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This article is about the various settings of this game separated by different mythologies but connected Gates. For the gameplay attribute, see Element world.pngWORLD.

There are an unknown number of Worlds existing alongside one another.

The setting of this game includes, but is not limited to, the world containing Tokyo and 23 other worlds.

23 Worlds

Since around the end of the 20th century, 23 other worlds specifically have been connected to Tokyo through the appearances of 23 permanent gates throughout the city. These 23 worlds are the origins of all transients currently living in Tokyo.

In Data

Data of the 23 worlds can been found in the game. Though, they haven't seen any actual usage as of now and are considered to be outdated. These data are still documented on this page but should not be confused with up to date informations from the story or used as references.

The data of each world corresponds to a specific ward inside Tokyo and, can be assumed as, to the specific gate of that ward. This should be a scraped detail since, according to chapter 7 of the main story, each gate in Tokyo can connect to multiple other worlds, albeit with varying affinities.

Some gates have different names in the data compared to their names currently used in the story. This page considers them to be prototypes names.

List Of Worlds


Region: Chiyoda ward (千代田区)

Wa no Kuni

Region: Chuuou ward (中央区)

Kamuy Kotan

Region: Minato ward (港区)


Region: Shinjuku ward (新宿区)


Region: Bunkyou ward (文京区)

Prototype name: Sin

Deva Loka

Region: Taitou ward (台東区)

Prototype name: Veda

Nirai Kanai

Region: Sumida ward (墨田区)

Bora Bora

Region: Koutou ward (江東区)


Region: Shinagawa ward (品川区)

Shangri La

Region: Meguro ward (目黒区)

Prototype name: Agartha


Region: Ota ward (大田区)

Prototype name: Valhalla


Region: Setagaya ward (世田谷区)

Prototype name: Rus' Khaganate

Tír na nÓg

Region: Shibuya ward (渋谷区)


Region: Nakano ward (中野区)


Region: Suginami ward (杉並区)


Region: Toshima ward (豊島区)

Prototype name: Elysium

Enuma Elish

Region: Kita ward (北区)

No transients found that satisfy the search criteria.

Great Spirit

Region: Arakawa ward (荒川区)

El Dorado

Region: Itabashi ward (板橋区)


Region: Nerima ward (練馬区)

Old Ones

Region: Adachi ward (足立区)


Region: Katsushika ward (葛飾区)

No transients found that satisfy the search criteria.


Region: Edogawa ward (江戸川区)

Prototype name: Atlantis


In the Island Event Series, it was revealed that a world that had been once been destroyed that never made it into the Game used to exist. This world's name being Canaan. Thanks to the efforts of the cast in its sequel, the world was recreated and possibly connected to Tokyo through an unknown passage. Currently known characters/fragments of the characters belonging from this world that reside in Tokyo are those of the original Dagon and Astarte.

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