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The World of the Great Spirit is one of the Worlds participating in The Game. It runs on a System of Immaterialism. The world is based on Indigenous North American mythology and American folklore.

Its World Representative is Wakan Tanka∞.

Its Exile is Heyoka.



The World of the Great Spirit is a structurally simple world, consisting of a singular great plain that stretches out in all directions.[1]4


In this world, all life is exactly equal. Those of the Great Spirit willingly and readily relinquish their attatchments to material things so that those in greater need may have them. If one harvested more grain than what was needed, the excess should be divided among others, as it is immaterial to the original harvester. The one who relinquishes the most material possessions is considered to hold the most power within the world, the person in question being Wakan Tanka∞.

He gave away everything he owned, leaving nothing for his own use or enjoyment. This immaterialism allowed him to transcend past his physical being and become a conceptual force of nature that would permeate within all things. Wakan Tanka would become all of nature's blessings and curses—all rain, all thunder, all pebbles, all blades of grass. To all other life beneath him, Wakan Tanka would regard it as his equal in every way. As a result, all those born within this world and all of those who dwell within it are themselves part of Wakan Tanka.[1]4 In this state, he would achieve near invulnerability as a conceptual existence.[2] As a perfect immaterialist, Wakan Tanka would become alone, merely looking down upon the plains from above. He was essentially a machine that endlessly pumped out his love in equal measures to all down below.[1]4 He would possess no feelings or emotions as there was never 'another' person to create an identity of self around because he was 'everything' and everyone in the world.[1]5


For those that break the faith of the world, Wakan Tanka would strike them back with thunder and lightning as divine retribution.

If a problem were to arise among the people, they would gather inside a large ceremonial tent to discuss the matter. There, a judgement would be passed based on the collective faith and morality of everyone in attendance. However, there would always be one among the group whose Role was to represent the minority opinion and stand against the majority: Heyoka. This was to ensure that no majority ever became a monopoly. The Role of Heyoka was named after an individual struck down by Wakan Tanka's lightning.

Striking down Heyoka would finally give Wakan Tanka a sense of self because, for the first time, he encountered someone who did not want to be part of his collective being. To understand the newfound pain within him, he was summoned to Tokyo in search for an answer.[1]5


Transients of the World of the Great Spirit

【Reserve Representative】

Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka∞


  • Babe Bunyan is based on the blue ox companion of Paul Bunyan, a folk hero in American and Canadian folklore. The memories within Babe Bunyan that appear to him as dreams are likely the White Buffalo Calf Woman.
  • Bigfoot is based on the crypid said to reside in the northwestern parts of America
  • Thunderbird is based on Wakinyan, companion of primordial god Inyan whose voices are thunder.
  • Wakan Tanka is a term referring to "Great Mystery" or "Great Spirit", while also means the universe's spiritual powers. The primordial god Inyan is noted to be the spirit underlying Wakan Tanka itself.
  • Wakan Tanka∞ has elements of Inyan, the lonely primordial god who created the world in Sioux/Lakota myth. After creating many other gods, the drained Inyan turned to stone and his blood became rivers and skies of the world.

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