist in turn refuses him as his master, breaking their contract and preventing their Summoning Emblems from showing upon contact again. Gullinbursti makes his leave to reflect on why he was rejected, but reaffirms his promise of their next meeting to be decisive. Temujin similarly makes his leave. Agyo, Tsathoggua, and the Protagonist taxi back to Toji's shrine.

Agyo invites Toji back to the safe house for the New Years food Shiro prepared. Toji goes to redress as the others make one final wish in the shrine. Agyo's wish turned out to be a message of thankfulness for his friends addressed to his grandfather.


In a collided mountain range, Gullinbursti continues his training. He sits and reflects how all his training and thinking has not led him to an answer explaining the Protagonist's rejection. The fact that his body and mind was designed specifically for his master but that he was still rejected afflicts him. Zao appears and surprises Gullinbursti; with Zao are Chernobog, Durga, the Protagonist, and Agyo, all except the last as part of the mountaineering club. At Toji's shrine, Agyo, the Protagonist, and Shiro explain they want him to join them in a mochi making party.

The party proceeds with the Summoners, Ganglie, students of Yoyogi Academy, Kiou Police School helping out in some way and enjoying the food and other festivities. As dawn sets, the attendees begin to head home. All who remains awake and present are Gullinbursti and the Protagonist. Gullinbursti comments on how the party was what he expected: an opportunity to strengthen bonds between friends. He is confused, however, of why the Protagonist would summon him if he has so many friends that would suffice in his place. The Protagonist asks him to stop saying that, and told him Agyo wanted him here. Gullinbursti begins his leave, unsure of what to say to Agyo, but Toji offers him some mochi he made as a parting gift. Although their misshapenness reminds Gullinbursti of himself, Toji insists he should enjoy what is unique even if imperfect.

The Protagonist, now alone, checks on Lil' Salomon, who is being difficult due to being neglected. They talk about how Gullinbursti and the Protagonist had a disagreement, and they pass some mochi to Salomon with a sigh.

Event Quest

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