Event Quest:I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2019 Re-Release)

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I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2019 Re-Release)
News Link
Free Quest September 24, 2019 19:00 to October 10, 2019 23:59
Exchange September 24, 2019 19:00 to October 15, 2019 13:59
Gacha September 24, 2019 19:00 to October 10, 2019 23:59

Event details

I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! gets its second reprint, now with English and Chinese localizations for the Event Main Quest and Special Quests. Free Quests rewarding event exchange items ( Mystical Pumpkin and Halloween Candy) are made available. The amount of these item drops can be raised when bringing certain cards to these quests, and these cards are listed below.

+30% Drop Increase Each
(both Mystical Pumpkin and Halloween Candy)
Volos (any card) Chernobog (any card)
Alice (any card) Zabaniyya (any card)
Cu Sith (any card) Taromaiti (any card)
Arsalan (any card) Lantern (any attribute)

Completion of these item drop Free Quests also rewards Lanterns at a low rate.

Along with the event, the associated gacha is also re-released.

New Character Quests such as that of Alice are released.

Lastly, new Skill Quests will be released, which will feature the new status Nourishment that both heals each turn and increases damage.

Event Quests

See: Event Quest:I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2019 Re-Release)/Quest Details


In Daikanyama Academy's annual Halloween party, Alice discusses with Jambavan about how reality and dreams may collide on this day, before dismissing him from his usual assistance. The Protagonist meets up with Chernobog just before his performance as a brave hero Po Tato the Brave in a Daikanyama original Halloween play. He was originally cast as the Dark Lord Squash, but Taromaiti explains she and Chernobog swapped roles.

As the actors depart, the Protagonist witnesses Volos being carried by a group of brainwashed children Jack-O'-Lanterns. They rend the magic controlling them, causing their pumpkin helmets to fall off. Volos explains he engineered and grew those pumpkins to be tasty, but can't explain the source of possession. The two begin their investigation of its source by tracing the smell of his pumpkins to Daikanyama's Halloween stew. Children who have eaten the stew have become pumpkin-headed and possessed and attempt to abduct Volos again, implying he'll be taken to Dreamland. Alice in her vampire costume intercepts his abduction, and introduces herself as the Rutabaga Knight before departing. Volos observes that the pumpkins are unnaturally cut, as if they were grown out hollow, and that they are same pumpkins he brought to the school. He attempts to eat the stew to self-experiment, but Alice now clad in her pale rose outfit halts him, introducing herself as Pretty Detective Alice. She joins their investigation.

Somewhere else in the party, Cu Sith eats a pumpkin pie and becomes possessed. Volos and the Protagonist goes to fetch Alice some juice, but come across Cu Sith and children, who howl for more children to come by, and the Protagonist identifies the howls as magically infused with seducing power. The Rutabaga Knight briefly returns and distracts Cu Sith, letting the Progatonist rend his possession. Cu Sith testifies that during his possession he felt happy and surrounded by friends, then the image of the Black Dog (protector of children from grave-robbers) came to his head. Although Black Dog told him to protect the children leading to their scuffle, Cu Sith eventually overcame that voice. Alice determines that the children seem harmless, only wanting to play. Cu Sith then joins their party.

The scene shifts to Arsalan lecturing Zabaniyya about his stiffness again, and Zabaniyya has an inner monologue about hoping they could complement each other better. Some children Jack-O'-Lanterns hear his thoughts, before ambushing them. The mystery gang trace a sudden scream to a crowd surrounding Gabriel, before Arsalan steps up to enforce order and Zabaniyya tries to settle him down. Zabaniyya then proceeds to seduce the crowd, to which Arsalan objects. Zabaniyya, Arsalan, and some angel Jack-O'-Lanterns duke it out with the mystery gang, and the Protagonist manages to nick Zabaniyya. Although still possessed, he talks about how he truly wanted to change. The Rutabaga Knight swoops in and lectures him about not having to rush change, and the Protagonist seizes the opportunity to rend his possession. Arsalan reunites with him and admits he was never possessed due to his sword's Rule and was just playing along.

Zabaniyya testifies his possession, indicating the children asked him to advocate for the pumpkins. Arsalan cuts Volos's pumpkin, which causes them all to hear a voice that Cu Sith identifies as a fairy. Pretty Detective Alice hypothesizes that fairies are using Volos's hollowed-out pumpkins as Battle Zones to enforce their power of possession. The fairies were attracted to the sweetness of Volos's pumpkins, whose flesh was distributed throughout Daikanyama academy and whose skin was made into lanterns. The fairies responded to Volos's wish he placed in the pumpkins with his Rule (that pumpkins become popular). The combination of Volos's wish, the sweetness of his pumpkins, the tradition of carving wearable Jack-O'-Lanterns, and the unruliness of fairies in Halloween led to the hijinx they were investigating.

Volos admits he placed too much emotion in his pumpkins, explaining his backstory in Kitezh, and his wish to return and to provide for his people, while helping those he leaves behind become self-sufficient. He begins doubting this kindness as a form of conceit, but some children Lanterns appear and object, and attempt to abduct Volos again. Zabaniyya burns the pumpkins away, and escorts Cu Sith as they trail Volos. Cu Sith determines they headed to the auditorium where the play is being held. Alice departs from the group without giving a specific reason, and everyone else heads toward the auditorium.

