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Takamagahara is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It's based on Shinto mythology and named after the land of gods.

The World Representative of Takamagahara is Unknown icon.pngAmaterasu, with the position formerly held by Okuninushi prior to his exile.

The exiled soul of Takamagahara was Susanoo.


The World of Takamagahara exists in the sky and strives for perfect utopia by discarding what it deems to be unnecessary, whether it's a person or a memory , down into the ocean of its world. Takamahara also operates around the concept of "shame" in order to keep everyone from committing any sin and mistake, with the sun of the world, Unknown icon.pngAmaterasu, having the power to perceive all actions that transpired.

In addition, Takamagahara created several sub-system to uphold the main system's various flaws, one of them being a realm beneath the ocean called Dragon Palace, which is managed by Otohime, that allows the residents of the world to seal away their memories of shame, grief, and suffering, with the underwater realm keeps expanding the more such memories accumulate.


Transients of Takamagahara
Icon amaterasu01.png

【Former Representative】

【Traveled to
Land of Wa】

【His familiar
Yamata no Orochi】



  • The transients of Takamagahara are derived from various Japanese dieties:
    • Kagutsuchi is the son of Izanami and Izanagi, while Unknown icon.pngAmaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo came into existence after Izanagi washed his face following his return from the underworld, although in some mythology Susanoo still considers Izanami his mother, and in Nihon Shoki, the latter three are also the children of Izanami.
    • Jugo is based on Kushinadahime, the wife of Susanoo who married him after he saved her from Yamata-no-Orochi.
    • Tajikarao is based on the god of the same name who brought Amaterasu, who sealed herself inside Ama-no-Iwato from Susanoo's wrath, back to the outside world.
    • Part of Daikoku is based on Okuninushi, god of nation-building. He is the sixth-generation descendant of Susanoo and Kushinadahime, and he is also the son-in-laws of Susanoo after his marriage to Suseribime, Susanoo's daughter. Okuninushi has various other names, such as Onamuchi-no-kami or Onamuji-no-Kami, and is usually syncretized with Daikokuten.
    • Ebisu is based on Kotoshironushi, the son of Okuninushi.
    • Takeminakata is based on Takeminakata, Shinto God of water, wind, and agriculture, and a son of Okuninushi and Nunakawahime.
    • Otohime is based on character of the same name from Urashima Taro, as well as the character's origin Toyotamahime, the daughter of Watatsumi. In some mythologies, Watatsumi was created from the body of Kagutsuchi after he was killed by his father Izanagi in rage. The parallel between Otohime and Toyotamahime is also reflected in the Dragon Palace's true name: Palace of God Watatsumi (Wadatsumi no Kami no Miya).
    • Yamasachihiko is based on Hoori, the son of Ninigi and Konohanasakuyahime. Hoori was also the husband of Toyotamahime, before she turned into a Wani and fled from him in shame due to him seeing her true form after giving birth to their child.
  • Despite being born in Takamagahara, Otohime was created from a drifting chip containing Utopia's technology. That's how she has characteristics of that world though never been there.

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Literally 1984.
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>>6665 She's probably part of the reason why the concept of "shame" is discarded in Takamagahara.

Izanagi probably sowed the seeds of discrimination after he ran away from his dead wife he tried to rescue in the underworld
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To be honest I thought the exile from here would be Izanami.
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