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GoGo! Remote Island Expedition
News Link
Main Quest November 30, 2017 19:00 to December 23, 2017 23:59
Free Quest November 30, 2017 19:00 to December 17, 2017 23:59

Event Details

GoGo! Remote Island Expedition

Main Quest
Event Exchange
November 30th, 2017 19:00 -> December 23rd, 23:59 ( planned )
Free Quest Duration November 30th, 2017 19:00 -> December 17th, 23:59 ( planned )


Food of the Remote Island Increase Material of the Remote Island
Islander +10% Islander
Flow Changer +10% Abyss Dweller
Survivor +20% Creator of Heaven and Earth
Reflector of Waves +20% Engulfer of Islands
Courageous 10% 40% Inventor

Once again, LW releases another Event Quest.

  • This time around, an event unit (Kijimuna) will be issued.
  • The event items dropped this time around will be Food of the Remote Island and Material of the Remote Island. As for what skills will increase what, those details are unknown.
  • New skill effect Attract. Units under this effect will move closer towards the enemy.
  • units (Tribesman) will drop during this quest; these units possess skills to aid in clearing the quest (and increasing drop quantities).
  • This time around, multiple skills will increase the multiplier for event item quantities.

Quest Details

Due to this event being out of print, quest details have moved here.

However, below are the scenarios for this event.

Main Quest

Chapter 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Part 2
Chapter 2 Part 1 Chapter 2 Part 2
Chapter 3 Part 1 Chapter 3 Part 2
Chapter 4 Part 1 Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 5 Part 1 Chapter 5 Part 2
Chapter 6 Part 1 Chapter 6 Part 2
Chapter 7 Part 1 Chapter 7 Part 2
Chapter 8 Part 1 Chapter 8 Part 2
Chapter 9 (Finale)

Bonus Quest

The Last Three Days with You series of quests receive another wave of wholesome exposition was released for the following units (who received screen time during this event):


These subquests are costless and can be repeatable through the in-game memories function.



Kijimuna expression neutral.png
Hey hey, you got some fish and wood! Exchange them quick so we can go play!
[1] Come on Master, let's go swimming! The ocean around the island is a beauty!
[2] Well, I am like a child. Going for a swim then tucking myself in the shade like a tired baby.
Hey, I can be mischievious too, uhehehe~.
[3] How come you look so bored, Master? We should spend some time playing together!
Okay, I will cook some tasty fish for you!
[4] I am the gajumaru. I am the one who protects the island. I am part of the Earth that nurtures life.
[5] Coochy-coo~ Hehehe, did I surprise you? It's fun playing tricks on people.
A reaction like that makes a child happy.
[6] Come on! It's great on the island today. Even though I am the image left behind by the gajumaru tree,
let's spend some time swimming around the island!
Tangaroa expression neutral.png
My dear child. Train, and become strong. Your father will pray for your well-being on this day. Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card2_2.ogg"
Everyone on this island is my dear child. My wish for everyone’s eternal happiness is my greatest pleasure. Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card2_3.ogg"
The tears thou shed will soak this island’s soil. Cry all thou need, my dear child. Let your father accept your sorrows. Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card2_4.ogg"
The holy water that flows down the rivers is my blood, and the ground thou harvest is my flesh. Please, covet all thou
need from this island. The prosperity of the people living on this island is my joy.
Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card2_5.ogg"
There does not need to be a blood relationship between a father and his children, if one can put a smile on the other’s
face. If that is the case, I will treat them as my children as well.
Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card2_6.ogg"
Strive and pursue leading a fulfilling life, my child. The sea and the earth will bless thou on your way. Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card2_1.ogg"
Asterios expression island neutral.png
How can a friend like me fit in? I thought I was the only one on the island...
I'm not so sure...

Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card3_2.ogg"

Are you afraid of being inside a cave? It's fine because I'm used to it.
However, the outside is rather terrifying...
Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card3_3.ogg"
Don't worry, I'm not alone! I'm scared being inside a cave but I can still do my best for my friend!

Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card3_4.ogg"

I used to live in a dark cave that turned into a labyrinth. Here, I will remember that...
But now I have a friend, so it's alright.
Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card3_5.ogg"
When I was a child, I wanted someone to play with. But...I gave up.
All the children were afraid of me...

Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card3_6.ogg"

Y...Yo! The weather is nice today. Well, call for me if you need to carry boulders or logs.
Heavy labor is something I'm good at.
Error loading file:"voice_event_island2017_card3_1.ogg"
Kurogane expression b neutral.png
Ooh! That's a lot, Junior! So, what should we make out of this?
[1] Ah, good morning Junior! You look happy today. Seeing that makes me feel like I can continue doing my best!
[2] Art starts from muscles, it's my favorite phrase to go by. There's no harm done if you train, Junior!
Alright, let's power-lift together!
[3] What's wrong, Junior? Try to stay strong. If anything happens, you can depend on me!
[4] Someday, I will reveal the secret behind that gate. I have...... always thought about it since I was a child.
I want to meet my real Father and Mother......
[5] Uwaah, s-stop! I-idiot! Quit it, Junior! My dignity as a Senpai is ruined...... Hiyaaaa!!
[6] D.I.Y..... taking, building and putting things to use for yourself.
Nomad expression island neutral.png
Rely on your survival skills now that we're adrift. Alright - what will you exchange?
[1] Health is the asset of a detective and it's a part of your job to manage it.
"I don't want to be lectured by the always-starving-broke-detective?" Shut up and eat the fish I caught! Ora!
[2] It's not bad living in this remote island at all. I'm not caught up by time, and I don't need to worry about money......
Sigh I need to start filing up the mountain of bills on my desk when I get back......
[3] What's that face you're making kid. Speak up if there's something that troubles you.
What, caring the mental health of my assistant is also a detective's job......well we're drifted to this remote island, though.
[4] O-oi, where are you touching! Even if you're my assistant, there's things that you can do and can't do......
HIYAaa! Stop it you idiot! I'm gonna beat you!
[5] I'm good at survival? Well, I'm confident in keeping myself alive. It's better than getting a cut-off of the electricity in my office.
[6] Well well, this is something unexpected isn't it......In this case we're on the same boat now. I'm counting on you, buddy.
Robinson expression neutral.png
The results of the expedition, exchange them wisely. Captain! That is a lot. Hehe, what will you give me?
[1] Leave the food supply to me. Well, what would you like to eat today? It's up to you, Captain.
[2] N-no..... These aren't tears...... the coconut stung my eyes...... leave me alone! Stupid Captain!
[3] I miss my home. Hey, I'm not a kid, Captain. Yeah yeah, if I'm feeling lonely, you can pat my head......
[4] I can't remember where I came from. I wonder if my family is worried about me......
Eheh, I wish I could remember right now......
[5] Uwaa, C-Captain, quit it! I'm not used being touched there......!!
[6] Good morning, Captain! The weather is fine today! Come on, let's check out more of the island!
Ehehe, this isn't the time to be down!
Triton expression neutral.png
Mmm, monitoring the pupil's growth is the duty of a teacher! Frankly, you will receive a mark of your growth. Come!
[1] School regulations, they're solely for discipline! Discipline is part of a student's livelihood!
I will not allow you to become a problematic child!
[2] As a teacher, I will guide you today to the best of my ability. You won't regret receiving my guidance.
I will watch over your growth to the best of my ability!
[3] Huh!? Why are you crying? W-was the guidance a little too strict? I see! Should I be as gentle as the sea?
[4] I know I am called a strict teacher, but occasionally I just bear with it. Hey...... are you afraid of me?
[5] Hey! Don't come near me! Don't touch the fillets! They're sensitive......! Noooooo!!
[6] Good morning! Yes, that sounds good. A good greeting is the best way to start the day off.
Come on, let's head to the ocean!


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