The play begins, and the gang notices an enormous pumpkin on stage. Unknown icon.pngSalomon-kun determines it's empty. The gang disperses within the aisles to find Volos and other Jack-O'-Lanterns, but to no avail. In the final showdown between Po Tato and Squash, Squash's minions are revealed to be possessed Jack-O'-Lanterns. Squash snaps her fingers as a stage cue, and the Jack-O'-Lanterns retrieve Volos playing the role of princess. The scent of pumpkin in the air influences everyone on stage, and Squash issues a command to attack Po Tato. Po Tato protects himself from the smell with a surrounding Frost shield, and the gang joins the hero in battle. Taromaiti indulges in her role as Dark Lord Squash, revealing her choice of donning the title to revolt against the prejudice against her. The Jack-O'-Lanterns announce they want Halloween everyday, and transport them to the fairy realm with a collision using the auditorium as an enclosed environment. Volos was kidnapped because the power of his Rule was enclosed within the pumpkins. While Jack-O'-Lanterns and the gang battle, Po Tato reaches Squash, relating his own experience as a Dark Lord confronted by a hero, and determining that the hero rebels against the world that forces them into institutions. The two exchange blows one final time, with Po Tato the victor.

Squash reveals she sympathized with the Jack-O'-Lanterns, who wanted something that was wrong but not necessarily evil. Before the Jack-O'-Lanterns can retaliate, Rutabaga Knight hops in and reveals her role as the ender of dreams, terminating the never-ending dreams that the fairy spirits wish to play in. She exorcises them from their pumpkins, and they say goodbye until next Halloween. The collision ends and the auditorium returns to its normal state. Volos wanders out of the auditorium and the Protagonist tracks him. Volos wallows over how his perceived kindness hurt people, but Rutabaga Knight appears and reveals herself as Pretty Detective Alice. She reveals she came to Daikanyama Academy for their limited edition pumpkin cookies made from Volos's pumpkins. She points out that everyone had complimented the foods made from his pumpkins. She clarifies that the negative consequences that may come with trying to be kind doesn't erase the kindness, and that it is important to acknowledge both aspects. Volos originally only saw the kindness in his actions, but then became fixated in the bad aftermath; however, he would now recognize his actions were not in vain because of the mishap. Alice then discloses she took on two roles just for fun. They then meet the others for a cafe and enjoy some food, before everyone says their goodbyes.

Event Item Exchange

Item Cost Total Stock Total Cost Notes
Halloween Hall (Room) Halloween Candy x50 1 50 My Guild Decoration
Pumpkin Cushion (Wall) Halloween Candy x20 1 20
Cookie Table (Floor) Halloween Candy x20 1 20
Halloween Decoration (Hang) Halloween Candy x20 1 20
Frame【Halloween】 Halloween Candy x20 1 20
Lesser HP Seed Mystical Pumpkin x150 3 450 Stat Enhancement Item
HP Seed Mystical Pumpkin x300 3 900
Greater HP Seed Mystical Pumpkin x700 3 2100
Lesser ATK Seed Halloween Candy x150 3 450
ATK Seed Halloween Candy x300 3 900
Greater ATK Seed Halloween Candy x700 3 2100
G Fire Boost Mystical Pumpkin x25 80 2000 Level Enhancement Item
G Wood Boost Mystical Pumpkin x25 120 3000
G Aether Boost Mystical Pumpkin x25 80 2000
G Nether Boost Mystical Pumpkin x25 300 7500
Warrior Soul G Halloween Candy x100 100 10000 Skill Leveling Item
Fire Spell Token Mystical Pumpkin x15 60 900 Limit Break Item
Wood Spell Token Mystical Pumpkin x15 80 1200
Aether Spell Token Mystical Pumpkin x15 60 900
Nether Spell Token Mystical Pumpkin x15 250 3750
Fire Shard Halloween Candy x15 6 90
Wood Shard Halloween Candy x15 6 90
Aether Shard Halloween Candy x15 14 210
Nether Shard Halloween Candy x15 26 390
Fire Crystal Mystical Pumpkin x50 6 300
Wood Crystal Mystical Pumpkin x50 6 300
Aether Crystal Mystical Pumpkin x50 14 700
Nether Crystal Mystical Pumpkin x50 26 1300
Fire Energy Cluster Halloween Candy x200 6 1200
Wood Energy Cluster Halloween Candy x200 6 1200
Aether Energy Cluster Halloween Candy x200 14 2800
Nether Energy Cluster Halloween Candy x200 26 5200
Preliminary Slash Crest Mystical Pumpkin x150 5 750
Preliminary Thrust Crest Mystical Pumpkin x150 5 750
Preliminary Blow Crest Mystical Pumpkin x150 5 750
Preliminary Shot Crest Mystical Pumpkin x150 5 750
Preliminary Magic Crest Mystical Pumpkin x150 5 750
Slash Crest Halloween Candy x250 5 1250
Thrust Crest Halloween Candy x250 5 1250
Blow Crest Halloween Candy x250 5 1250
Shot Crest Halloween Candy x250 5 1250
Magic Crest Halloween Candy x250 5 1250
Stamina Drink Mystical Pumpkin x400 5 2000 Items for Consumption
Stamina Drink Halloween Candy x400 5 2000
Lil' Salomon Ticket Mystical Pumpkin x1000 1 1000
Lil' Salomon Ticket Halloween Candy x1000 1 1000
Honor Medallion Mystical Pumpkin x400 20 8000 Limit Break Item
Honor Medallion Halloween Candy x400 20 8000
Forget-Me-Not Mystical Pumpkin x1000 1 1000 Items for Consumption
Forget-Me-Not Halloween Candy x1000 1 1000
Ally Points Mystical Pumpkin x50 100 5000
Ally Points Halloween Candy x50 100 5000
Coin Mystical Pumpkin -1 -1
Coin Halloween Candy -1 -1


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