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Plans for 2021
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Duration December 02, 2020 00:00 to December 01, 2021 23:59

An official English translation isn't available on the news site so do handle the information in here with care. LifeWonders revealed their plans for the new year, but details, such as dates and specifics of some of the new features, are still unknown.

  • A new batch of Date Quests is due to be released by the end of June for the following characters: Shino, Ashigara, Horkeu Kamui, Alice, Wakan Tanka.
  • A new dungeon with a brand new gimmick is to be released by Spring and translations for the Shinjuku and Ikebukuro dungeons at the same time.
  • A special battle is planned to be release where Protagonist's sacred artifact level can be increased.
  • New Tokyo Afterschool Summoners related merch is scheduled to be released.