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A guild of highly creative individuals focused on bringing new ideas into the world. Its members include a great many who possess deep knowledge of cyberspace and other modern digital concerns.
—Affiliation Description

The Creators, known in full as the Akihabara Creators, is a guild located in Akihabara, Taito Ward.

Their Guild Master is Tuaring.


The Creators is composed of artistically driven members. The guild has one specific condition for membership: one must be a creator, contributing something of note to Tokyo's cultural zeitgeist.[1]7 Whether they be manga artists, cosplayers, or producers, a diversity of artforms is welcomed in the guild. Turing is notable as he is known as being a creator who made a creator: Enigma, a self-replicating artificial intelligence who can create any form of media custom-tailored to his user's desires.[2][3]

Most members of the guild has a unique approach when it comes to the Game—that being no approach at all. Unlike other guilds that adopt their own "neutral" stances, such as the Agents, Outlaws, and Crafters, members of the Creators are completely uninvolved when it comes to App battles, Portals, and any other events surrounding the Game. This unique stance makes it easy for one to hide with the guild for a period of time to escape any danger resulting from the App war.[1]7

Despite that, the guild holds a unique advantage when it comes to the Game: exclusive information only accessible to Turing, the Creators' Guild Master whom is fully involved in the ensuing App war. With his high computer ingenuity, he was able to create an iron wall of artificial intelligences that both protects the guild from any attacks in addition to the guild's information systems.[2] Not even the Game Masters are able to breach it.[4]9

Unbeknownst to the rest of the Creators, Turing is in collusion with the Invaders, namely the Guild Master ∀Isaac.[1]19

Their guild icon is a tablet pen and a lightning bolt of creativity hitting a drawing tablet, with a stylized light bulb-brain lit from inspiration hovering over the scene.

Meeting the Creators Guild Master

Only the most creative people are given a chance to have an audience with Turing. He doesn't require just making a new video, manga, anime, or cosROM. Turing requires one to create something no one's ever seen before, something that deeply influences others—something completely original. The creator must be a visionary capable of changing people.[1]13

The Creators' Shared Space

Creators often come to a specific shared space in Akihabara, described to be a perfect marriage of an always-open manga café and an all-purpose creative workshop. The space has a variety of items customers can rent out, such as computers, sewing machines, and even sleeping bags for overnight stays. One package the space sells is the Creators' Chore Crunch Confinement Course, which includes free use of house sewing machines, access to power outlets, and USB charging stations. Cloth and thread is purchased separately.[1]7

In its past, it used to be a more austere saloon appealing to intellectuals, but has been renovated since.[1]7

Known Members


【Guild Master】


  • Leannan Sidhe was sent by the Game Masters to infiltrate and investigate the Creators because of Tuaring's impenetrable information wall. [4]9

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And the other Engimas, screw them too. (save for the one that's helping us).
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Except Turing, screw that guy.
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Wait! Akiha join Creators too!!
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love how all these nerds immediately helped MC even though they doesnt know wtf is happening around em and whats the deal with MC. What a bunch of good noodles
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If this iconic fashionable guild doesn't get its rightful spotlight in chapter 12 I am gonna scream
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