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The Genociders, referred in full as the Otemachi Genociders, is a guild whose Portal is located in Otemachi of Chiyoda Ward. Its Guild Master is Arc.


Their philosophy is to destroy Tokyo in order to 'spare' the other 23 worlds the heartache of having their rules and ideals overwritten by the winning world.

Known members

Otemachi Genociders

【ジェノサイダーズ】 Genociders

【Guild Master】



  • All transient members of the Genociders are noted to have some connection to the end of the world to their respective lore. Surtr is said to engulf the world in flames come Ragnarok. Babalon/The Whore of Babylon is said to appear on Judgement Day. Lastly, it is widely believed that the universe will cease to be should Azathoth awake from his slumber.

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