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Chapter 1

The Mysterious Transient Student

Chapter 2

Clash of the Divine Artifacts

Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Tycoons Prelude

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Genociders Prelude

Chapter 8


Chapter 9


Chapter 10

Warmongers Prelude

Chapter 11


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No. 8775
4 months ago
Score 0++
They really need to make an anime in the future... or maybe a manga
No. 7203
9 months ago
Score 0++
Hiya , if any at all were curious , theres this website called ( or you can just google housamo blog and it should come up) and they have several fan translations of quests and even chapter 10 and even parts of chapter nine and some character quests
No. 6761
10 months ago
Score 0++
Man this game needs more content, im on my 6th day playtime and i already finished all the translated chapters
No. 6275
11 months ago
Score 0++
Tenta fazer uma saga de cada parte,tipo:a batalha do ceus, a ressurreição de seth, o rei demônio touro
No. 6184
11 months ago
Score 0++
New chapters are usually released every 6-8 months. Chapter 10 was released in January so the next chapter will probably be released sometime between July and September.
No. 2500
23 months ago
Score 0++
Please translate chapter 9
No. 2436
23 months ago
Score 0++


As for the moment, we have no informations about that. Please wait for an announcement from LifeWonders. When it happens, the wiki shall offer all the information available.
No. 2435
23 months ago
Score 0++
Will there be a new chapter? If so, when? I already finished number 8 and I can't do anything else but daily quests and waiting for events TTwTT
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