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A guild obsessed with waging large-scale conflicts and political coups. Its members believe that the deciding factor in any war is not individual strength but one's ability to work efficiently as part of a collective military or militia.
—Affiliation Description

The Warmongers, known also as the West and the Nerima Warmongers, is a guild located in Hikarigaoka, Nerima Ward. They are considered one of the Three True Guilds in Tokyo.

Their Guild Master is Bertro.


The Warmongers seek to plunge Tokyo into an endless war so they can battle the Trophy for eternity,[1]2 politicizing war to their benefit.[1]15 As one of the Three True Guilds, the Warmongers' membership includes seven World Representatives and one of the Three Geniuses assigned as their Guild Master. Two of the Eight Dog Warriors are also within their ranks as well. Snow speculates that the Warmongers hold over ten thousand soldiers.[2]1

The Guild Master Bertro was tasked with furthering and accelerating research into human evolution.[2]22 His subject was Plan B: progress through battle.[1]1 He believes that conflict is how humankind has formed its path to greater heights. To do battle is to develop, and to do war is to evolve.[2]23

The Warmongers hold immense power and control due to the knowledge they possess about the events of prior loops. All three branches of Tokyo's government are under their control, with the previous leaders easily replaced. In addition, the military, police force, and Tokyo's undeerground terrorist factions have all fallen under their control. The Three Guilds have essentially divided the city into three. They use their control over the Metropolitan Police, the Public Prosecutors Office, and the Special Judiciary Constabulary to enforce raids upon other guilds and take their members.[3]1

By distributing select memories of past loops, the Warmongers gradually increase their own influence and increase their numbers. They use information as a weapon, indiscriminately spreading fragmented memories of past loops to their advantage. They spread memories in which everybody's Sacred Artifacts were turned against each other, where they killed and were killed by those they loved and trusted. The victims would relive their trauma, destroying any trust they held in their friends, family, and themselves. Victims are known to start babbling in secret about "remembering" something before vanishing from their guild and community, joining the Warmongers.[1]15

Their guild icon is of a fortress with two flags at the sides, and an upside-down round table with six figures seated around it forming the bottom of the fortress. Two long-barrel pistols crossing each other are silhouetted inside the icon.


The Three True Guilds are not allowed to act immediately during the events of the Game. The Game Masters have established a prohibition period, signed by all Representatives, that prevents any interaction in the six central Wards of Tokyo, as well as any interaction with the Trophy until the Game has progressed into its later stages. This restriction is meant to prevent loops from devolving into warfare instantaneously. As such, the Representatives all plan around this limitation.[1]18

In addition to the treaty written up by the Game Masters, the Three True Guilds also have numerous treaties between themselves as well. Treaties of armistices are commonly written up in order to prevent a conflict between the guilds to spiral far beyond what any guild desires, such as the accidental summoning of an Exception. Armistice treaties require Representatives from the relevant guilds to sign off on it, usually coming with a compromise of some sort for both guilds. Countless treaties have been built between the Three Guilds over innumerable loops, creating a heavy workload for advisors in charge of overseeing and managing the paperwork.[3]14

As of the events of Chapter 10, all of the treaties have been rendered void by Tezcatlipoca.[3]20

Penitentia Academy

Once a correctional facility designed specifically for Transients involved with otherworldly incidents, it has been rebuilt and repurposed by the Warmongers into a prison where members from other guilds are arrested and imprisoned without trial. It also acts as an educational facility where the inmates are forcibly transferred into the academy and "re-educated" into being soldiers. They are able to get away with this because the government organizations in charge of handling arrest warrants are under the control of the Three True Guilds.[3]1 There, new recruits are trained in preparation for the coming clash between the Three Guilds.[3]2

Recruitment first starts off with false imprisonment. They may be lured by a police officer into being driven over to an academy directly, forcibly arrested for a crime they did not commit,[3]2 or trafficked for the Underground Auction House.[3]15 The ones arrested will then be bought by various parties, including the Warmongers, who sends off to Penitentia.[3]24 From there, Tezcatlipoca forcibly places the memories of war and death into the inmates,[3]2 where they will isolate themselves from their prior community and choose to stay. The Academy does not forcibly trap its inmates into staying, as anybody is free to leave at any time if they wish to do so.[3]4 However, the system put into place at Penitentia makes this a lot harder than it seems.

Tezcatlipoca's Mirror Sacred Artifacts are placed all over the Academy to act as surveillance cameras. However, they're not for his use, but for the inmates. Everybody is free to use them to observe and listen in to any area of the facility, accessible to soldiers of all ranks. One's every movement is visible to all, and one's every dark secret is public knowledge. Penitentia Academy does not run on total surveillance, but rather on mutual validation and peer pressure. Anybody wishing to return home will feel the immense weight and judgement of all their comrades; in desparate need for recognition and acceptance from their fellow soldiers, who have all been similarly traumatized by war, they choose to stay and enforce that same pressure onto the rest of the soldiers. According to Yasuyori, the more precious one holds their memories of their home life, the tighter the trauma and fear of returning binds them to the Academy.[3]6 They believe themselves to be a monster who could kill their own loved ones, a belief that further chains them down.[1]15

The trauma soldiers are subjected to during warfare is so great that many never successfully readjust to normalcy. Some return to military service, while others often meet tragic ends.[3]2 Soldiers can even undergo re-education again in order to experience a more thorough recollection of their traumatic memories. This can be done as punishment for insubordination, but soldiers often request for it if they feel their resolve breaking.[3]6

By the end of Chapter 10, Penitentia Academy has been destroyed by the Rule Makers and Invaders due to Tezcatlipoca's dissolution of the guild treaties.

Underground Auction House

The Underground Auction House, located beneath an empty office building in Shinjuku, is a hotspot for Transient trafficking as well as the Warmongers' number one source of new recruits. It is frequented by bored financiers, dilettantes, or career criminals, all coming to attend the day's auction where a wide variety of live curiosities are up for sale. None of these items could be obtained through conventional means. Many don't even originate from Tokyo. Macan had once been bought and sold there, in addition to Transients with no shelter and nowhere to turn.[3]15 Daikoku runs the auction house and acts as the auctioneer.[3]24

The Underground Auction is the only way of entering Penitentia Academy from the outside, and a lot less risky than getting deliberately arrested as there is no guarentee they would be placed in the correct facility.[3]15

The current status of the Underground Auction is unknown, though it is likely abandoned due to the infiltration of the police and Daikoku now being on the run.[3]18

Known Members


【Guild Master】










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This joke won't be funny the 10000th time you say it
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Why does Yasuyori eat his own shit?
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>>8254 Bertro is the GM and, same as all other GM, a native. He's not a rep.

As for Shiva and Daikoku, I have no bloody idea either who's supposed to be the actual rep. Just ignore it until ch11 explains thing.
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Uhhh, aren't there supposed to be only seven representatives per guild?

How come there are nine here?
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It's Duo
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From what I can guess, the Guild Master is probably the Representative of Utopia. A genius with two B's in their name. Utopia is based off more modern stories so does anyone have a guess to who it might be?
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