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Great Spirit is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on mythologies of the Indigenous North American peoples.

The World Representative of Great Spirit is Wakan Tanka∞.

The exiled soul of Great Spirit is Heyoka.


According to Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit is a world where vast plains extend as far as the eyes can see. The viewpoint in Great Spirit is All for All, where everything is for the sake of everyone.


Transients of Great Spirit

【Reserve Representative】

Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka∞


  • Babe Bunyan is based on the blue ox companion of Paul Bunyan, a folk hero in American and Canadian folklore.
  • Thunderbird is based on Wakinyan, companion of primordial god Inyan whose voices are thunder.
  • Wakan Tanka is a term referring to "Great Mystery" or "Great Spirit", while also means the universe's spiritual powers. The primordial god Inyan is noted to be the spirit underlying Wakan Tanka itself.
  • Wakan Tanka∞ has elements of Inyan, the lonely primordial god who created the world in Sioux/Lakota myth. After creating many other gods, the drained Inyan turned to stone and his blood became rivers and skies of the world.

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