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A guild comprised of those who seek to bring about massacres up to and including the destruction of the world. Most of its members are extremely good at hiding their true intentions and generally exposing as little about themselves as possible.
—Affiliation Description

The Genociders, known in full as the Otemachi Genociders, is a guild located in Otemachi, Chiyoda Ward.

Their Guild Master is Arc.


The Genociders seek to destroy Tokyo permanently as an act of mercy towards the general populace, whom they see as victims trapped in an abominable, ever-repeating Game with no escape. They take pity on many, whether it be those who have come to the city from other worlds in search for answers to questions unable to be answered back home, or those who had be banished from their home worlds. They hated the winners from the 23 worlds, the World Representatives, standing above all high and mighty while the people suffer in naïve agony.[1]14

They take a particular pity on the Protagonist as Babalon and Surtr sees them as part of their family, even if it had only happened in a prior loop. They also pity them because they hold the 23 Exiles of the worlds, meaning that they are always fated to lose.

Members of the Genociders see themselves as an adopted family. Babalon is considered their Mother, Surtr their Father, and the Protagonist, Arc, Kirito, and Azathoth their children. Kirito, however, despises the concept of families,[2] likely because his Role dictates that he has no connections to anyone.[1]24

Their guild icon shows the head of Babalon's Beast of Armageddon encircled by Arc's chains, which is dripping blood.

Known Members

【ジェノサイダーズ】 Genociders

【Guild Master】


【Past Loop】


  • Kirito left the Genociders at the end of Chapter 8.[1]16 Despite his claims, however, Arc insists that he is still family.[3]4
  • The Protagonist was a member of the Genociders during some unspecified loop.[4]3
  • All Transient members of the Genociders are noted to have some connection to the end of the world to their respective mythologies. Surtr is said to engulf the world in flames come Ragnarök. The Whore of Babylon is said to appear on Judgement Day. Lastly, it is widely believed that the universe will cease to be should Azathoth awake from his slumber.

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